Life skills, capacity, talent, desire, ambition, greed defined… can you manifest with what you have?

OK… this is the continuation of the WWII article…

In that I talk about Hitler and look at what was the issue that caused him losing the war in Russia… So I am repeating what I said there…

Hitler: 10 capacities working. Enough to come to power. Enough to dupe millions and millions. But not enough to create and execute a winning strategy of war. Impatient, jumping around, making blunders. Also: he didn’t see the big picture… his greed blinded him.

Believing his own interpretation of things, he fires his decision making experts… and loses the war.

What capacity was missing? System, process, resilience, flexibility, and astute. And definitely missing the big picture.

Brings it down to human level, doesn’t it?

So what is a skill, what is a capacity, what is a talent?

And what is Life Force, what is desire, ambition, and greed?

These are the questions I have been pondering, muscle testing, and answering on my current level of knowledge next.

And the last question is: could we call these capacities life skills?

So, let’s begin:
First question is about the difference between a skill and a capacity.

Well, one of the things we need to know, that you can learn, to some level, anything, but to be good at it you need innate capacity. You could call it talent.

A talent is a group of capacities in your DNA. It’s a group of capacities, because one capacity by itself will not be strong enough to be called a talent.

kim-peekThere are anomalies: people born with one capacity that has no connection to anything else in their DNA. These are the idiot savants… circus acts, because only a group of capacities prepares you to make money and a living with your capacities.

Why? Because making a living involves dealing with people, taking care of yourself and your environment, being socially acceptable, at least to some degree. Being able to fit into some structure: commerce, production, or your exceptional one capacity will be useless… that is why they are like a circus act… in the circus it has some uniqueness value.

27-Daily-Living-Skills-for-One-Year-olds-4So, in order to build a skill, you need a group of capacities, and a bunch of those are, as I said, the capacities that allow you to work inside structures, or create structures inside which to work.

Of these capacities the most important ones are the capacities to deal with your environment, with people, and with your own inner and outer stuff.

People who come to my site have a hard time dealing with their inner stuff. They lack capacities that make it possible.

The stuff, this inner stuff, is relatively new. It is getting more and more as you are exposed to other people through the internet, ideas, through the internet, and seeming opportunities through the internet and other media.





Life-Skills-2With the exact same capacities and nothing more you would have been a normal, happy, no problems here person a hundred or two hundred years ago.

The rise of the b.s. mental movement was the result of this exposure to the bigger world, bigger than just your own little world, where you could be happy.

The B.S. mental movement that has culminated in the manifestation and law of attraction lies is suggesting a way to deal with the tension that is between what you are capable and what you see is possible.

The solution these “modalities” suggest sound good to your mind, but they are not available to you.

Why? because you don’t grow capacities just because you want to. And all the methods these guys suggest are outside of what you can do with what you got.

Why? Because even the people who were writing those books, or the people who sell you courses on the law of attraction are liars: they cannot do it themselves.

They are fakes and they are frauds. Their wares is this popular hogwash, and it makes them seem that they are doing it, that they are attracting what they want into their lives, but it is not true. It is your stupidity that makes them the money, and it is the money and the exposure that brings, if ever, a partner into their lives.

life-skills-3How many capacities do you need to have, in minimum working to attract some of what you want? At least 20. And they need to be capacities specific for that.

For example a medical doctor needs 20 capacities, but most of those capacities are needed for their work… so attraction will need capacities outside of those 20.

Let’s do a quick inventory: how many capacities do some “gurus” have? That will tell you whether they are lying or not.

Christie Marie Sheldon, Mindvalley’s star earner: 10 capacities
Esther Hicks of Abraham fame: 7 capacities
Her husband, now dead: 9 capacities
Natalie Ledwell: 7 capacities
Vishen Lakhiani: 10 capacities

Now, let’s look what this theory that you can attract what you want created in the world?

This takes us to the topic of Life-Force, desire, ambition, and greed.

Life-Force is what is under ambition. Ambition is the desire for the things you are willing to work towards.

Desire is for receiving… and it can easily turn into greed: Greed is the desire for the self alone: wanting something that belongs to another, and wanting what you are not willing to work for.

You can have greed for things inner and outer. Greed for love, greed for peace, greed for a silent mind, greed for happiness, greed for abundance, greed for knowledge… All “stuff”, results, that you are not willing to work for.

life-skills-1And for the most part, you don’t have the capacities to earn them, to work for them.

In my workshop I have even seen that even when the capacity is offered, you don’t want it. You so don’t want to work for it, that you don’t even want the capacity to work for it and earn it.

You just want to feel like a victim of life…

Greed is an energy block. Life force is blocked by greed. Greed is masquerading as desire… Naked greed is not as harmful as greed hidden.

I think that understanding what greed is… wanting something that is not within the realm of possibility for you to get, unless you become capable of earning it.

But the interesting thing is: people with the strongest greed are not only unwilling and unable to earn what they greed for, they are also unwilling and unable to keep the capacities alive when they get them.

Because that is work too.

So, potentially, what is underneath strong greed is a sense of entitlement. And a lot of delusions about one’s own worth, one’s own abilities, and the world.

And the last question: do these capacities are the foundations for life skills?

The answer to that question is: yes. You need skills to navigate life, to manage your insides world and your outside world.

I once had an assistant who was weak in seeing things accurately for what they are (astute) and who looked in her mind to see what she is looking at.

She was spending all her money on eating out, so I suggested that she learns the essentials of cooking. She had a hard time with that.

This was 20 years ago. I occasionally get a Facebook message from her: she keeps on getting entangled with people who are evil, fraudulent, cults, thieves… etc.

You see, I hope, that if you were not equipped to see things accurately in my office, you will also show the results of that in life. Rose colored glasses is one of the symptoms of that lack of capacity.

So, now that I have, hopefully, brought down to earth… what can you do? what should you do?

I don’t know. I only know that your inner misery will only get stronger unless you get a few capacities activated, because the outside world will keep on telling you that you should be different, you should have different, and, of course, you can’t.

life-skillsAnd capacities are like paradigms. You can’t see them from the lower paradigm. That is why they are so difficult to keep them active, once activated. Because unless your life needs it, and it rarely does, you won’t see how it works. You can’t.

Imagine that jumping high is a capacity. You live a normal life, and have a sudden fancy for that capacity. Will you need it? No. Will it be natural for you to use it? No. Will you keep it on? Not likely.

You want it like you want a trophy: just to have it. And it may work with a trophy, but it doesn’t work that way with capacities.

Life is economical. Whatever you don’t need turns off.

Bummer, eh?

I once watched a movie about a woman who wrote novels. And then she got Alzheimer’s disease.

I pondered that for months. How come? She was using her brain, after all.

But her life was played out between her bed and her desk… she used a total of six capacities to live… including most higher functions of the brain. And the brain turned off on her.

It woke me up. It put a rocket in my butt. I committed myself to be challenged all the time.

Because Alzheimer’s is one of the most terrifying illnesses, ever.

Right after being Charly or Algernon. Losing what you had.

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  1. A strategy for maintaining capacities is to open myself to new experiences–get out of my routine.

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