Don’t Pee on my Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining or how to become someone responsible

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Judge-Judy-Sheindlin- Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's rainingI borrowed that expression from Judge Judy, because I like it. But it is also perfect, because Judge Judy calls for responsibility… to no avail… Why? Because responsibility is a capacity encoded and dormant in human DNA… only a few, the successful few have it turned on.

Responsibility is access to power, access to personal power. And most people are powerless, feel powerless, act powerless. Force is not power. And that is what passes for personal power nowadays: forcing, manipulating, controlling, coercing, etc.

This article is not about that. This article is about how to turn on and live with and through personal power.

As I have shared before, back in November I signed up to a money making scam program.

It hasn’t delivered, but I am OK. I haven’t abandoned ship. Now, that is very interesting, because most people that stay are in hope.

Hope is living in a future denying what is… because you don’t like it.

So the people are in hope, hope of some money they didn’t work for, because they don’t like how the world is: you have to have skills, you have to have knowledge, you have to work… f… that! So they gamble. And hope. 2

No one has mentioned it in the article about lottery… It takes self-awareness, eyes, seeing the big picture, and empathy to see that. Also the capacity to stare at something ugly and not be effected.

But today I saw something more: the idea of benefiting from another’s work, while you don’t work, is very appealing to certain segments of humanity. This is the secret behind the pyramid schemes and the multi level marketing, network marketing schemes. Other people’s work…

On one hand it is the attitude of a child: you get what you get without having to earn it, and your parents work like slaves to get it for you.

Don't Pee on my Leg and Tell Me It's RainingOn the other hand, it is the way “they” make their money… the privileged few, the business owners. And if you make your money through another’s work, then you, by rule, belong to the privileged few.

Another layer of this theory is: you never have to be measured. You never have to be found out that you are less than who you should be, less than others, less… got less at the distribution of gifts.

It is the haves and have-nots issue, but this time on the field of intelligence. Because, it seems, school is made for the intelligent folks, the haves, and not for the have-nots… so why bother.

So given that you are a have-not, your only chance for a decent life is to hope (and play games of chance), rob money from the haves, sell drugs, and become an exploiter of others work.

Now, why am I sharing this?

You look at the world through the key hole. You see it one way, from your own point of view.

Which means you see mighty little of it.

Only when someone you trust speaks the big picture well enough, that you find yourself in it, and suddenly you see the dynamics, definitely differently than when you looked at it through the keyhole.

This happened to my ADD/ADHD students, and this can happen to you.

When you have ADD, you only see the symptoms, but through the keyhole, it looks like you have a choice, you are just bad/defective or lazy to not chose to do work you are procrastinating on.

In essence, having ADD/ADHD is a lot like coming from the wrong side of the tracks… coming from the have-nots side of humanity.

The symptoms are similar, the cause is different, but without coming out from behind the keyhole: the result is the same. A life with no accomplishment, a life with no chance to win.

Now, here is another thing I saw: it IS a capacity issue… intelligence is a capacity, focus is a capacity, not getting pulled into the thick of things is a capacity, seeing what is important is a capacity, pointing the finger at oneself as the point of change is a capacity.

Both groups need more capacities. Or at least one, the one that would allow them to see that nothing and no one can stop them, if they apply themselves. That the chances or not set… that the world is not set firmly, that the haves and the have-nots change every moment.

That one capacity can make all the difference. I call that capacity: being cause. It is what underlies integrity, it is what underlies responsibility, it is what underlies accomplishment, and choice.

It is the dividing line between low vibration and high vibration.

It is what caused Matsa, my student from Serbia, to become the student with the most capacities opened.

It started for her with one of my favorite mantras: “If it is to be, it is up to me”

She already had the capacity open in the Second Phase Activators course, but she wasn’t using it.

Saying the mantra when the going got tough, when she customarily would say: I can’t… started the process of integration of the capacity into her world view.

On the other hand, another student, who also got the capacity opened in the Second Phase Activators course, was using it, and built a profitable business. In other areas of life it wasn’t integrated.

You can have capacities that you are not using. It is up to you to build a life where your capacity gives you an edge.

If you don’t… well, you didn’t.

Don’t forget: the most basic rule of life is “freedom of choice”. You can choose to grow, or you can choose to shrink. You can choose to be magnificent, and you can choose to be puny.

Some of my students think that the capacities they bought got wasted… not all. And yet, even though they are open and ready to be used… you can still waste them… and waste your life.

If you continue doing what you have always done, you’ll end up where you are heading.

Now, how do you get to be the kind of person who can live and produce with the slogan: if it is to be, it is up to me… instead of having excuses, or looking at other people to make you rich?

Unfortunately, like with everything, jumping to vibration 200 is near impossible. Unless you were born with the capacity: of responsibility: being the cause, turned on, you may need some other capacities to be activated first.

You can look at your life and see, clearly, if you have the capacity on or not.

One bite at a time-001So what is the process I suggest? I suggest the “one bite at a time” method: turn on and practice one capacity at a time.

How do you know what capacity to turn on? You examine your life and see what is missing that you could use right away to transform your life.

The methodology I have picked, both for myself and for my students, is the 2-3 hour workshops I run every weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday, including tomorrow and this coming Sunday.

In that workshop we’ll see a capacity missing, that given your special circumstances, you’ll be able to use and keep alive right away: after I turn them on for you.

I could charge $25 for the workshop and include the capacity activation. I could charge $100 for the workshop and include no activation.

Instead, at the moment, I am charging nothing, and include nothing.

Why? Because I want to see how many people want to take their own lives into their own hand.

So far: not many. 15 or so. From about 2,000 people who are exposed to this message. less than 1%.

About the same number that winners are of the general population: 1%

You can start to belong there, or you can remain with the 99%. Up to you. I am OK either way.

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  1. lottery-ticketLottery is a great illustration, especially when it is as visible as it was this week with the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. But surprisingly, more money is spent on the pick 3, pick 4, and scratch off games... instant gratification... that is also very typical of the poor and unwilling to work for what they want population.
  2. lottery-ticketLottery is a great illustration, especially when it is as visible as it was this week with the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. But surprisingly, more money is spent on the pick 3, pick 4, and scratch off games… instant gratification… that is also very typical of the poor and unwilling to work for what they want population.

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