What makes soap operas addictive? What are YOU hooked on?

got its hooks in youVery “interesting” experience. I watched the first year of Dexter, and although I wanted to watch all episodes, the first year was not addictive.

But I had a premonition about the rest of the series.

Made up by skilled television writers, I knew it was going to be something dangerous to my well-being.

Unneeded complications, many different side-story lines, all dramatic and irrelevant, all stories I would not watch Netflix for. But all of these side-stories had a claw as sharp as the tiny hooks of burr… of velcro.

I felt myself getting hooked on the horizontal world, the irrelevant, the shallow, the dramatic nothing.

And I can feel the ego now clawing for me to return… as if I could not survive without that drek. I am serious. The pull is tremendous.

Now, why am I sharing this? Because this is how the horizontal, the family, the circle of friends, the news, the elections, social media hooks you. On the world or irrelevant, with tiny hooks like velcro.

You may be hooked on positivity, on a guru.

How do you know if you are addicted?

I have found that there is a sensation, called “urge” or “urges” that most everyone can feel. When you have urges, you are most likely addicted.

hooked-on-a-feelingYou may be hooked on me… or hooked on the idea of spirituality, or osho, or abundance… 1

All taking your attention away from where your attention could make a difference for you.

Then why did I watch the first season? Hey, for me it was a study. It was a way for me to help you. There was no irrelevant drama in the first season, even if Deb, the dramatic sister acted as if.

That season, for me, was in the vertical: revealing a whole lot about life, about the inner workings of humans. It was a masterpiece in that. The rest of the show, seven more seasons… I doubt it, judging from the two episodes I watched to help me glean a sense of what is coming down the pike… every single action shown is designed to hook you, to hold you, to want to come back.

Irrelevant, mundane, inane, entertainment.

Now, why is this important to talk about?


Because you are hooked. Like an addict. In fact: you are an addict.

And until you get unhooked, what is running your life is the addiction, not you.

  • Some of you are addicted to “good times”
  • Some of you are addicted to your ideas, and getting more of the same. Feels like learning, feels like growing, but it is an addition.
  • Some of you are addicted to drama.
  • Some of you are addicted to the chase of some method to make money…
  • Some of you are addicted to talking…
  • And some of you are addicted to sex, to alcohol, to drugs.


In my early years in the United States, I lived in a rooming house: great place to meet people who don’t really belong.

I met a Polish guy, teeth knocked out, but he held a steady job.

I spent time with him, he had a car. A clunker, but a car nevertheless. It was with him I saw a tad more of the East Coast than just my room, the bus, and the office.

He explained to me that when he drank he suddenly spoke perfect English.

Fast forward 15 years… my doctor friend also drank. And took notes of his brilliant ideas when he was drunk. I can tell you his ideas didn’t make any sense, or they were as mundane as sliced bread.

Why am I sharing this? Because some of you drink to feel brilliant. But you are like my friends I am talking about. Being attracted, no, hooked on the feeling of being brilliant.

For the past few days my connection to Source was blocked. It was so blocked, I could not find what blocked it, and where it was. I suspected it was an attachment, but could not find it.

It was horrible.

This morning I found it, pulled it, and now I am connected again.

Have I been deprived from ‘my drug of choice’, being connected to Source?

It seems that until and unless your addiction is eased, I cannot get my work done with you.

Your addiction is robbing you of your personal power. You have an escape route… and you escape what you need to see, what you need to feel, what you need to come to terms with.

Nothing wrong with any of it… But being riddled with addiction uses your Life Force to anchor you in the horizontal dimension.

You cannot grow unless the pain of staying where you are is big enough. But the addiction blunts, numbs the pain.

So you live your life in a semi-dulled, semi state… and your life amounts to nothing.

The amount of light is limited by the amount of room there is in your cup… but addiction fills it almost to the brim.

Not much light can be reaching you.

And that is the real price you pay.

Now, with that said: do I have a remedy for addiction?

dancing-baby-gifSurprisingly, the capacity to step out of your circle of horizontal elements, ego, body, mind, intellect, emotions, even the soul (gasp) into the position of the Observer, helps you to see and come to terms with what is running, what is using your life.

The capacity is called Detached.

It is easy to keep alive, and it is easy to mess up. I’ll send you instructions what to do, and expect you to keep me posted, at least once a day, for three days, so I can make corrections for you.

When you get it, you have three days to work it so it starts setting some roots.

If you lose it, you have to pay me to activate it again.

Is it worth it? You tell me.

Without it you stay, 24/7 and forever in your mediocre, mundane life with nothing to look forward to.

Buy the capacity outright

Buy it with a live session where we can discuss what is possible once you have your life back.


  1. In hindsight, visiting Mindvalley’s Christie Marie Sheldon page is what severed my connection to Source. As you may or may not know, attachments can be embedded in a webpage, in an audion, in a video. And then when you connect to the page, then it jumps on you.

    This particular attachment seems to also have a beacon, much like Mr. T’s beacon, that marks you and allows the Dark Energy to find you.

    This is why I am having such a hard time to get rid of this: the moment I connect to Source, I am revealed, and the attachment jumps on me. The beacon attached on the top of the head, and the attachment is in the throat, mimicking greed.

    Greed makes it impossible to enter the vertical… and it seems, even the sensation of greed does the same.

    I noticed that I have been having this dry cough for days, but didn’t identify it as an attachment until this morning. I pulled it… and pulled it, from every organ in my body. Last night I lied awake in my bed for hours: my stomach hurt that bad. Now I know what it was. Darn Christie!

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