Why can’t you get from A to Z? Why does it look hopeless?

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fall in love with the grind

Personal note: I have been in this transformation game for 31 year now. I never understood why “the human condition” was the way it was, why it was “hopeless”. I didn’t know about the selfish gene… I was completely ignorant, like most transformational teachers. Ignorant.

A little knowledge is dangerous in the hand of someone who only missed that little knowledge… me. I am now confident that with this new knowledge I can guide you to winning in life.

If you are here, then I guess everything is not going as well as you’d like it to.

If you are here, then I guess you’ve read hundreds of articles to help you regain the happiness you once had, or the gain the happiness you see others are having.

Maybe you’ve attended one courses, workshops, retreats, and yet… you are, if you want to tell the truth, almost exactly where you were before you embarked on this spirituality thing. Or below.

You have read about machine, and doom, and dominant belief, and had your attachments pulled, and had some capacities turned on… And you find that the machine is running amok, putting you in your place.

If the truth is that you are a survival vehicle for your genes, whatever they are, then your freedom, your peace of mind, your success will depend largely, maybe even totally, how well you can play in tight places, how well you can experience freedom when liberty is limited.

You see, we’ve been told that we can do anything we put our minds to… but it’s only true for some people… almost never for us.

You see, we’ve been told that if we can just think positive, turn our faces to the light, then the shadows will disappear. But what you don’t see, what you are not aware of, will eat your lunch… In your case your peace of mind, your results, your health, your money, your happiness.

I am working, intentionally, with people from a very wide range of backgrounds, because this is a new type of learning: it is learning to win when all the conditions set to “no go”.

The world is not your oyster, your opportunities are endless, but your results are limited.

You are hindered, hampered, blocked, reprimanded by your genes.

Only the individuals that can play well under the tyranny of genes that can win in this life.

quote-getting-from-point-a-to-point-z-can-be-daunting-unless-you-remember-that-you-don-t-have-sheryl-sandberg-80-86-17If I ever wondered why Tai Lopez is winning, and he is, yesterday’s episode was a real eye opener. 2

He teaches how to work with the desires, inclination, skills you have, but work in a way that you use them in a larger game than people normally do.

I know it didn’t mean anything, that sentence, and I apologize.

You know my work around context, around backdrop, and you know that I consider it the most important work a person can do… and yet no one is ever getting it.

ralph-cooper-quote-increasingly-niche-cruises-are-becoming-more-populaContext is what you can see when you expand your cone of vision to see the big picture, and you in it. Expand it in time, expand it in space, so the connections, the causality is clearly visible.

If you have your head up your ass… meaning you live in your thoughts and emotions, you can’t do it. You have to come out of your “self” and your particular point of view about what you want, what you wish… and look at life, your life, and you in it from the outside.

I tell you, it takes me about 10 seconds, or two sentences you speak, to see your life. I can see your attitude to yourself, to life… and I often don’t have to see more to know if you are going to be willing to live well inside the maze your genes have set up for you.

But, between you and me, the only people that can live a winning life, who can see that the survival game the genes have set up for you has big holes in it, if you don’t step on the mines, if you don’t trip wires.

But you think you can do anything, anytime, and you step on mines, and you trip wires.

I tell you, it takes a lot of managing yourself, and the skills it takes to win.

But, alas, none of these are available from inside your mind, from inside your imagination, from inside your avoiding, pretentious nature.


mazeSo you keep on doing the same thing… and suffer.

Without an intimate knowledge of your “machine”, the land mines and the tripwires, you’ll never safely use your machine to actually win in life.

The tragedy of humanity is that people, individuals, that have what it takes to win WITH the machine, are not the ones that put billions of their genes into the gene pool.

No, the gene pool is 99.99999% genes that can’t play well, can’t win inside the machine, 4-7 intangible capacities active, good for reproduction and feeding themselves… that is it.

Chances are that you are part of that 99.99999%.

How do you go from reproduction machine to winning machine? Winning as in enjoying life, creating, fulfilling an innate need to make a difference, leave your mark?

This is a good question, and I’d love to talk about it… but there is no one to listen.

You see, evolution, the idea, is for people who are on the verge.

Wallace D. Wattles said only a few true statements, and this is the most important of them: start where you are. And now I’ll paraphrase: grow your knowledge, grow your skills, grow your attention, grow your awareness where you are, without changing the circumstances. Become too big for your circumstances.

That is when you will get an answer from me on how to evolve to the next level.

Circle-hard-mazepcyril-connolly-quote-life-is-a-maze-in-which-we-take-the-wrong-turnUntil then: I am unwilling to entertain your question, because what you will do with it disgusts me: you’ll drag it in your mind and you’ll imagine yourself winning without having to do any work, without learning anything.

And you can see that your first obstacle is learning. You don’t know how to learn worth a damn. You don’t know how to learn in a way that it makes a difference.

In the best case you are like a library that no one uses. The wisdom of the ages is dead for you… Your head may be full, but I would not know it from your actions: the actions of an ignorant person.

Nobody home.

My articles have no echo. Not even dread… lol.

But if you were willing to train yourself to learn, like wax on wax off trained the little boy to protect himself with karate moves, then maybe, down the line, you’ll become someone who echoes what I say, because you’ll know.

PS: I talked about falling in love with the grind in my last course. Because unless you do, you are stuck in A-jump-to-A mode.

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