I got knocked conscious, I got knocked aware, and it hurts what I saw

I got knocked conscious by the 67 stepsWhen people start working with me, the first thing they learn is that they are not as “good” as they thought. That who they are being is directly responsible for the quality of their lives, not circumstances, not “the other”.

Must sting.

I also have people who only want to chat, and leave the call unscathed… unchanged, and I grieve for them.


Because the first step to getting anywhere in life is to get, exactly, precisely, where you are at.

Without delusion. Without regrets. With sober eyes.

So, today I had a lot of my own medicine: session #3 of the 67 steps: I found out where I stand with Humility.

Now, you have heard me talk about humility, explain humility, activate the capacity of humility. I have also told you that my soul correction centers around humility.

What you haven’t known, because I had no way to measure it, how I score on humility myself.

I score, self-assessment, a three on a scale of 1-10. Now, if you were me, you probably would have scored you a seven, but you would be measuring yourself with a different yard stick…

That stings. But finally, after having asked the questions tens of times, before I bought program after program, “why am I not making more money?” I got my answer. Not pretty… The same answer also answered the questions I didn’t even think to ask: why am I not healthier? why don’t I love my life?

I am humbled. But happy.

Why am I happy? Because finally I have something to work on! One thing. The linchpin. The cornerstone. Humility.

And as I am saying this, I see something really important: Although I am unique in being able to activate capacities, spiritual capacities, the intangibles, like humility, I am not so great at creating measures that point you to activities that keep the capacity on after I activate it. That expands the capacity.

As you can see by my own example, having a capacity open and functional is like a door. An open door.

But if you don’t walk through that door, then nothing much will happen.

I have walked through the door 30%… that is not quite through… lol.

But after listening to the third session in the 67 steps, Tai opened my eyes.

I am thinking that instead of having to learn how to create measures and exercises, I could just use these 67 steps as your lesson…

Of course I don’t even have access to more than the first three at this point… but if you are my student, do yourself a favor and get the program for yourself. I do make $47 when you do, thank you very much, but I am not recommending it for that money.

success trains, failure complainsI think when you invest your own money into your own growth, instead of wanting it for free from me, you get better results. Why? Because you are putting your money where your mouth is.

I will think of some reward I can give you, if you do. Any suggestions?

If you can’t afford the $67 the 67 steps cost, get them when you can.

And commit to actually doing the steps.

I know, your track record is that you get busy with life, with mundane stuff, stuff that seems necessary, or is entertaining, and you only take care of yourself, of your growth, of what really matters, when someone yells at you.

This will be the challenge for most of you.

And some of you will say “yes, yes” like you do when I talk to you. You don’t take notes, and you probably will lose it.

And again some of you will multi-task, and miss the whole darn thing. You won’t do the homework, and your life will stay the same.

This one session on humility, again, is worth the price for the course. And definitely worth the pain you’ll feel when you find out that what’s been in your way of having the life you want, is arrogance.

Now, that hurts.

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