Unhappiness is Doing things, being busy, trying, vs. accomplishment and fulfillment

busy but not fulfilledRemember, when something isn’t working, there is something you don’t know.

If your life feels empty in spite of all that’s in it, then you need to look at it and examine it. There is something, a piece of knowledge, is missing… and you are paying the price.

Another saying that really talks to me: the size of your life can be measured with the size of your projects.

But the most important thing is this: you can be doing things, 24/7, but unless what you are doing is hard, challenging, needing you to apply yourself, it is not fulfilling, it doesn’t feel like accomplishment.

Read the footnotes… if you haven’t been reading them, you now know why you are not getting anything out of my posts… 1

The reason people like doing sports is because they can be measuring themselves against something that is bigger than what’s comfortable.

People who watch sports live vicariously through them… but if you look, the fans’ lives are empty. You need to measure yourself against something bigger than what’s comfortable, like watching others play sports.

Simple, hardworking people are happier than you.

Why? Because at the end of the day, they used their body to exhaustion. Or their brains…

flowThe more tired you are at the end of the day, from effort, the happier you are. The more you needed to apply yourself, the harder it was, the happier you are.

I can hear you there saying… “oh, ok, then I’ll take on something difficult: becoming a millionaire. I am making 40-50K now, working 80 hours plus a week, 10 months out of 12. But it’s a big project, so I will feel happy, fulfilled, and I won’t have a happy, meaningless life.”

Hell no. What you are saying is like saying: “I haven’t lifted any weights, maybe ever, but I am going to measure myself against a 300 pound weight… let me drive to the gym.”

opportunity-is-dressed-in-overallsYou have faulty thinking.

What is challenging for you, at this point, is to cause your income to grow it from what YOU do now, not the economy, by 20 percent. Using the weight lifting example: what is challenging for you is to do 20 repetitions a day each weight lifting exercise with a 15 pound weight… Maybe even a 5lb weight! Challenging but possible.

Remember, in nature there are no jumps. You need to build up to everything.

Not just in physical and mental strengths… in everything.

If you haven’t been reading… Reading a book a week will be a challenge that will be near impossible. I don’t mean reading one book… I mean reading a book a week… every week, rain or shine. 52 books a year. You need to build up to it. To find a time of day, to make it a habit, to increase your comprehension so you’ll enjoy your reading… Schedule cogitation, contemplation in your day about what you read.

If you haven’t been courageous: turning life around by summoning courage twice a day when you feel the fear coming on… that will be a challenge that if you do, your life will never be the same, but also you’ll feel like a million bucks.

You need to know what challenge you are prepared to take on, and follow the steps (remember the law of process?)

  1. gain knowledge. read books. watch youtube instruction videos. take a course.
  2. strategize… based on what you read, based on what you learned.
  3. and then… only then: execute. Meaning DO IT.

I am finding, that you, the person who follows my teachings, you are weak in all three areas.

You may read, but you don’t think. You may think, but don’t read.

Or you read stuff that is too short, too presumptuous to be deep enough to be called knowledge… like articles, even this one.

The knowledge part is the foundation. You mess it up: you’ll never accomplish anything worth a damn.

The second part, strategizing is just as crucial.

This is where you will be using all the mental faculties and capacities you have gained in your schooling.

trading-on-paperFormal logic, mathematics, physics, geometry.

You missed it in school because it didn’t look important? Well, now it is.

What will be the use now?

Strategy is going through a lot of “what if… then” scenarios, on paper, so you don’t pursue something pie in the sky, that you don’t have the knowledge, don’t have the tools, don’t have the agility for.

Without strategy you are like a hiker who goes on a hike in the mountains of Colorado without a map, without a compass, without enough food and water and cold weather clothing. Dead in the water. Clueless, unprepared, dead.

And then, finally, when you can see, mentally, that you can do it, then start doing it. Step by step, following the strategy you set out for yourself.

Every teacher I have ever listened to (except Tai Lopez) harps on execution. But what they fail to mention is that

  1. the knowledge they give you is not sufficient for you to take action
  2. the strategy they give you is not sufficient for you to take action
  3. when you try to take action, it is clear that something is missing. In the worst case you think it’s you… but it’s not you, it’s the knowledge and the strategy… and sometimes you… your skill level, your intellectual and intangible capacities, your comprehension are not a match to the program.

How do I know?

Because I myself just woke up to the fact that all the stuff I have bought, maybe ever, didn’t really allow me to take action, because the strategy wasn’t there, the knowledge wasn’t there.

90-day-wealth-conditioningA notable exception is the Millionaire Mind Intensive, that leaves you with the 90-day wealth conditioning program.

It was something I could follow, execute, while my awareness, knowledge, strategy revealed themselves in the process.

Unfortunately I fell off the wagon, and have never been able to climb back again.

I am thinking of creating my own 90-day become a human being conditioning program… a program that would condition you to be able to really benefit from what I have to give you.

At this point, given how frustrated I am, that would be a good way to redirect my frustration. And a project that I can first research (knowledge) and ponder (strategy), and execute.

And then it would create, automatically the next project: Sell it to you, the idea that you can do something seemingly insignificant every day, but at the end of 90 days you’ll be looking at your life, and your experience of your life and of yourself is so changed that you don’t recognize it.

The immense benefit of a 90 day conditioning program is the steps are so tiny, the ego doesn’t get all huffy puffy about it.

It is a lot like why the frogs in the pot don’t jump out when the water gets too hot. The increase of the temperature of the pot is so gradual, the frogs don’t notice it. There is no sense of threat.

That is, by the way, the art of dealing with ego… treating the ego like you treat the frogs. Gradual increase.

So, what should you do while you are waiting for me to create the 90-day program?

Get into Tai Lopez 67 steps program. It is a dollar a day, and it will open your eyes.

Why do you need your eyes open? Because you have been sleepwalking, delusional, and duped by other teachers.

The 67 steps program is like a detox. It attacks one delusion a day. It hurts like any good detox program is supposed to hurt.

By the time you are through, I’ll be ready with your 90-day conditioning program.

Just beware: unless you bought the 67 steps, I won’t give it to you.

So save your receipt, you’ll need to forward it to me. If you lost it: then send me your username and password on the 67step site, so I can check that you have it.

OK. That should be your project… incredibly synergistic with whatever you are doing with me.

  • If you are in the Detached program (Gateway to Heaven)… perfect.
  • If you are just using my recorded stuff… programs, activators… synergistic to the max.

OK, now go and get the 67 steps, or just the step for today.

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  1. Quotes from a British Psychological Society survey: “Hard work is satisfying, but only if it suits you.”

    “The work has to use a person’s strengths otherwise it can be demoralising.”

    and another one:

    Can happiness be cultivated?

    This question was addressed by Gretchen Rubin who tried to increase her happiness over the course of a year by setting herself specific goals that covered, among other areas, marriage, work, leisure, parenthood, friendship, money and so on.

    Rubin approached the problem with the method, research and precision of an artful academic and in the end, she argues she really did make herself happier.

    Of course, Rubin’s approach is hardly everyone’s cup of tea.

    Whatever your means of achieving happiness, I do think unhappiness in all its various forms lurks around every corner, hiding out, waiting for us to fall into its ever-open jaws. In short, unhappiness doesn’t take much effort at all.

    Happiness, meanwhile, is hard work. Any happy person could tell you that

    And finally here is a TED talk of a fellow Hungarian. You probably are going to be like you are everywhere: get bored, distracted, but the lesson will be missed. Because what he is saying is important… and is directly related to this article.

    OK, here you go

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