Knowledge, Strategy, Execution… which one is missing?

I spent most of the afternoon watching videos. Among others, I watched this guy, Tai Lopez. I ended up buying his entry level course. 1

I already learned enough to start getting glimpses of what I haven’t seen before, that is missing for me to accomplish more in life.

He is a guy who went from no skills, no knowledge, seven capacities, 20 years ago, and grew it to 20 capacities, lots of knowledge, and multi millions of dollars.

What attracted me to him is his Ted talk where he talks about reading a book a day.

So I followed him to his site, where he had a long video sharing his three principles, and that’s when I had my aha moment.

He teaches that the three things you need for success, any type of success, are knowledge, strategy, and execution through immersion.

You remember, the question I am dealing with is that most of the people who I try to help, don’t get helped.

Every time something is not working, there is something you are not seeing.

What I wasn’t seeing is that among all the people I teach there is only one person who is a learner.

One. The rest of you are skimmers, pick and choose, but have no reason to learn anything. Deeply, profoundly, for its own sake. Or for any sake.

The one person, the learner is an interesting case study: during the Christmas holidays, just like most people, he lost a bunch of capacities.

I spoke with him this morning. He got them all back. No help from me. Just through doing, generating the business he intends to build, to leave the corporate world and be his own boss.

He is in Reclaim. He has unlimited email access to me, but he gets a ton of work and pondering done, and then when he has something to show, he contacts me for a second opinion.

Very different from all my other students.

Now, what is it that is really going on? What is so different about him?

I teach that doing comes from seeing. He sees the world differently, and have always seen it differently.

In the beginning of our coaching relationship, I made him write the seven success stories from What color is your parachute, to make sure he works with the skills he has and enjoys using.

One of his stories was how he, as a teenager, enrolled in the gym, and went from chubby to lean and mean. He didn’t have to.

He did a lot of reading, and created a strategy: the strategy was to use activity to drop the weight. Simple strategy. He executed, and he lost the weight.

But he also had his first experience that he can. Knowledge, strategy, execution.

He wrote seven stories, all of the same vein. He came to me with 30 capacities active. He was born with seven capacities, and added 23 through those activities, the seven stories.

Then through my work, he added another 11 capacities.

He is working on setting up a feng-shui business, and he is in the knowledge phase.

Now, when you look at yourself… if this is what it takes to be successful at anything, if this is what it takes to grow capacities and keep them, do you see the difference between you and him?

This Tai Lopez: he reads books.

What’s the difference between books and articles, or youtube videos, or teleseminars, webinars?

The difference is enormous.

I know people. Most articles, most webinars, most videos, most teleseminars are rehashed information. Second-third-fourth hand information. Most of the article writers have no more than Tree of Knowledge idea about any of the things they talk about.

So when they get to you, they are useless, and 90% misinformation.

I am not saying that books don’t have misinformation, especially kindle books, the kind people put together in a weekend.

But printed books go through extensive information gathering, and are a better tool to teach something that might be useful.

The same time you spend to satisfy idle curiosity, gossipy curiosity in yourself, could be spent to actually build some knowledge about an are that you’d like to make a difference in.

You see, without knowledge, without strategy, without execution, you are condemned to just spin your wheels, pretend that you are up to something, but move as much as the mouse running on the wheel… 2

But here is the thing: what is underneath his learning, and my student’s learning, and my learning, are some attitudes, some higher ways of being.

I do not believe that you can teach attitude.

Being cannot be taught. You can learn it, but it’s not taught.

More than the teaching, your desire to learn it is what matters.

And before it can happen, I believe, something or someone has to turn on that being.

Being is encoded in DNA capacities.

Even if I turn it on for you, if you are not there to learn how to use it, if you are not applying yourself, if you don’t have the knowledge, the strategy and the execution, the capacity will die.

Is it hard to do that work?

Not for me.

But as long as you spend your life with the mundane stuff, the worthless, insignificant, irrelevant stuff, you’ll never have time and energy to learn, strategize, and execute.

And my heart is breaking for you.

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  1. Click to read Tai Lopez vibrational review
  2. Learning is the price you pay for growing. There is no growing when there is no learning. What does this mean? When you don’t do the work of learning about the space you intend to move into, humility, generosity, detached, etc. there won’t be any staying power to a new stage, because you don’t know, literally don’t know where you have moved. You have to do the learning… And tell me the truth: other than what I told you, you have found out nothing about any of it, have you?

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