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More and more people want to work with me… so I have decided to start doing live evaluation calls to see if you are a good match to what I am teaching: raising your vibration. I am doing this because 99.99% of the people who visit my site are not teachable.

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Sophie Benshitta Maven aka Empath SophieI am having growing pains…

I may not be the only one growing… the traffic from search engines is growing on the site. And the result is that people who have no business to be on my site, who don’t have what it takes, are sending me money, some even throwing money at me.

It’s hard to say no to money… and I am having, as a result, for the first time since I started this business, refunds. Refunds either initiated by me or by new buyers, but refunds nevertheless.

I had, on the other hand, a good learning experience today.

One new person booked a 15 minute call with me, and in 15 minutes it became clear to me that I can’t help this person: we are not a good match.

So I have decided that I should offer 15 minute calls to evaluate with people if they are a good match for what I have to offer or not.

I wish I had started this five years ago.

By the way, I know that some teachers offer a free strategy session which is really a sales call. This is not that…

From my particular point of view, the purpose of this call is to decide if you’d benefit from working from me. Because ultimately you don’t want to pay for something that will not produce results for you, however enjoyable you think it is, and I don’t want to live a life where whatever I do, the seeds I plant don’t bring flowering.

So am I going to exclude 99.99% of all people? I will exclude them from working with me? yes.

They will be able to continue buying my recorded courses, my remedies, my activators.

And you can send me a donation to check your vibration… your soulcorrection, whether you have attachments or not, and to tell you how many of the 160 possible capacities you have.

But I won’t turn on capacities without the evaluation session. And I won’t accept you to my coaching programs or my live courses without the evaluation session.

If you are interested in the evaluation session, you’ll need to be prepared to “sell” me on the idea to teach you. You can’t sell me? You have no good reason? You probably should not book a session then. Wait until you have a good enough reason.

It’s a bright idea to find out everything you can, about your vibration, your soulcorrection, your attachments, and how many capacities you have to work with.

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