Information is like milk. It tends to go bad over time

Information, possibility, attitude, skill, capacity… they are all, in one way or another, are information, and they do behave like milk. They go sour… useless… bad.

You may want to ask the question before you research, buy, ask questions: “am I doing this because it’s just in case I’ll need it later or am I doing this because I need this to move forward right now.”

The first is probably what you have been doing, wanting to raise your vibration, getting well, finding an activator, getting in shape. And while you are doing it, your life, your relationships, your work are suffering, because what you are doing is not

This is one of the key aspects of being strategic in your business, your job, your relationship, your health, your life. It allows you to do less while getting more. Of focusing on only the things that are absolutely necessary.

In my 26 years in Landmark Education, a great life experience for me, I noticed that the people who came in with the “just in time” attitude, wanting that piece of the puzzle that was missing for them, right then and there… never came back to do more courses.

Instead they went out and did what they needed to do to put that little piece of the puzzle to the area where they needed.

So that left behind the ones that were participating with a “just in case” attitude, hoping that when the s-hi-t hits the fan, or when the rubber hits the road, the skill, the mindset, whatever they needed would be there.

Their experience was: it wasn’t there.

Why? Because all of what they learned became mind-knowledge, Tree of Knowledge, not real knowledge.

To turn something into real knowledge, you need two things:

  1. get the knowledge when it’s needed, right now. At the time when acting on it is convenient, timely, and serves a useful purpose.
  2. do the actions where the knowledge is needed. Right away. No delay. Even a day delay means almost certain disappearance of the usefulness of the knowledge.

I would not have known this without our recent experimenting with capacities.

  1. One person finally had the time to use the capacity after two days… by that time the capacity turned off.
  2. Another person used the capacity partly wrong… 1 But the intention was there, and there is still hope that the capacity can be kept alive. When I checked it still had a little bit of life in it.

So, what is really going on? How can you be so wrong? And why?

Well, diagnosing it, accurately, would take a conversation, but I’ll pretend that I am talking to you…

  • One person does this because she hopes that reading all my articles will somehow get her to stop boozing. Not a chance. Why? because just like fear doesn’t stop you, no motivation will ever start you.You start you, you stop you, you take the action or you don’t. You.

    Motivation may remind you why you want to take the action, but rarely.

    Only someone poised for action will benefit from motivation. Inspiration, stuff like that.

    When she is ready to stop drinking and face the ugliness that awaits you… then she will.

  • Another person, someone who used to drink… If you were ever addicted to something, then urges still pull you off the track you set for yourself.Creating actions when there is no emergency, no snow, no orders, no outside pressure is something that gives you the illusion that you are ok, that life has stopped, and you can take a break.

    Very dangerous state.

    Life, results, business, relationships need to be generated.

    Nothing that you do while you are waiting for life to prod you will be useful, because you are in a waiting/asleep/dead mode.

  • learning things ‘just in case’ is a duping device. Self-duping. You are duping yourself thinking that you are smart, that you are doing something. But the action is not constructive, and it doesn’t move anything.
    soured-milkThis is also true for most conversations… most of the things you do.And then you are, pretend to be surprised that nothing happened, in spite of the fact that you were so darn busy.

I have a list, I named “things to do when there is nothing to do.” Of course there is never a time when there is nothing to do, but there are times when I am tired, bored, listless and I don’t feel up to it.

The list has a lot of stuff I can do that is semi-constructive, mostly maintenance stuff… that I can almost do mindlessly. Perfect for those times.

But I never pretend to learn something I don’t need.

Now, what do I do when I find something that is interesting? How do I make it useful? I flash out my cone of vision, and see an aspect of it that is the perfect fit for what you need to know, the perfect beginning of an article.

So I create a file with the words I need to remember what I wanted to write about, and save it as an article.

And when I have nothing to write about, which happens, I just whip out the began articles and just continue writing.

Which means I turn my “just in case” situations into seeds for “just in time” opportunities.

Please share with me your tricks, if you have any, or your failures of which I know you have a ton.

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  1. it was the detached capacity, and she was imagining being away from the emotions and thoughts, but imagining happens in the mind.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Information is like milk. It tends to go bad over time”

  1. Thank you Sophie. I hoard knowledge all the time because it makes me feel smart, I can intellectualise everything instead of actually having to take action in life. It is all a theoretical preparation for something which I don’t feel equipped to deal with. I do hundreds of courses when really I should start practising what I learn with one client, stepping out of my world of knowledge into the world of action. What I need to do is stop hoarding knowledge and start using knowledge which takes courage!

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