How do you get an attachment? Why some people get attachments while others don’t?

jumping attachmentI have been watching, patiently, for understanding the differences that put one at risk of attachments, while others escape an interaction with the same person, without getting an attachment.

After seeing enough people, and repeatedly removing attachments from the same person, this is what I think I see:

People who want to connect, lean in, emotionally or in actuality, to hear more, to connect more… and that creates the environment in which the attachment can bridge the gap.

This is especially true for jumping attachments.

In my previous article I was looking at the desperate desire to be connected, to fill in the emptiness inside.

As a true empath, I am especially susceptible, even though I don’t feel I lean in, I probably do.

My intention is not from the desire to connect, it is from my work. I need to connect to you to serve you.

I pay a price. I am like a Hoover for jumping attachments, and those with jumping attachments hover, and insist on connecting and connecting again.

If they don’t pay me to remove their attachment, I program my email to automatically delete their emails to me. But even when they do, sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of work to rid them of their attachments.

Why is having attachments so bad? They take over my emotions, they ravage my body, and some attachments plug up my connection to Source. Luckily I can feel the misery that goes with having been infected fast, almost as if what jumps on me were alive.

Some people lean in more than others. Some people want to connect emotionally, I think. And some people are standoffish by nature.

Now that you know this… what can you do?

Isn’t wanting to connect to people a good thing?

Let’s see how you connect to people? And why?

Do you connect for them? Do you connect for you? Are you sharing? Are you taking? Is greed motivates you? Are you a bottomless pit?

You see, it is not easy to navigate life, there are definitely more questions than answers.

For most people, taking ownership of who you are, your behavior, your agendas, is not easy… or probably not even possible.

Why? Because ownership is a being. And unless the capacity for ownership is turned on in your DNA, you are not able to even begin to own what owns you.

I know this article doesn’t answer your questions, and won’t protect you.

Why don’t I give you a better answer? Because I don’t have a better answer.

I just had a conversation with a person with jumping attachment.

After muscle testing some of the people she suspects are the source of her attachment, I settled on Christie Marie Sheldon. I just connected to Christie, and the same attachment with the same feel jumped on me.

How is she going to sever her attachment to Christie, so she doesn’t accidentally connect to her? I don’t know.

But until she does, I am still at risk…

Why would someone give you an attachment? It feels that Christie’s attachment is willful… intentional.

Why? Because miserable people all hope in a miracle… and they are spending all the money they have to get a miracle.

That is how abundance teachers get rich.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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