My experiment with increasing my Life Force, Part One

As you may have read, I discovered that my Life Force, the capacity to grow, has nearly diminished.

In this article I will report to you my own experience of trying to increase a capacity through working on it. Essentially the same kind of work I am asking you to do.

What is present, by the way, is fear. Intense fear. Fear of failure, fear of finding out that I am full of crap.

Now, you need to know that I have the detached capacity, so I am observing it and feeling it at the same time. What is there between the Observer and the feeling is an attitude of curiosity: the curiosity of a researcher. And maybe the curiosity of a kid looking at a bug, and enjoying saying: Grooooooss.

I also take the Unconditional Love Activator in my water, all day… allowing me to see and love myself with all my failings, all my faults, all my mistakes.

I can see that fear would hold back anyone who doesn’t have the capacity for being detached, standing in their Observer position, where you don’t have to take all your feelings seriously, from where a feeling is not often relevant.

It takes learning what feeling to pay attention to, and what feeling is best allowed to run its course, lest it takes over your life through resistance.

I now know what is a “yes” in my stomach. I know what it feels like when I have to use the bathroom, when I am thirsty, etc. I still muscle test when I feel hunger: more often than not I am not hungry… it is something else, like a warning… I won’t go into detail about that. I also know that other than that the feelings I have already declared relevant, I can safely observe the rest, and not act on them.

Ok, this was step 1. Observing my reaction to the idea of opening myself up to more energy, more desire, more desire to grow.

looking at what is with sober eyesStep 2: Coming to terms.

The workshop I have run the past two months is a coming to terms process.

It looks at one area of life and attempts to see, accurately, with sober eyes, what is going on there.

It examines your current actions, your current attitudes, your current lies and delusions. It also does a mental process, in which it takes you to the future and shows you what that area of your life will look like if you don’t change what you are doing, and or what your attitude and delusions are there.

Unless the future is ugly enough, you won’t have enough reason to do anything.

Some people have unlimited tolerance to a miserable future… either because they hope they can keep it private and maintain their public persona of happy, successful, etc… or because they are too feeble, or too arrogant.

Yet another group is the addicts: they have an escape route into oblivion.

Once you see that ugly future… you’ll start wondering what you could change, what you could do, to prevent that future from happening.

It’s not easy to see…

In my experience, changing who you are: your actions and your attitudes won’t change permanently unless you can change who you are.

Changing your beingness is not possible unless you have the capacity for that beingness.

You can’t change from being an effect (you can also call it victim, but it is not the whole picture) into being cause unless something inside significantly changes.

Here is an example of one of my students: I asked him to come to the last workshop. I wanted him to experience it. He responded with intense fear. I asking him to come early so his audio would be ready.

He showed up early, but the audio wasn’t working.

Turns out he didn’t see the little symbol on his phone…

He said: I screwed up. I didn’t investigate.

But he is still being an effect! The words that indicate being cause are like this: “I caused myself, subconsciously, to not be able to participate. I honor my reluctance and fear, not my word to you.”

No drama, but no finger pointing either. I did…

You think if you use these words it will bring with itself the beingness? Hell no. I wish it did: I would have geniuses around me.

You will sound pretentious, like 99% of Landmark Education participants… “I am late because I am late” is a favorite Landmark saying. Another one: “I choose not to participate” a favorite cop-out… no coming to terms, no looking, a move sideways. The beingness of cause is not there.

Beingness of cause asks you to choose… after consideration. The consideration is the process of coming to terms. Seeing the cost, seeing the benefits, the secret payoffs, the hidden dimensions of your being.

You looked and looked and came to the action that is the action you choose, from complete being cause.

As you may be able to see, being cause is a very advanced capacity: I would say it won’t take roots in your being unless you have at least ten capacities supporting it.

I am working with this same guy on helping it to take roots. It may take many rounds: I turn it on… it turns off… that’s a round, till it will stay up.

It is the biggest and most important capacity in going from human to human being. No being cause: no human being.

Step 3. The technical step

I re-open the capacity Life-Force with Source energy. I feel the fear, I feel the hope, I feel the trepidation, and I feel my liver.

My liver, it seems, has been accumulating a lot of toxins from the way I have been living in survival. So I will, in the next step, cleanse my liver. I need it clean for what I am up to.

Step 4: Cleansing

Cleansing my liver, that is where I feel the issue. You may need to cleanse your brain or your intestines. It is an individual thing where you collect your trash.

babe ruth points to set the target: hit the ball out of the parkStep 5: Set the target

In order for Life-Force to work to optimum, it needs a target: in my case I’ll look at income/business… and I’ll ponder what result I should go for.

There are a lot of things to consider. I want to go for something that I can see I can do, with the minimum training necessary, after all if I put all my attention to learning, my current income will disappear.

I will make a temporary target, and test if it really attracts me. When Life-Force is low, desire is low.

I may have to tweak it a few times, and adjust the target to the slightly larger Life-Force I am activating.

On this low level, I can see increasing the two things: new customers per month and the number of buyers of those people… At the present moment every hundredth visitor buys something. The next step may be is doubling that… although this might be a too big increase… I’ll see if it motivates me.

As you see, I am not reaching to the stars, I am reaching to a target that may be small, but I have a chance to reach.

Step 6: planning

start creating a plan to reach the target. Observe the lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm… and call forth more Life Force.

How do you do that? By alternatively looking at the cost of not doing it, and at the fact that the emotions are automatic and don’t influence my actions and my results.

Which means: coming to terms with needs to be a frequent and repetitive action. Whatever is hidden will bite your ass… guaranteed.

OK, this was installment 1 of this article… I will keep you informed. Wish me luck, with me energy, and support me in keeping in integrity.

And… learn from me.

Putting your new capacity in some vase so it stays alive is guaranteed to kill it. Only use will force it to grow some roots.

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