What is the spiritual work I did to raise my vibration? You can do it too…

building-resiliency-raise-your-vibrationPeople ask: what is the spiritual practice, the spiritual work that allowed me to climb up to the skinny branches of the Tree of Life, and allowed so many spiritual capacities to turn on? To raise my vibration

All these years I’ve been asked, and all these years I didn’t know what to answer. I didn’t know what to suggest that you do, that I did, until this morning.

This morning, while and after I was leading the workshop “What’s missing” I realized something profound:

Life is not set up to challenge you to turn on new capacities. The box you live in has no room for new capacities, and offers no challenges.

So how are you going to grow?

You can learn to swim by being thrown to the deep end of the pool, and it’s life or death… sink or swim. Not a pleasant experience, and will probably scare you away from swimming again, for life.

This is when the need for a new capacity is thrown at you. You are unprepared, and you are not at your best… because of fear. Incoherent, and reactive.

It is too late to dig a well when you are thirsty… and it is too late to summon empathy, or courage, or resiliency, or other capacities when you need it, unless you already have it.

This is how it works with capacities.

When you operate with 5-10 capacities, spiritual capacities, seeing capacities, life-skill capacities, life may offer a lot of curve balls when you need the missing capacities. Too late, too bad.

So what is there to do? Capacities, unless needed, won’t stay on. So what can you do?

You can do what I did, at least with the first half of my capacities, this is what I did:



08736877cb2eca3b5b8e1404df8ecca5I found occasions and opportunities to attend the What is missing workshop. Once a week, sometimes just once a month, but all it all, I have attended that workshop a hundred times. No exaggeration. A hundred times.

What happens in that workshop that is so profound? What happens in that workshop that helped me turn on capacities? Or keep them on?

The workshop is designed to drive up the missing capacity.

It works well at that.

But there is another thing I did that I don’t see many of my participants do: I did not change the channel.

What I see most webinar attendees do, is the moment the webinar ends, they start doing something else… maybe some email came in. Maybe someone is calling them on skype. Maybe dinner needs to be made.

They change the channel. So what they saw doesn’t stay with them.

They just turned off the capacity, or the need for it.

I activated 10 capacities (I think) last week for 10 participants of the workshop.

The ones that asked for it right away, kept it on. The ones that asked for it later, already asked for memory… not from the experience… and they didn’t try on the capacity even before it was turned on.

For those, doing it from the mind, the capacity didn’t stay on.

Tragic, if you ask me.

The “thing” to stay in touch with is not the capacity, but the horrible future it balances out…

We reveal it for each participant in the workshop too…

If that future is not painful enough, or if you cannot hold it present for yourself, you won’t do the work.

So what would make it possible for you to keep the undesirable, unpleasant, often horrible future alive for yourself, to give yourself energy to do the work?

building-resiliency-raise-your-vibrationI call it resilience… you could also call mental toughness, although I think it is a misnomer.

Whenever something is not to your liking, you run from it. Get busy, get drunk, watch TV… you have the “change the channel” mentality.

You may be able to stick with something you like, but something that is confronting, hard, not pretty, not pleasant: forget about it. You are out of there.

Result: a life of no lasting results. Sad? Devastating…

Can I turn on resilience for you? aka mental toughness? the capacity to stay with the unpleasant?

Yes. And you’ll have the choice this time, to change the channel, as usual, or stick with it, as the capacity asks you to do.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What is the spiritual work I did to raise my vibration? You can do it too…”

  1. I realise I changed the channel, I went back to work, I had experienced this phenomenon before and never named it, always changing the channel straight after.
    I think I need to re experience the potential future before I request life force, talking it through on the webinar was enough to get me excited and enthusiastic for the moment at least.

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