Being in your head… being out of your head… choose one

  1. voices go silentI don’t do well with people who are intense. I am not sure why, but my physiology gets all tense, resistant, and I just want to go away, or watch a movie, or go to bed.All those sensations are in the horizontal aspect of me. We could call it “my head”, even though the feelings are in my body. But it’s shorter and more popular to say “I am in my head” than to say: I am pulled into my horizontal, lower self. Right?
  2. I used to live in my head. I didn’t notice until there was something happening outside of my head. I only noticed that I was missing it.too_much_condo_data_960x540I was missing togetherness. Intimacy. Feeling a touch. Mostly the sexual aspect of it. I went through the motions, while I really wasn’t there.I went to dances and wasn’t present. I didn’t even see my dance partner’s face, or if I did, I saw it through the haze of my thoughts.I had only one way to go to sleep: to knock myself out with circular breathing that actually made me faint. Otherwise I would be up and in my head all night.
  3. I talk to people, and I can feel that they are not there. There is no echo. Where are they? In their head… thinking about what I said… I guess.

    Everything I said was not heard… and then they are surprised that they paid for something they didn’t get.
  4. I like to watch movies on Netflix. Why? Because I can stop the video and spend the time I need to reflect. I stop the video every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I only need to breathe… but more often than not I need to digest.I watch people watching TV or video and they are just cramming.
  5. I am supposed to do something. Something that is good for me, and suddenly I am resisting. I want to eat, go shopping, talk on the phone.I don’t quite hear what the mind is saying… I am only aware of the resistance.

OK, these were five typical ways I know you can be in your head. These were my examples.

All of these ways take you out of life, out of your life, make you miserable, disconnected, unfulfilled, alone, and unsuccessful.

So what can you do about it?

Simple: get out of your head… lol.

So simple to say, near impossible to do.

52d24db82368e8a5b865c83a202bde28I remember we used to do “slip out of your mind” webinars. One person of 40 was able to do it.

Why? Because getting out of the mind is a being, and it is made possible by a DNA capacity, I call detached.

DNA capacities don’t actually have names. I make up the names by what I see they can facilitate.

When the capacity is turned on, slipping out of the mind is 100 times easier, but not automatic. And often not easy.

trapped-in-your-head_0When I can move as much as a millimeter outside of the mind, I am home free. I can see the storm in the teacup from the outside of it. It can be the storm of the century… it is as if I were watching it on the computer screen. I am not in the middle of it. I may feel the fear, the nausea, hear the wind blowing… the water splashing… but it is now not happening to me. I am the observer. And the observer can do a lot of things a participant can’t do.

I can turn off the monitor. I can go to the bathroom and breathe a little bit.

get-out-of-your-headSame when I am in a conversation that pushes my buttons. I can, in an instant, step out of my head and into cool… suddenly whatever the other person is saying is not personal. I can see that they are working really hard on pushing the buttons, but I am no longer there.

I really feel untouchable. And untouched. Powerful. Free to do anything because I didn’t get hooked.

Now, there is more to this capacity than this, but if I can deliver this, through activating the capacity for you, and helping you to practice it: would it worth your while for getting back your life?

I would think so. What do you think?

I watch my traffic… I watch what people want.

They come looking for gurus. They want what the gurus offer.

Shhh_xlarge.jpegAnd even if the gurus taught something worth learning (they don’t but that’s another story altogether) you need to empty your mind, get out of your mind, and do whatever you need to do for the learning to have any benefit for you.

Yes, you heard it right.

What everyone assumes is that you can hear them. That you are with it. That you will do what they ask you to do.

But this is true maybe 1% of the time. Because in order to learn anything new, you need to step out of your head…

So here is your opportunity… Will you grab it?

The Get unstuck by “getting out of your mind” workshop is the answer to your prayers…

For the first time in history you can get the Detached capacity, the capacity to get out of the mind and you can practice and get coaching… in the Get out of your mind workshop.

Get the Detached workshop… finally get out of your head
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