67-step coaching… I am already loving it

baby-steps I am getting feedback that the 67 steps program sounds like a get rich quick scheme. It is nothing of the kind. It’s not even about money! It is a deep spiritual inquiry and an education. The education you didn’t get from your parents, the education you didn’t get from school, and definitely not from living. In the right hand it’s like the magic wand… 67 times waved to get to a higher vibration, a higher awareness, a higher consciousness… on your way out of your unfulfilling life…

I am offering four weeks of free coaching to people who buy the 67 steps program through my link. Why am I doing this? Because the 67 steps program is a great way to have direction in the coaching. Otherwise the coaching devolves to complaining and advising… not my favorite kind of coaching. Also the 67 steps drives up stuff I would not be able to detect otherwise. So it is the best deal for me, and the best deal for you.

I have started to coach the 67 steps.

One person active, a few signed up but not active yet… so far, but I have already seen something worth talking about.

I’ve known this client for a few years now. He has made great strides, but has reached a plateau.

In his answers to the 67 steps questions was all cut from the same cloth: all ideas of how to fix something obvious.

Remember that most things that keep you back, keep you anchored, are below the water level. Not visible. Not obvious.

Potentially upsetting, like my funeral test experience. But what is upsetting is the source of the biggest breakthrough. In my case, I saw that I have set up my life the way I have set up my life, and it works for me.

The funeral test is the test from the world… I am happy to have found yet another way I am an outsider and an outlier. I don’t want to participate with a world that considers electing Donald Trump for president, for example. 1

So the questions in the 67 step program are not questions to force you yet another set of daily promises that you won’t keep. Promises that even if you kept them would not make a difference.

Creating daily promises, on the top of the awareness issues, is what you have been doing all these years, unaware that the waters run deep, and you are not taking care of the real issues: you don’t manage them.

  1. So this is the first issue: attending to the irrelevant, unimportant, surface stuff. Busy, feverish activity about nothing important.
  2. The second issue is this: you have been promising to do those things for ages, and you are now adding other promises that you won’t keep. You can’t keep. They are too many.
  3. Your integrity is more and more out, your relationship between you and you is getting damaged, and instead of helping yourself, you are putting yourself in miseryWithout integrity nothing works.

I am at step 26, and I haven’t made one single promise yet.

baby-steps1-300x266I am allowing awareness, consciousness to penetrate depths they haven’t penetrated, and leave to them to do the work.

The winners of this world differ in one major thing from the rest of the world: their level of awareness.

But notice where you went when I told you this… you looked around and checked if you are aware… but that is NOT what I am talking about.

You may be 100% aware of the things that don’t make a difference, and you live a life full of misery.

Awareness is not a mosquito… a butterfly… a dragonfly. It goes deep, and it goes slow.

My funeral test step and how it has healed long buried pain

My funeral test example is a good one. I watched that video three-four days ago. Awareness was alerted to something to explore. I was lead, by awareness, to mother’s death, to needing people, to being disappointed, deceived, deserted, to the pain of having people who are not there… I was lead to the depths, to the invisible, to the beyond. So I can deal with it… not awareness. Awareness just sees. YOU have to deal with what awareness sees.

I dealt with it with grieving, crying, and then seeing CLEARLY that I have chosen and still choose solitude. An environment to do my work. Nothing to be sad about…

Once the sadness is gone, what is left is joy and happiness. Choice. Power.

I had another benefit as well. Someone who says she is my friend, screamed at me. For a long time. From the top of her lungs. It tore up old wounds. Old wounds that weren’t properly healed. Like broken bones that weren’t properly set.

So now I can set them to heal properly.

What is different now from when I got the wounds is that I see that the screaming, the anger belongs to the person: it is their hell, has nothing to do with me. I just triggered it… it is their unhealed wounds.

Now I can relate to screaming, anger directed at me, differently.

Am I completely healed? We’ll see when the next person screams… in another two years or so.

This also gave me an opportunity to appreciate what some students have to go through to learn from me, to be coached by me. And see that my job, that their job is to get to a place where they can watch the screamer, past or present, in their life, with detached compassion, instead of fear or dread.

If you are reading this: you know who you are…

And with that, I got another unexpected benefit. It’s been upsetting me that these people, these students, are upset when I am harsh with them.

But I realized that I could see myself in them, see the unhealed wounds, and help them heal it.

And then another benefit: see that when I am upset by a fictional character’s behavior in a movie or Netflix series, I see there, or I COULD see there a wound in ME that hasn’t healed… and get intensely curious, send awareness on a hunt for the exact wound that hasn’t healed.

I don’t watch “shows” as entertainment. I watch them for three reasons:

  1. to see how they do/find things… how they find clues, how they never jump into conclusion: they teach me
  2. to see different human behavior that I would not be able to see in my daily life
  3. to get clearer and clearer about what I stand for, what I stand against, who I am.

Know yourself, deeply, intimately, compassionately… that is one of my goals.

Because if you are a human, you, yourself, are a mystery to yourself… I don’t remember who said it, so let me find the quote:

The Three Great Mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to himself

Just as you have to take the fish out of water for it to see the water… you have to take a person out of themselves to see themselves.

Awareness, consciousness is outside… Outside of what you consider YOU. So it can see clearly.

Once you get awareness working with you, once you allow it to guide your glance, look through “its eyes”… you start to see what is below the water level of your being, and attend to it.

Not fix… attend. Not fixable…

I know, you hoped that there is an energy, a course, a spell, a pill that could fix it all.

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  1. Finally Americans are getting what mobocracy can get them: a horrible man with a vibration of 100, but the skills of a Bill Gates, killing off with skilled smearing anyone who stands his way. Shyster. Dangerous.

    I must say you deserve it.

    I don’t like Hillary, I don’t like Democrats, but if Trump gets elected, I am sure his Hitlerian persona will turn against me and mine…

    How interesting how history repeats itself. Reliably, inexorably, unstoppably.

    Hitler Jr…

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