Your machine: Cycles, patterns, spiritual path: Life is a circle of repeating changes, rising and falling like the seasons.

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flowers for algernon... loss is more painful than never having itAll models are wrong, but some are useful. This model is useful.

Robert Fritz, author of the book, The Path of Least Resistance, can offer a lot of information on the topic.

Fritz’s oscillating structures is a model and it is useful.

What no one seems to write about is the big cycles that are hard to see, and even harder to see that you have anything to do with them.

I call this “the machine” and it is time to bring it up again, because so many people are unwittingly pulled into the downward phase of the machine cycle… have gone to hell… and I want to make sure they will come back.

I am going to talk about the machine that runs, under the cover, in the concealed, and runs your life, in every area of life.

Money, well-being, joy, relationships, and spirituality all have cycles, and what you don’t know can kill you there.

It’s not what’s happening to you, it is what you make, yourself, happen.

What is happening to you is the look in the horizontal plane… what the historians would say. What you make happen is what ontologists, being-scientists, like me, will talk about.

The human life, inside, on the emotions, on the inner view, on the world view level is very complicated.

For example it is full of mutually exclusive desires. It is full of totally opposing views: both unaware of the other, much like multiple personality disorder.

The reason is this: you were born as pure potential, empty. Inherited some physical and emotional tendencies, an innate preference to lean one way or the other, but two people with the exact inherited everything can turn out totally different with totally different lives.

So, like a rock, you gather moss as you live, and the moss and your interpretation of it, your meaning, your original reaction to it, your successes and your failures will create the many cycles in your life.

It is like this: if your mom kept you scream for feeding when you were little, for whatever reason your mom didn’t feed you, you’ll have a big issue around food, and your decision as a baby about life and food will be an anchor for you.

The anchor point of a cycle. Operating like a machine. With a trigger, a switch, and a cycle that cannot be broken.

You may be fat. You may be hoarding. You may be afraid to throw out food…

You have many cycles like this, and they all have the same elements. The anchor point of a cycle. Operating like a machine. With a trigger, a switch, and a cycle that cannot be broken.

One cycle may be is how high you can go on the spirituality scale.
How many capacities you are willing to hold on and use.
How often you’ll get yourself into a position for the Dark Side people to put attachments on you.
How much money you make. How much love you get, How much fame you get. How often you get sick, fired, laid off, nearly everything. Drinking, smoking, sexing, drugging, gambling, marital discord, all are part of a machine each.

How aware and awake you are, your hibernation cycles when you go unconscious, and your cycles when you say: I am done… and allow life to go on auto pilot.

You live through campaigns… campaign… abandon… let go

Your life always returns to the state in was before the campaign: you put the weight back on, you start drinking again, you lose your customers, your job, your money, you lose your capacities, you lose your vibration.

Then why bother, you ask?

Don’t. But, you see, if you have tasted freedom, or higher vibration, or suddenly seeing where there seemed to be nothing before…

I always go back to the character in The Matrix, that opted to go back into the matrix to eat steak again. But what the movie doesn’t show is: you can’t.

Why? Because you saw what reality is, at lest some of it, and now you cannot unsee it.

I had a conversation with a woman yesterday (in email). She came to one of my workshops but opted not to buy the spiritual capacity we saw would make life all better.

Instead she listened to what I said, did several actions on the horizontal plane, changed her diet, and has been repeating positive affirmations.

Her vibration dropped to 100. She claims she is much better.

Instead of growing, she shrunk to the size where she is small, and life is enough. Dropped all her ambitions.

Is she lying that she is feeling better? No. She is feeling better because she has no tension, because she uses the little life force she has to mundane living.

She is in the Matrix, enjoying steak. And she can do it: she never entered reality. It was hinted at, but without added capacities, it is not yours.

But you, wanting to raise your vibration, you need to make an informed decision: once you have seen reality, you cannot unsee it. And when you lose it: it hurts.

It seems that capacities that were opened not through your suffering, but through Source energy, can close if you go back to your old way of being. Through committing to a small or smaller life.

Having more capacities open means that you can do more, see more, know more.

Losing them is like getting blind… again. Dumb, clumsy, clueless… again.

Charly3-440x600Heartbreaking. Charlie, in the book Flowers for Algernon, didn’t know he was retarded. But after having experienced being brilliant, being retarded again hurts. 2

Having power and losing it, having money and losing it, being your own boss and going back to being an employee, being loved and losing it, having a child and losing it… it hurts.

Losing it happens through the cycles, through the activity of the machine. The machine whose trigger you didn’t notice, and whose switch you unwittingly pushed…

Knowing at least some of your machines is mandatory if you want a life that is smooth or smoother than it has been.

If you want to make money and hold onto it. If you want a better body and hold onto it. If you want to raise your vibration, add new capacities, and hold onto them.

The job is management.

Some of us are good managers, good supervisors, and others are lousy.

The biggest difference between a good manager and a bad manager is to what degree they are aware and awake, and how many distinctions they have inside their area.

There is a story I love. It is about having distinctions. It’s about where a good manager looks that they are good…

An area manager’s job, in a large drugstore chain, is to check on the many stores in his area.

Check if they do well, and help them, manage them if they don’t.

A “normal” area manager can see four stores a day. Our hero can see ten.

What is the secret? What does the hero manager know that all the others don’t?

The hero manager was interviewed… after a while they found out that when the hero manager parks, he looks at the store window and already knows if the store is doing well or not. How?

The store window has advertising of the specials. If the specials are from the last cycle, not the current, the hero manager already knows that the store is not doing well…

Because the last thing a store updates is their store window… all the way after inventory, and the books, and the whatever a store has to take care of.

The hero manager is a person with more capacities than what is normal… 5-7 capacities.

Now, with our machines, we need to be managers, preferably hero managers, or we’ll only catch things after they can’t be changed.

So, if you have more capacities, you’ll do better.

I have the privilege to have students like that… and students that are “normal” and never woke up until their “house” burned down.

Which manager would you like to be?

PS: I just heard back from a student who lost ten capacities and 100 points in her vibration.

The trigger and the switch she identified, after the fact:

There was lots to do, (around Christmas, I guess) I was enjoying the process, I think this made me relax, I was paying attention to the “enjoying” and the freedom I felt going in this direction.

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