The importance of being: who you are being, from where it all comes, your actions, your feelings, your results

attitude is a state of being. All actions come from it.It’s obvious to me: I am not succeeding in conveying the importance of being.

And another thing is starting to get clear: everything we think about attitudes is off… sometimes a lot, other times a little.

So I am going to muse here for a bit, a see if I can make more sense of it, for you.

Attitude is a being phenomenon. It is not mental, it is not emotional, it is not intellectual. It is a state of being.

Now, being in a state of being has gotten a misleading interpretation, namely that it’s a good thing. But being in a state of being is neutral. It is natural, you are always in a state of being.

But you can look at the being and tell if it is a high vibration being or a low vibration being.

Your being is invisible to you, like water is for the fish. It is visible to others.

Because it is invisible, you don’t know about it.

So you go to what you know about, your thoughts and your feelings.

But your thoughts and feelings are often very far from where your being is.

  • When I say to someone: you are arrogant… they say: I don’t feel arrogant. Of course you don’t… arrogance doesn’t feel, because it is a being. It is obvious to others, invisible to you.
  • When I say to someone: you are stingy… they say: I am not. I am very giving… but the beingness of stingy isn’t even something they can wrap their mind or feelings around.

But, listen up!, all your actions derive themselves from the attitude, the being, and your feelings and thoughts have rarely any relevance at all.

Being able to have a certain attitude is a good thing… but is not available to you as an authentic being unless you have the capacity for that being, for that attitude.

Generosity is one of these… you can do the moves of generosity, you’ll praise someone, you allow them to finish their sentence, but you are doing it, against your better judgment. You are doing it because you want something.

Authentic being doesn’t have an agenda. Neither hidden, nor stated. No agenda.

When you have the authentic being of generosity, you don’t shut up so people will like you, so they listen, so you get what you want. No, the authentic being of generosity is for no reason at all. You are not in scarcity… Scarcity expresses itself in agendas, winning, getting, and such.

So now what?

You are inauthentic, that’s what. And you lie about it.


change-your-attitudeMost attitudes make you miserable. Like being stingy. Like being arrogant. Like being tentative, cautious, and withdrawing.

Why? Because your higher self communicate to you through pain and bad feelings.

It is not a guidance voice, as they preach it is, no. It is a punishing guidance… and of course you have no ears to hear, no eyes to see, so you suffer, and get no guidance from it.

In order to get guidance, you need distinctions, but you don’t have many… and the ones you have are Tree of Knowledge: you learned them from someone who learned them from someone… who ultimately made it up. Mostly the Dark Side.

So you listen to your feelings as guidance, and your listen to your mind chatter as guidance, and they are saying all kinds of things, and you are left… hey, let’s tell the truth: powerless.

So, what can you do?

  • You can do what most people will do: try to fix their feelings or their minds. Plenty of programs for that.
  • or you can do what I do, what I did, and what I recommend that you do:

    Step out from the circle of noise into the circle of silence.

Step into being. What being? The first being you can step into is “I am not my feelings and I am not my thoughts. I am not my history, I am not my body, I am me.”

You can try to do it on your own, and you’ll see if you have the capacity or not.

If you already have the capacity, you’ll experience the silence. And you can open your eyes and see what you should do, without having to think about it.

If you don’t already have the capacity to step into being, you’ll know, because you won’t have a place to step into. The noise will continue, the feelings will continue, and maybe even get louder.

step-into-beingThe capacity, I call, Step Into Being, can be activated for you, and if you practice it enough, it will stick. 1

The being it allows you to step into is simply the being of silence. The being of stepping outside of the hubbub.

But for most of you, that will be a revolutionary step, the step that will make all the difference.

If you don’t need it, this is not a good time. It will just turn off.

Unless you have more than 10 opportunities and needs a day to use it, it will turn off.


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  1. The quote is from Dain Heer. He has 20 capacities working. He has no idea that you only have 5-7, and unless more are activated, including this capacity “Step into being“, his words will be as inspiring to you as the sunrise… and will last as long as the sunrise… minutes.

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