Swim or sink… do or die

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to be in a sink or swim situation, you first need to jumpinto the waterThis morning my main computer quietly died.

Times like this are the real tests whether the capacities are working or not.

Suddenly I had no access to anything that is on that computer, not the data, not the software, and I had a few choices: go crazy, go out of business, or bring resiliency, aka mental toughness to carry the day.

It’s Tuesday, and a few minutes after the death of my trusty computer, I went downstairs and to my weekly outing to the chiropractor and to the grocery store.

These excursions, the conversations with Sarah, the woman who drives me, and my chiropractor, could have been opportunities for complaining, and although I shared it with both, and both offered their help, I said thank you, and continued with the day like nothing happened.

I managed not to drag the issue to areas where it didn’t belong.

Then I spent an hour searching for solutions, bought a new bare-bones computer, it will be here on Thursday. The new computer has no drives, no operating system…

I have a little trepidation whether I can move my whole life over to a new system… without losing it… but if I can’t: hey, I’ll handle it.

It is time to give my many spiritual capacities a spin…

As I am planning to start advertising to get new clients, I’ve been looking if what I do is really what I say it is, or if I am delusional.

After all, how do you know for sure that it works?

I finally settled on looking into the results for proof.

The results are the results. No-result is not proof, and result is not proof either… we all know about the placebo effect.

But sustained results are closer to proof…

Sometimes mistakes are better proofs than anything. In the following example I saw what happens when a client has placebo effect:

A week or so ago I made a mistake. Someone asked for the capacity: generosity. But I made a mistake and I turned on self-trust for her. She experienced nice results. But next time when she came to a workshop, I suggested she turned on generosity… again. She was sure I made a mistake… but generosity, the capacity, wasn’t on for her: in fact all that seemed generosity in her life was a calculated move… not generosity. Self-trust allowed her to stop talking to solve her issue… she could see that it worked…. but.

smart-stupidI was embarrassed at my mistake and didn’t tell her of it. When she decided on asking me to turn on humility, I turned on generosity and humility.

She hasn’t contacted me since… but if she practiced generosity, it could turn into a generosity of heart, generosity of spirit, instead of a way to manipulate people… That would be proof positive.

And also humility would be also easier to establish once she had generosity: humility is painful: every moment you need to say: maybe I don’t know… maybe other people know something I need, and me already knowing everything blocks their knowledge… block my learning. You cannot just pretend. The placebo effect is not enough.

sink-or-swimArrogant, forceful people can’t learn, can’t grow, because learning needs emptying your cup… humility.

Recently I discovered that people wonder onto my site, by accident. They like it, it’s interesting, so they stay.

But they are in no need for what I do, and they surely won’t make the effort to do what they need to do: I am repeating myself, but what I do is energy assisted transformation: meaning, I give the assistance, you do the work.

to-have-faith-is-to-trust-yourselfdo-or-dieOnly people who are in real or invented swim or sink, do or die situation will do the work.

Wanderers won’t… So the results I can show are only with people who were and are in sink or swim…

  • The company owner of the dirt moving company
  • The talented cook who opened her shop
  • The guy who needs to bring his new app to market
  • you-drownAnd maybe the woman who will be alone and unappreciated unless she changes something inside…
  • And maybe the slightly autistic geek, who will be alone forever, unless he gets some new capacities…

Sink or swim, do or die.

The rest of you can take it or leave it.

My computer situation could go both ways: I could just say: heck with it, and start working on the other computers, lose years of work, about 30 half-finished articles, thousands of images… or make it work.

a6b60ea44e680d68639bbf0ccfd1d9e5Making it work will take something from me: a deep understanding of what is happening, what is possible, and what would, forever, kill my data: no backup, by the way. none.

People I spoke with said: hire a tech… But I know I can do it. And besides, I love to challenge myself. Swim or sink… anyone?

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