I just learned a new word. Mentality. I could add another: social attitudes

trying-to-bring-you-downThis article was designed to make you look… to be interactive, co-creative.

Even the pictures are a question: what is the mentality, what is the attitude, the social attitude, that it represents? Please work with me: you’ll get insight from it, Guaranteed.

And I will need your help with mining all the gold that can be found in that new word.

Can you tell what someone’s mentality is? I bet you have never asked this question, am I right? I don’t think I have, at least not this word. Maybe I used mindset. Maybe I used attitude… but I don’t think I have ever used the word: mentality.

Now, why is mentality a brilliant word?

Because it is the “characteristic attitude” one has.

I saw this word this morning as I was looking for an article I read yesterday on playing the lottery. I’ll talk about it later… let me just stay with the word, for now.

Your mentality, I say, is invisible to you. You see the results of it, but you don’t see it. You need a person outside of you to see it.

Characteristic attitude can be about anything… but here are a few ways to look at attitude

  1. something is more important than others (morals/winning, freedom/comfort, etc. this is hard to see, at least seeing yours is near impossible)
  2. Something is better than other things (pairs of things come here, like alone/companionship, poor/rich, smart/stupid, etc.)
  3. I and you… our relationship to each other (you are above me, I am smarter, you are smarter…)
  4. who or what has the power… and where do I stand in this?
  5. who deserves and who doesn’t (religious people deserve, nice people deserve, I was bad: I don’t deserve, etc.)
  6. where do I stand on the totem pole… (hierarchy) in this dog eat dog world? (I am the scum of the earth, worthless, I am the best, etc.)

a8eb65426da480e3db7a7f91ef047bdf Anti-Success B9NMQ00CEAALhWd.png large Robert-Kiyosaki-Money-Quote-15 smart-stupidBehavior, natural behavior, has a direct correlation, or even match to the attitude.

Now, it is mindset, but it goes beyond mind. It is on the cellular, DNA level.

Anything you fight, anything you fight for, anything you dream about, anything you wish for… reveals your characteristic attitude.

In 2012, a British survey of 2,000 children found that the tenth most popular choice for a gift was a new dad.

Attitude is hard to put into words without guiding questions. The British survey reveals an attitude. Can you try your hand on figuring out what the attitude could be, shared among school children?

I don’t know if you can see how important it is to find out what is your dominant, characteristic attitude.

I once had a friend with whom I spoke regularly (14 years). He really wanted friends, companionship, warmth, respect. He was chasing it.

He had strong opinions about everything, and saw the world black and white. He told people what is right and what is wrong.

No one talked to him, unless he called them. He was alone.

Can you see how attitude, mentality locked him out of being someone people want to spend time with?

Some ethnicities are rude… can you use empathy to get to the root attitude, the mentality, that is causing them to be rude? 2

Ultimately without additional spiritual capacities, social attitudes, like empathy, like acceptance, like The Sight (seeing the consequences of your actions), it is near impossible to see your own attitude. And anything you can’t see: you are stuck with. Even when I point it out, you may not be able to see it, even if you trust me. A lot of people who ask for their vibrational reading, send me back angry responses, for this exact reason.

In another conversation we’ve spoken about the original lie… Is this the same?

I don’t think so. You see, you can’t change the original lie, because it is your floor now. You can’t pull the floor: it reestablishes itself immediately.

But attitude is like world view: you can tweak it, you can shape it, you can own it… it is malleable.

But you can’t do anything until you see it.

In the weekend workshops we look at an area of your life. And through that one area we can, I can clearly see your mentality.

The more capacities you have activated the more you can see mentality… yours when I point it out, and others, even before I point it out.

Why can we see everything about you in a short conversation? Because Life is holographic. Every detail carries in itself the whole. Consistent through and through.

OK, before I forget: lottery: What is the attitude of people who play the lottery?

Ask those six questions, look through those questions. And if you see anything, please comment below, or send me an email if you are too private to be seen publicly… that is a mentality, by the way. Not a winning one at that.

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  1. Working with a person for whom I turned on the spiritual capacity "empathy", I am finding that the attitude underlying someone using empathy to glean insight into others, needs one to be interested... Interested is also a capacity... and this guy doesn't have it. Working with these capacities is like solving huge jigsaw puzzles with a lot of pieces, and a fuzzy picture on the box of the finished puzzle... :-(
  2. Working with a person for whom I turned on the spiritual capacity “empathy”, I am finding that the attitude underlying someone using empathy to glean insight into others, needs one to be interested… Interested is also a capacity… and this guy doesn’t have it. Working with these capacities is like solving huge jigsaw puzzles with a lot of pieces, and a fuzzy picture on the box of the finished puzzle… :-(

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “I just learned a new word. Mentality. I could add another: social attitudes”

  1. The attitudes that I see with the lottery are importance (winning is more important than morals), being better (rich is better than poor; abundance is better than lack), and winning can raise one’s status on the totem pole.

  2. Apart from what Kim mentioned, I saw possibly deserving: I’m a good person, I deserve to win that lottery more than others’, deserve something ‘good’.

    While looking I saw that my mentality was: ‘I want to be right’. It would fit 2. being smart is better than being stupid, or right better than wrong.

  3. I see their attitude is: being rich is better than other things, they are low on the totem pole or social status scale, they have not much power to change it and winning is more important than learning or getting work done.

  4. Adding to the comment: the attitude is self image is more important than finding out the truth

  5. You know, this is rally weird… This attitude is a leftover from before… it is the ultimate lie, I think. Because it is actually not consistent with you being in Reclaim, and having almost daily conversations with me.

    Are you artificially maintaining a lie?

  6. Wow this hurts. It is definitely my floor. I think it’s a lie. This leftover attitude is something related to not harm my self image. I also have this lie is people from other ethnicity devalue or disregard me because of my ethnicity. I know it’s a lie, but looking at myself and the things I didn’t strive for, I always blamed on this “outside circumstance” instead of doing the work.

  7. You are from good stock, and superior ethnicity. It is very uncomfortable. I should know.

    It is easier to be responsible for a fault, than for something better than average.

    Snap out of it, at least long enough so you can enjoy the last workshop: I am discontinuing it. And then you have missed it.

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