How can you get to do what you most love to do for a living?

do-for-work-what-you-love-to-doI had today, being Sunday, my Sunday call, the one I’ve had for 9 years now.

We’ve spoken about a lot of things. One of them will be of special relevance to you.

That is, why people want to change.

It all came out of both of us watching the first few sessions of the 67 steps, excellent, by the way. But what’s most interesting is that what he is getting out of it, and what I am getting out of those sessions, the 67 steps, are so different: it is hard to believe that we are talking about the same program.

The biggest issue the program brings up is deserving. And I think that is the biggest issue, the biggest missing issue for almost anyone I know, except professional marketers.

Professional marketers know that unless what they provide is perceived as a bigger value than the value of the money it cost, then people buy and they are happy with their purchase. And if the value turns out to be less: they ask for a refund.

That is how the real world works. That is how nature’s work, even if you don’t call it a law.

Creating value is not easy: you have to work for it. You need knowledge, intangibles, you need to know what people want, you need to know what people value.

the-edge-hunter-s-thompson-quoteMy favorite activity is connected to the purpose of my life: “living on the edge, generating distinctions of transformation for humankind.”

In ordinary language, I like experimenting, I like putting myself in situations where the normally not visible things are driven up to be visible.

I, on the other hand, don’t like to do anything twice… unless the second time is still an experiment.

When you are like this, the chances that you’ll make a lot of money is between zero and nothing.

And, because this is something I am willing to do 24/7, I am willing to be satisfied with that not much money… as long as I can live on it.

On the other hand, because of the power energy used the right way can have in people being able to attain what they otherwise can’t attain, meaning, for example, the intangibles, the spiritual capacities, I can see myself partnering up with people who have tons of products, tons of followers, and develop a way to turn on capacities for a group of people… if they are all dealing with the same challenges.

Now, I came up with my purpose 24 years ago. I created most of what I’ve created from that purpose. That has been the context of my life… doing what I love to do, and make a living with it.

For other people, seeing what context they could have to what they are already doing, or what they want to do, is not so easy.

My friend loves the excitement of gambling. That is what he loves to do. But what he does for a living isn’t even similar…

Unless he can fall in love with all kinds of “gambling” activities, not just what is literally a zero sum game, he is going to have a life that is lacking a context that makes weekdays and weekends and holidays wonderful.

I am fortunate, because I worked my ass off to deserve creating a purpose for myself.

Deserving is a lot of work. You come to life with no skills, no abilities, no value that you can offer.

And it takes a lot of work to create values, abilities, skills, to be deserving of what you want.

Learning how to live from a context, how to bring a context to life, how to design a context is not easy, and you can almost say: you can’t teach it. It’s the result of intangibles, and insight, and courage…

If You Dont Live On The Edge You Will NeverI realized that I only want to do what I like to do: discovery… but when I ask people what they want to do, they don’t know.

They haven’t deserved to see it. And no matter how much I want to help, the deserving has to come from them.

When you get something that you haven’t deserved, you’ll lose it, forget it, destroy it.

And that’s the bad news.

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