Tangerine Technique, Tangerine Method: can you hack it? Can you do it? Will it work for you?

photoreadingWhy is it that the tangerine technique works for some and doesn’t for others?
Why is it that PhotoReading works for some people and not to others?

The culture says that we are all the same, and therefore, THEREFORE! we should get the same results form what we learn to do.


If that were the case, we would all be Einsteins.

You are like a dull knife, a sharp knife or a surgical knife… do you think the three knives will cut the same?


But even people with the same measured IQ will fare differently.

Why? Because there is more to life than the measurable IQ.

According to my observation, there are 160 capacities encoded in the human DNA, and only a few of them participate in the measurable IQ.

The rest of them are just as important, but difficult to measure them in laboratory environment: they are life-skill type abilities…

photoreading-2I have found that the smartest persons of the planet are forced to do menial jobs, because there is more to life than smarts…

bobby fisher genius and moronOr can do one thing well, but otherwise they are dirtbags, or haters, or stupid… like Bobby Fisher. Great at chess, sucks at life.

IQ tests measure with tests that there is only one correct answer.



speed-reading-how-to-get-comprehension-at-high-speeds-28-728But what about creativity? What about life situations where there is no objective correct decision, and your subjective decision will carry the day, or not.

Subjective means, depends on what you see, how you see the world, who you consider yourself to be, who you are.

And these are not measurable in laboratory environment, only in life.

The subjective decisions is where having more capacities will make you shine. Decisions where you don’t know why choosing one is better than choosing the other, doing one thing is better than the other, leaving it all alone is better than sticking with it.

These decisions will be made with the DNA capacities, that you either have or you don’t.

Where what you see is filtered, but what is the filter will matter more than anything.

Now, let’s look at the ability to learn PhotoReading?

I have attempted to teach the tangerine method, that puts you into Theta brain wave for years.

Some people could learn it, most people could not.

But PhotoReading is a lot more than putting yourself into theta brain wave. You need to stay there. You need to be willing to let go of mind, curiosity, knowing, agenda, hurrying, your opinion about it and your opinion about yourself…

You have to allow the brain to do its magic, even though you don’t even see the page.

Do you think what I described here will take some subjective capacities? You can bet they do.

I have found that you need at least 13 working capacities to be able to benefit from PhotoReading.

13? doesn’t sound like it is a lot!

But if I tell you that most people live life with 5-7 capacities, you’ll see it differently.

A medical doctor needs 20 capacities, the capacities needed for PhotoReading are not among those 20. Same with chiropractors, architects, their 13 capacities won’t help you.

Unless being able to completely let go, unless being willing to stay connected, unless trusting yourself and the method, unless you can forego hurrying, greed, and such, you won’t shine at PhotoReading.

And most people don’t have these capacities. Even meditators rarely do.

These capacities, as you could have guessed, are needed for meditation too.

And needed to connect to Source and stay connected long enough for it to matter.

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