You are not learning. What does the culture teach you, tell you, so that you end up not learning?

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iceberg of your identity: the hidden dimensionsThis is a great question, if you have curiosity the capacity turned on. This is an even greater question for you if you have been trying to learn, by signing up to my programs, or buying a capacity from me, and you are failing.

Here is the statement I paid more than 20 thousand dollars for, taken an airplane some 20 times, slept in a hotel 20 times, and got nothing else from the courses and programs I paid for…

But this sentence is worth the 20 grands it cost me to get it.

Here is the magic sentence: “When something isn’t working… there is something you don’t know.”

The sentence is brilliant… and yet it won’t work for 99% of the people…

Why? Because to the 99% doesn’t even suspect that what they know is hidden from their view. And probably hidden for most everyone’s view.

What they don’t know belongs to the world of the invisible… the world of the “beyond” dimension, the world of the vertical dimension.

One of the prime examples is the area of learning.

When you want to learn something, you read a book, watch videos, go to lectures, listen to someone.

Result: you didn’t learn. So it’s not working… Working would mean that you learned what you intended to learn.

But you didn’t… which means: there is something you don’t know.

But what? What don’t you know?

Many course leaders try to put in a missing piece, by saying: without action, lots of actions, there is not learning… even if you hear it… there is still something missing.

Actually, lots of things are missing. All invisible to you.

Many are visible to me: this is why I can coach you.

What are some of the invisible things that you could look for, find out, and have what isn’t working, start working…

  1. Your attitude
  2. The context (the why) inside which you are attempting to do or learn something
  3. Who you are for you?
  4. Your world view about what is possible for you or your kind
  5. What are the filters that skew what you hear, or block what you hear… so there is no learning. What did you miss?
  6. and plenty more

Are you stuck with any of these? Probably. Do you have to be stuck? No.

Attitude_2-1But until you learn to identify the kind of stuff that is hidden from your view, so you can look for it and find it, you will be stuck.

  • Is it instant? That question just revealed an attitude… can you see that?
  • Is it easy? Hell, that is another attitude…
  • Can someone else do it for you? Did you hear the attitude?

Until you learn to catch attitude… the rest can wait. Your life can wait. Because you will be stuck with not a glimpse of the invisible realm… you will continue looking for the missing piece where there is light… the ordinary world.

So, what is it that you need to do?

attitudesYou need to start inquiring about your and others’ attitudes. Check with me: at this point you probably can’t trust yourself.

Get good at it, get accurate at it, get deep with it.

Once you are done… will come the rest of the list of invisibles.

This is the fastest and best ways I know to climb the Tree of Life, to raise your vibration, raise your consciousness.

Is this an assignment or a practice? It’s a practice. And you are supposed to do, for maximum effectiveness, while you are doing other things. Not as a separate time, assigned for this practice.

When you do that… there is nothing to look at: you just separated yourself from that which you want to inquire into.

Your mind is already busy… occupy it with something useful. With the question: what is the attitude here?

And I repeat: check with me to check your accuracy.

Do it at least 20 times a day.

Your attitude will reveal itself also in the reaction to this request… Make that your first.

And here is the great video that inspired this whole article.

PS: What is attitude? What is an attitude?

In my native tongue, the word translates to “your relationship with that which is in front of you, with what you are dealing, inside or outside”

So attitude is the unsaid part of our relationship to things, to people, to group, to assignments, to ourselves.

You can have a “I know it already” attitude. You can have an “I am more/better than you” attitude. You can have an “There is something wrong with me” attitude. You can have a “Why can’t I get it right?” attitude.

You could have an “I am afraid I will go broke” attitude. You could have an “I’ll never amount to anything” attitude. You could have an “I can’t” attitude.

As you see, attitude is not one word, it is mostly a sentence.

One word is a label, and you, at this level, want to avoid labeling… Just try to dig out, feel out, guess the sentence.

Stay in touch, especially if you are a student of mine. Please.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “You are not learning. What does the culture teach you, tell you, so that you end up not learning?”

  1. This article came at a perfect time for me. I’ve been having very strong reactions to people and tasks at work this week and have been practicing the “Step back.” exercise fervently.

    Asking what my attitude sounds like it will help me interrupt this cycle.

    When it comes to my boss my attitude is “Why can’t I get it right?”

    With my co-workers the attitude is, “Why can’t you get it right?”

    Hmmmm…. there’s a theme.

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