One big thinking mistake you’ve kept from early childhood, that is holding you back in life

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magic-trick-pulling-rabbit-out-of-top-hatWhen you were a little kid, the whole world looked quite magical. Food appeared out of nothing, people did big things, cakes, birthday gifts, all kinds of big things came out of nothing.

The child thinks that this is the nature of reality: big things from nothing.

No wonder the magical thinking modalities, like manifestation and “law of attraction” are so popular: most of you never changed your world view: you still think that the nature of reality is to jump from one state to the other, create something from nothing…

This was also the secret of Sai Baba, whose whole fame and fortune came from his ability to do sleight of hand magic tricks. Millions fell for it.

But this is not how it happens in nature.

Actually change in nature is based on microscopic changes… 90% of them in the invisible domain, below the earth, inside the cells, where you can’t see it, can’t track it.

above ground-below groundCancer, by the time it can be diagnosed as cancer, has been growing for tens of years.

And Bill Gates never took a day off till he was 37… worked 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week.

As you know I started to do the 67 steps about three weeks ago.

The structure of the program is like this: there is a “lecture” every day. The lecture is 25-65 minute long. Then there are 1-4 questions that ask you to look at your own life, and see what is what. It is related to the concept or distinction that was discussed.

There are 67 daily videos, but the program is designed to be continued, cycling through the 67 steps, for 18 months.

In the first round, most of what happens is that you get an infusion of concepts, that look at reality differently than how you look at reality.

So pretty much the first time around your awareness increases, what you see and can tell from other things increases, and you probably won’t do much… but if you are advanced, you’ll do some things slightly differently.

You may start to read… you may not.

The first 67 days is the Playground phase of your growth: all growth happens below the water level.

I haven’t done even the first 67 days, so I can’t tell, but if you commit to 18 months, by the end of the 18 months you’ll be a millionaire in the making, in the area of life that you choose, maybe even all areas.

The big problem is your magical thinking, your impatience, and your faulty thinking of what is worth doing and what isn’t.

It’s not dramatic enough. It’s not titillating enough. There is nothing to brag about. You don’t trust what happens below the water level, so you give up.

I recommend that you don’t. If you do, you can be sure that you will never amount to anything.

How can I be so sure? Because unless you give life a chance, life won’t give you a chance. That is how life is fair.


If you do the process for 18 months, is it guaranteed that you’ll amount to someone worth a damn?

Of course it cannot be guaranteed, because no one can tell what exactly you’ll do. But it can be guaranteed that you’ll life will take a turn to the better.

You’ll activate capacities you need to grow, and you’ll keep them on.

And the more capacities you have the higher you can go. That is guaranteed.

So, what do I have to offer?

I already have a platform that can make the difference between winning or remaining the same. It’s the Reclaim program: a forum where you talk to me and I answer back. All in writing. It saves time, and makes the program affordable.

If you have purchased the 67 steps and you are not in Reclaim, I’ll set up a payment plan for you, where I gift you four weeks of the program, ($40) as a bonus.

How will you get it?

  1. Buy the 67 step program through this link –>
  2. You’ll need to email me the receipt number from Clickbank, the payment processor.The email receipt came from and here is an example subject line:

    CLKBANK Receipt for Order #NPYR4GE6: Unlock Your Hip Flexors

    #NPYR4GE6 was the receipt number or order number.

  3. Once I receive that number, I check it against my records, and if it’s a match, I’ll send you a registration link to Reclaim, where you get the first four weeks for a penny… that’s some paypal rule I cannot broach…In addition to now including the 67 steps in Reclaim, I am going to add a monthly question and answer call… For issues that are best dealt with through talking.I will pick a time that works for everyone, or at least most people.I cannot offer you anything more valuable. I promise.

If you are already in Reclaim, I’ll find a way to reward you for your loyalty.

Email me with suggestions.

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