Want to Beat Fear? Here is your Secret: Because Of Great Love One Is Courageous

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beat fear with love. because of great love one is courageousBeat fear? Beat it with love…

Because Of Great Love One Is Courageous (Lao Tzu)

I have an exploratory course. It’s called HeartConnection Meditation.

The goal was to get to a combination of methods to awaken courage.

What we, human beings, experience when courage is needed is fear. And we concentrate on the fear, either by talking about it, or by hiding it. But either way it occupies our entire field of (inner) vision.

When I ask a student what it is that they have the biggest issue with, they say fear.

So I asked the Creator what was the Seat of Courage, and I got the surprising answer: the heart.

But heart is known to be the center of love… Is it possible that we suffer from lack of love and that is what we experience as fear?

Osho thinks so. Obviously Lao Tzu thought so. And if I had the time, I could, probably, find thousands of other authors and teachers who think so.

So we are suffering from lack of love.


I have the Unconditional Love Activator, and lots of people bought it. But many, when they realized that they needed to listen to it to  get the activator, many said in their head ‘Nay, to heck with it.’

And if you look at that activator, it only activates one side of love: the side of being loved.

So I had my task cut out for me: I needed to implant the capacity to love, invent practices to cause the actual feeling of love, and cause it such that it is strong enough to cause courage… all that in a human who can’t love

Looked like a steep mountain to climb, if you ask me.

But it’s possible.

  • Entrepreneurs have the love of business, dealing, creating new stuff.
  • Musicians have the love of music, although not all musicians.

I grew up feeling unloved, yet I had love. Love is what goes through you. It comes from you to whatever, whomever you send it to.

    • I loved my kitty: our cleaning lady hated the poop under the furniture: she threw her off the balcony, straight into the jaws of a dog.
    • I loved the bird that we nurtured back to life. He used to participate in our Sunday dinners on the top of my Dad’s head.
    • I loved that we let him go to live his life wild. He used to come back, at least once a day, to stay in touch. I still have tears in my eyes as I write this.
    • beat fear: because of great love of Life, the plant is courageousI loved my little patch of garden. Radishes, scallions, green beans, and flowers

I love trees. I plant a tree everywhere I go, at least one for each year.

I have 30 trees in Hungary, 10 trees in Israel, and countless here in the USA.

  • I love the moves of business: the idea to grow something from a dream to reality.
  • I love the idea of enrolling people who didn’t even know they needed it.
  • I love writing these articles: I write the title or just one sentence and wait. The words come as fast as I can type: they come from the Beyond: my mind would, no doubt, say different stuff.
  • I have come to love that Tr. destroys, de-energizes my water 10 times a day, so every time I need to drink, I need to check and need to re-energize my water. It gives me a reason to connect, deeply, profoundly, to the source of strength, to the source of love of all.
  • I love my students. I root for them. I love it most when they don’t get it. They give me an opportunity to summon guidance from Source in an area where I thought I knew already.

But how do you make someone love, someone who never loved? Or maybe did once but then they stopped?

In love there is a total surrender. You cannot stay over here loving something over there! You need to give yourself over: and if your life experience was that it is dangerous, then you won’t do it. You won’t love another… you’ll fear getting hurt, getting rejected, not being loved back more than you crave to love.

You’ll be like

  • The man who calls his old dog his soul mate. The dog is dying, and lives 600 miles away.
  • The woman who loves what people can do for her, but not them.
  • The artist who, when her soul stirs, turns to weed.

You loving has nothing to do with you. In fact, it makes no sense loving.

Whether the story is true or not, whether the character in the Ringing Cedars book is real or fictional, Vladimir Megre, is courageous. He has this inexplicable love of something that animates him, makes him go through whatever comes his way to see it through, to fruition.

The way to love, if I can say it, is an idea. An image. A possibility. A dream.

When I ask my students what they dream about, the answer is nothing. No possibility for love. To gain courage from. To go for, to suffer for, to live for.

Landmark Education have it (somewhat) right: they have, as part of their technology, the creation of a possibility. Except a dream, a possibility that speaks with just one mouth will disappear, almost as fast as it was created.

A dream must be cultivated, told again and again. With each telling, with each “echo” of a person listening and gets ‘touched, moved, and inspired’, the dream gains momentum.

The dreams that got me where I got were told over and over.

  • A world that works for everyone with no one left out
  • The spirit only wants that there be flying… who is doing the flying the spirit only has a passing interest
  • Living on the edge, generating distinctions of transformation for humankind
  • There is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent.

Some of these I heard and fell in love with. Some of these I spoke and spoke and spoke. People know me as these dreams.

They sound crazy, and somehow inspiring.

But only a dream you take on as your dream is really yours.

You can’t just stay real close to a dream and catch it. You can’t just hope that it rubs off on you. You need to take a step closer, and give yourself over to a dream.

because of great love I will grow a Siberian cedar in Syracuse Yesterday I ordered a pine-cone from Russia to grow Siberian Cedars from. The Siberian Cedar is a conifer, and having the seeds from a Siberian Cedar: I am strengthening my relationship with the dream the Anastasia books invented. Why not? You can’t have enough dreams.

Life is going to give me plenty opportunities to summon courage. I will make sure of it.

And because of great love (of an idea,) I can be sure, I’ll be courageous.

Can love, the ordinary love, the love that is about you, about what you get, how you feel, make you courageous? In a mercenary way, yes. Your courage will be the size of the benefit you expect.

But this is not love, not the kind of love that Lao Tzu is talking about, that Landmark is talking about, that Anastasia is talking about, that I am talking about.

This is love not for some return. Not the kind of love that I call “I can do no other”

The love of Life, with capital L, the love of all-of-it, the love of an idea that is for all. Maybe nothing is in it for you, or not any time soon.

It’s the love of a dream of higher, better, closer to how it was meant to be.

Because of THAT love, one is courageous.

PS: the course is recorded and it is available for purchase. https://www.yourvibration.com/heartconnection/

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5 thoughts on “Want to Beat Fear? Here is your Secret: Because Of Great Love One Is Courageous”

  1. “And if you looked at that activator, it only activates one side of love: the side of being loved.”

    A few weeks ago, a relative sent out a short email to the family: “My girlfriend loves me.”

    You think the Unconditional Love Activator is spreading through my history level?

  2. What you have been making for us so far has been revolutionary: I trust that this will continue to poke the @#$ out of our boxes.

    I can’t wait to be one of the pioneers influenced by the powerful effects of THIS meditation…

  3. I would like to sign up for this 3 day course, where do I find the link?

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