What is Dark Side, who is Dark Side, what is Dark Side attack, attachments and such?

psychic-attackSome topics are sensitive, because I may want to wallow… Or you may start to hate me.

This is such a topic.

The past few days I have been attacked.

I have had psychic/energetic attacks almost 24/7 the past two years, I think, but this has been different.

I actually know who it came from.

Not just guessing… but I am certain.

I have experienced, for the first time, extreme anguish, fear, anxiety, and horrid pressure in my head…

And my connection with Source was severed. Temporarily, thanks heaven.

When I followed the thought to its conclusion, I saw that if that connection stayed severed, I’d have to start a business that didn’t need it…

It seems, that for now it is under control, I re-routed the emails to the trash bin, and am cloaking myself every few minutes… the pressure in my head is now halfway down.

I have to confess, I had no idea what it feels like to have all those attachments: some people come to me with as many as 30… I can remove them, feel them for a minute or so, but they didn’t stay on me… these attachments thrown at me these past two days stayed… and even after I removed them, they hurt. Ugh.

I have no idea who and why and what… I am not initiated in the dark art of sorcery… and I am not interested. I am only interested to do Source’s work. But it seems that entire cultures engage in sorcery.

psychic-attack-2I find no pleasure in another’s misery.

What would be the world view in which another’s misery would be cause for joy?

The view in which the world is like a see-saw… if you give one something, the other has less. I call this “or”-ness

The other world view I subscribe to is that “god” doesn’t play favorites, and will NEVER take something from one to give it to another. Only people do.

People are the only evil, the only Dark Side.

With that said: I had a big surprise yesterday.

I was lead, somehow, to a Canadian guru type, John de Ruiter. The vibration is high, 300, but the emotional state… horrid. Really bad. Hard to get why someone at that level of vibration would be so miserable inside.

Today, after my experience with the attachment someone threw at me, I realized that the guy, this John de Ruiter, is plagued with attachments. nasty ones. Not many, only 10 attachments, but they are deadly.

The same kind of anxiety and anguish I felt…

If you know this guy, tell him those need to be removed if he wants to be well.

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