You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me or The culture of “good enough” fun

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One of my students wrote to me this morning. He said:

Ok I finished my billing the other day but something I didn’t catch yesterday and this morning I got caught in my lie of not generating I relaxed. I now know I have to be more aware of this now.

Oh that… the hidden reason so many quit. The hidden reason why people quit before they get results. The hidden reason life is a series of flashes in the pan for most people.

It can be best illustrated with a story I have shared time and again, but it fits here perfectly.

The dog wakes up one morning and it is already dawn. He looks around and he can’t see the rooster: it is not around, it is not greeting the new day as it is his job.

He goes and finds the rooster in the hen house.

The dog says: what’s up with you rooster, it is dawn and you are sleeping here?
The rooster says: Oh, ok… and he goes out to the middle of the yard, and says Kukuriku… that is what Hungarian roosters say… translate it to your language, if you need to.
The dog says… That was weak. Can you do better?
So the rooster takes a deep breath, puffs his chest and belts it out KUKURIKU, KUKURIKU, KUKURIKU! 2

That was great, said the dog. But that is the good news. The bad news is: you have to do it every morning.

And hell yeah. If you want to cause your life, if you want to use your power, you can’t rest on your laurels, cannot expect the results to continue without your input.

Especially in the beginning of a project. You need to keep generating: puff out your chest and belt it out.

Those who do, belong to the 1%. Those who don’t… even if you occasionally do, you belong to the 99%.

So what is available for the 99%? God. Christie Marie Sheldon. Placebo effect. Hope. The lottery. Pyramid Schemes. One click millions. Day dreaming. Or other escapes I have’t thought of.

Peeing on my leg, telling me it’s raining… lol.

Now, on a different note:

Please notice that the whole world is set up, I mean the societal world, is set up to suggest that it is work once, enjoy no work forever…

Of course, different cultures have different suggestions: that is what cultures do.

Cultures where they can see that without work there is starvation, like in China, people living in the Yellow River area where wet rice cultivation is predominant, or hunter cultures where unless you hunt, you starve, will not be effected negatively by the culture.

In the United States where I live, the fallacy is: you find something that works and it will make you rich. Forever.

It is a fallacy, and yet millions of underachievers could point to that fallacy as the cause of their demise.

My secret hunch is that it may be an upbringing issue. Where parents, to feel themselves useful and good parents (lazy is another way to say it) let the children languish and still be fed and clothed.

My parents were tight-fisted with me. Then, my little brother, six years my junior, got a whole different upbringing.

My older brother and me know we have to work, my little brother doesn’t.

So, that is my hunch. That food magically appearing, clothes magically appearing, fed the fallacy, the magical thinking where work had nothing to do with your results.

The other things I see is that children are “paid” for chores, but are allowed to pick chores they like to do.

But unless someone does the work that is not pleasant, not glamorous, and doesn’t pay well, nothing can be built.

And my pet peeve: workers, employees looking at employers as getting fat on their backs… They have no concept, no clue how much work, sweat and tears go into establishing a company…

Anyway, enough ranting… You now see what is in your way societally and culturally.

Don’t underestimate the enemy. Your family, your friends, TV, all pull you towards being the guy on illusions…

The only way to remain productive and a generator of results is to separate yourself, remove yourself from the culture.

Do I mean that you have to live alone on a hill, like me? No.

The capacity to be detached, diligently practiced: meaning: catch yourself when you are pulled in, and pull yourself out. With the capacity you can do it. Without the capacity: I don’t think so.

So why do I live on a hill, on a dead end street, in a house where no one lives on the first floor? lol

The simple answer is: for me to be pulled into the culture, I don’t even have to see people. I feel them.

When I go to the store, and I walk with my shopping cart, I feel as I am moving from one person to the other, the mood, the pains, the fears, the anxiety, the anger…

It’s exhausting. So, living on a hill…. etc. I have less people walking by, and I have time to do my work. Instead of having to feel all that misery people live with.

OK, now, what do I suggest that you do?

Come to the weekend workshop and start gathering momentum to become someone who can. And you can practice each capacity I turn on for 3 days, just bringing it to life. Your life.

Three days…

And once you have some “bulk” built, through your weekly participation in the workshop, and through your weekly new capacity… you are going to have a desire to build something… something worth building.

Or allow your arrogance (I am already done) hold you back.

I am ok with that… but don’t lie about it. Don’t piss on my leg.

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