Where are the answers? Within or without?

I already know, I don't have to lookI spend time observing visitors’ behavior on my site. I wonder why they want to learn to connect to Source… I wonder why they want to know their vibration. I wonder why they come at all…

Finally, today, at least one of those questions got answered in one of Tai Lopez‘ emails… I’ll publish it here, and then I’ll comment.

He asks:

Are the answers within you?

The other day I was reading one of the greatest books of all time: The Analects by Confucius 1

One line in Book 15 stuck out, “I once did not eat all day and did not sleep all night in order to think, but there was no benefit. It would have been better to study.”

It reminded me of a lie so many of us have bought into – that all the answers are “inside of us.”

Confucius says that’s a bunch of B.S.

The answers are not within us. They are OUTSIDE of us – they are external.

You can’t just close your eyes and meditate and somehow magically have the answers to life’s hard problems pop into your head.

There are a whole bunch of dumb books and magazines telling you about ‘the truth within.’ It sounds great. Too bad it’s simply not true.

Warren Buffett says, “we all learn from mistakes. But it’s better to learn from somebody else’s mistakes.”

A few years ago, a friend of mine met a girl and married her in like a month. I asked him if he thought that was a wise idea. He told me that he had sat in silence and meditated and he received a clear answer from the Universe that this was the girl to marry. 2

A few months later I was hanging out with him again and I asked, “Hey where is your wife?” He told me that he was divorcing her because he had now gotten new ‘clarity’ from ‘within’ that she was no longer the right girl for him.

Kind of hilarious, I know. But I can’t laugh. We have all made stupid mistakes when we thought we were following our gut. 3

Meditation might be good for lowering your blood pressure and relaxing, but for finding the answers to life it’s a pretty poor way according to Confucius.

Look, I don’t care how you measure success.

If you are spiritual, maybe you consider Martin Luther King, JR. or Gandhi successful.

Or if you’re an artist you consider Picasso or Mozart successful.

Or if you like money you consider Sam Walton or Bill Gates successful.

Or if you like sports you consider Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan successful…

Guess what? Every one of those people got there BY STUDYING other people and external principles.

Picasso spent his whole life studying, so did Sam Walton, Gandhi, and Tiger Woods.

Michael Jordan had coaches. He didn’t meditate to learn how to shoot a basketball.

Stay Strong,

P.S. It’s very cocky to go through life or business and say you’re just going to learn it your own. It’s always better to learn from people who’ve gone ahead of you. 4

I agree. What I see is people want to connect to Source for two reasons:

1. They think it is some entity and they want to submit requests for health, wealth, happiness…
2. They want to spare the work and the effort to learn anything, to read and understand, to test, anything. They just want answers… just like Tai says.

Now, why do I connect to Source, and why did I spend years to teach connecting?

When you connect to Source, you are really connecting to you. Simple, ordinary meditation connects you to your ego. When you connect to Source, you manage to connect to something outside of your ego… so you can grow.

Remember, ego’s (the genes”) job is to keep you being the same… but you want to grow.

I connect to Source, mainly for two reasons:

1. I want to connect to all of it, so I can muscle test. Vibrational measure, truth value, and such.
2. I can only generate specific energies while I am connected to Source on the third level… challenging even to me.

What IS Source? I don’t know. And as long as what I am getting is working for me, I won’t care.

I read every day, I grow in leaps and bounds every day. I observe people every day.

As long as learning and growing doesn’t get limited by my connection to Source, I’ll connect to Source.

Why do YOU want to connect to Source? Can you answer in the comments section? I promise to hear you.


  1. That is Tai speaking. Me, Sophie, haven’t read anything by Confucious, and probably would not understand it if I have… Confucious is the intellectual type, not the kinesthetic, like myself.
  2. The ridiculous thing is that many people think they are connecting to the Universe, while they are only connecting to the periphery of their being, or their genes.
  3. In certain questions the gut is quite reliable. But counter to popular idea, your gut will say yes with feeling which, to you, sounds like no. How does it work? You are going to go along easy with what keeps you the same, or shrink. But what makes you grow, will give you agita… and that is your yes.
  4. This reminds me of a conversation I had this past Friday. I had a private call with a woman who said she was an enlightened master. I have no idea what that is… honest.

    Anyway, when I asked what she did for a living she said that she wasn’t earning a living.
    What did you do for a living before?
    She said that she was a transformational coach. Just from her own head… she didn’t learn it anywhere.

    I learned transformation, and one of the hardest things to learn is to change what somebody sees… ultimately, transformation means: you see something different… and then you act different. Because all your actions follow what you see.

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  1. I want to connect to Source to raise my vibrational level, to enhance my beingness, and to open my awareness and aid my growth.

    When I do connect, I just feel good. I feel that unconditional love, and I leave some of my mind chatter behind.

    When I connect, I feel as though I am receiving an energy supplement, a tonic, another kind of harmonizer. I ask for certain energies or qualities or capacities to be downloaded into me, or for me to tune into them. I’m not really sure how it all works.

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