The Detached capacity: Gateway to heaven

gateway-to-heavenThe Detached capacity is the gateway to heaven… and also the gatekeeper to heaven. All ways to heaven, to higher functioning, to human beingness lead through this capacity…

It’s very interesting: whenever I start a new course, or a workshop, suddenly everyone gets quiet.

They are waiting for the other shoe to drop. What shoe? lol… so see if it works… holding their breath.

Anyway, the workshop started this morning, and I enjoyed it. Even I learned a lot…

If you are in the workshop: I would appreciate a little bit of public feedback.

The first session (of the Detached capacity workshop) was enjoyable. I never expect that: my whole base attitude is pessimistic. I prepare for horror, and I am always pleasantly surprised.

tied-to-a-stickThe first session was 90 minutes: subsequent sessions will, I am sure, be longer. Why? Because we will need to find, and we will need to confront all the ways you are tied to the hell of your current existence…

The workshop is full, and I closed registration yesterday. I cannot take more live participants: there is a lot of 1-on-1 work… But, I think, a lot of people would benefit from watching the videos, doing the exercises, so I am thinking of offering it to the people who would want the results, but didn’t want to live webinar version.

Here is what is included:

Activation of the Detached capacity
and All 8 sessions, recorded, that you can watch and follow online. Will it work? It is really up to you. I activate the capacity for you, check and re-activate it for you if you happen to drop it… during the four weeks of the workshop. No voice calls are included, but you can email me… and I’ll answer.

Price: $97.

The Detached capacity is the gatekeeper for the vertical dimension.

No higher capacities can work, no vibration can be higher until this capacity is fully activated.

Fully activated, meaning: you are able to spend time outside of the horizontal, and spend time in the vertical, not just minutes, but hours.
Your ego-hold, your worldview’s hold on you gets manageable, and you can live your life not from the ego, not from the victim, not from the feeble, stupid, slow, unworthy… or whatever you invented when you first created your identity.

This is a full transformational workshop:

the goal is that by the end you become a fully fledged human being, poised to grow, poised to expand, a free person.

Get the recorded workshop plus the DNA activation session ($25.00 by itself)

Get your Detached Workshop and the capacity activation ($25 by itself)

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “The Detached capacity: Gateway to heaven”

  1. Since yesterday’s workshop I practice repeatedly and I notice that I’m catching ‘being in mind instances’ much more frequently than ever before – especially when doing some trivial things (cooking, chores…). After saying ‘step back’ I even feel immediately as if a kind of tiny current moves down and there is a hardly sensible shift as if someone pushed me slightly.
    In addition, I’m more efficient in doing various stuff – so many things got done in just one day with no delay.

  2. Sophie, thanks for the guidance, after the workshop, I am able to distinguish dwelling in horizontal, I recognize the strong reaction I had with my dramas, step back, drop and pull out in the middle of it. This alone is priceless.

  3. Well, yes… but I skip immediately to the matching one – cannot go one by one

  4. Hi Sophie,
    Had quite a time with the colour exercise yesterday every colour I chose, I kept naming. Very frustrating !! better today, not as much mind chatter. easier to step aside of the drama.

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