The path to anything you want leads through 90% blockage elimination and 10% addition

If you are able to catch the point, have the power of distilling essence… aka called distinguishing, you have seen in all my work, and all of Tai Lopez’s 69 steps, that every single session, every single article, every single video is about stuff you do, be, see, believe, think, feel, that keep you stuck.

So, in essence, all spiritual work, and all transformational work is getting you unstuck.

And all fake programs, all fake gurus are about getting you stuck… filling your head with useless crap.

One of my students sent me a laundry (long) list of what she should do…

It was her 67-steps answers… answer to one of the steps… I don’t know what number.

It is not possible to do 100 things, especially in the thick of life. When you are in a hurry, upset, troubled, etc.

But it is possible to remember one or maybe two things you shouldn’t do in that same situation.

In her case arguing and resisting is what she can remove, because it is what keeps her stuck.

I do a one-liner answer to all the questions… and out of the 1-4 questions, one grabs me… like did today. The questions asking where I have been black and white. In my business, health, happiness, social life…

I saw one thing that I’ll do something about: I have been black and white about physical activity. I haven’t been able to see that there is anything I can do… So I will keep that in front of me via a sticky note: “What physical activity can I enjoy?” or even better question: What physical activity could be part of what I HAVE TO do… part of my work? It’s not likely that I’ll enjoy going out of my way to do something, anything… that is not part of my work.

In my younger years I used to be quite physical, but for the past 10-15 years pain has stopped me. It’s inherited. My father, same pain, walked his dog every day. He got the dog just for that.

I once babysat a dog for a friend. It was both wonderful and horrible. On my way to return her back to her owner, I had to walk seven miles… because the darn dog “made me” drop his muzzle to the river… and so we could not take a bus. I didn’t have a car… It’s a funny and tragic story… I am not ready to repeat it.

removing blockages from your pathThe Effortless Abundance report has been downloaded almost a thousand times. No one seems to have noticed that the whole report is about removing the obstacles from the flow of abundance. All mental, all behavioral, all yours.

No one.

Or if they heard it, they thought it was a one-time event.

Removing obstacles is (Knowledge-strategy-action as usual)

  1. recognizing (knowledge)
  2. strategizing (looking and experimenting with ways to keep the obstacle at bay, like your tendency to want to jump)
  3. have a sparse set of actions that you have ready and in front of you.

For me, a few examples: read every night in bed for at least 30 minutes, don’t buy stuff you are not supposed to eat, other than maybe a small snack. Don’t give out my phone number. Don’t answer phone calls unless it is my family, or obviously a cancellation call. Get to bed by 9 pm, get up before the sun gets up… simple, clear, and just a few. And here is a new one: Don’t buy anything unless it has a return of all investment within a month.

If you look at my list, you’ll see that the simple actions “hide” 5-10 harmful actions each.

Some of the habits I need to watch so I can override them:

  • Generalization
  • Jumping into conclusion
  • Thinking that I have the answer
  • Listening for confirmation

As I am reading the Selfish Gene, a book Tai recommended, I am at a part about the selfish meme… Meme is a thoughtform… like an utterance, a rule, a prohibition. A generalization.

The ten commandments are ten utterances, ten memes. The Bible is full of memes. The internet is full of memes.

Memes act like genes: they want their own survival against the survival of any other competing gene… in the memes’ case competing meme.

One widespread meme is: hate and kill everyone who is not like you. It is still alive and well. It’s been the motivator for hate crimes, discrimination, wars.

It’s a persistent mime.

But mimes are not your best friends. 92% of all mimes are against you and against humanity.

  • Some confuse you.
  • Some mislead you.
  • Some make you hate yourself
  • Some make you hate life, work, your family.
  • etc. the list is long. The damage is… well, you see your life… that is the result.

One of the obstacles you need to wage war against is memes.

By withdrawing from the clueless public, including most of your family.
If you can’t withdraw, then develop an internal truth, that is undisputed and yours… and ignore everything else.

People spouting these mimes are political minded, and would rather see you enslaved, unhappy, unbalanced, and idle.

Resist the resentment, the hate, the anger.

They are unconscious… Consciousness would never allow them to say those things.


PS: If you haven’t read my generous offer in my previous article, please read it now.

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