How many pieces of information can you play with in your brain? Do you have a keyhole view of the world?

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chess helps you get more ram for your brainWhat is real thinking, as opposed to having thoughts, or recalling what someone said someplace?

I have been pondering.

My method for pondering is this: I play Freecell, so I am tied to my computer, so I must be sitting. My hands are busy, my eyes are busy, even my mind is busy.

The part of me that does thinking, on the other hand, is free. Free to do, what I call thinking or pondering.

I read a lot, and oftentimes I muscle test if it is true, but some things, moral, ethical, real spiritual things I like to see for myself.

Osho says somewhere that the understanding man doesn’t think, because the understanding man sees.

It is easy to see that if the thing to see is outside, you don’t have to think, you see. Red is red, and blue is blue. You see it.

But when the thing is inside, you need to set it up to see. So the understanding man can set up structures in their brain to look at. You need to use your random access memory (RAM), the instant memory function of the brain, to set up what you want to see.

An average brain can hold five pieces or information in RAM, but can manipulate only three. The fourth piece, if added, makes the first drop…

I can hold and manipulate pieces 14 of information in my RAM. I have built up to it.

Most things we do here will require you to hold more than seven pieces in RAM. Otherwise you are going to treat what I say in the different articles, or in the webinars, as disconnected information, and won’t be able to really get what is going on.

I just realized that when I talk about your soul correction, you need to empty your RAM to hear me. But soul correction is connected to your “lie”, the floor you live on, your crucial missing capacity… too many pieces for your tiny RAM.

Which means: you have a built in setup for narrow cone of vision, as if you looked at the world through the keyhole… so the connection between things isn’t real for you, aren’t visible for you.

DecisionMaking-Techniques-Simple_Influence_Diagram-v1-30dpiIn certain professions, like marketing, people bridge that shortage of RAM by using diagrams, mind maps, process maps. But my observation has been, that in spite of diagrams, when it comes to making decisions, and the decision isn’t laid out visually with the occasionally 8-9-10 elements, people still make decisions from the keyhole view of the world… and of course the decision will be wrong.

I see it in marketing, I see it in spiritual work… I see it everywhere.

The more capacities you have, of course, the wider your cone of vision… And your decisions will be more accurate.

But you still need more RAM. Or you would need more RAM for a correct decision about the next step, about your relationships, about your job, about your vision, about your skills, about your life.

You are pretty pitiful in your decisions. You can’t even hold alternatives and examine them in the same view… and so you make the “top of the mind” decisions that make you lose your capacities, what you’ve gained, and get you NO benefit whatsoever at the cost of everything you value.

People ask me to make their decisions, and maybe I could, but more often than not, they can’t see how I came up with my suggestion, because they look at it through the keyhole, and they reject it.

So what is the solution?

I muscle test and the capacity to increase your RAM is a DNA capacity that can be turned on.

I probably could offer it, but not yet. First I’ll have to see how I went about increasing my RAM, and what it is YOU could do to even add one item to the three you can work with now. Chess, by the way, is an invaluable tool to increase RAM. The card game “bridge” is good as well.

This is intimately connected to the capacity “big picture view” but is not the same. Big picture view is the willingness to look. RAM is like the hardware.

Surprisingly both capacities require you to be able to stand in front of something disquieting, like a question, a puzzle, anything ugly, anything scary. To be able to stand and look, without looking away, without running, hiding, avoiding, fuzzying…

D0hGKHolding the image in your RAM, and just have it. The spiritual capacity is called “being with” where the being is really beingness, that would disappear if what you see upset you or scared you. We could call it the capacity of being unphased… by the way. Another way is to be like the White Lotus: be able to transform mud (ugly) to beautiful purity.

It is a superior capacity and can be pretended. Gurus’ claim to enlightenment is pretending that they can be with anything.

When the many email writers tell me that I cannot be enlightenment because they hear me angry, they compare me with those sculpture like men and women, pretending to be. But they are not being WITH what they don’t like, they actually numb themselves, distance themselves, and deny the thing they don’t like.

That is an accomplishment, vibrational frequency is 120.

Being able to really be with something you don’t like is about 400. Nice.

Of course the spiritual capacity of “being with” can be open 100% or 10%, and your results will be sporadic with 10%, but once you have it, you can increase the capacity.

How would you keep it open? By seeking out things that normally pull you out of your equilibrium, and look at it with the intention to actually see it. Big effort, big result.

That is the game within and without… not favoring the lazy, or the sissy.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How many pieces of information can you play with in your brain? Do you have a keyhole view of the world?”

  1. Today, I saw a short creative movie made with design program Deep Dreamer. The slow movements of the image affected me in a disquieting way, and it was hard to watch it no matter what I was going to see. But because it affected me deeply, I think this will be a very good exercise to continue to keep my eyes open.

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