What you are doing now is not working. You deserve better…

you deserve what you haveWhat kind of deserving is in that title?

Systemic? Extrinsic? Intrinsic?

  1. Systemic would be: you are on my site, you are reading this, therefore you must be a good person… also deserving?
  2. Extrinsic would be: you have provided me with a lot of value, but what you are doing isn’t getting you the results, the rewards you deserve
  3. Intrinsic would be: you are a human… deserving a chance at a great life. Of course you need to earn it. Let me show you how to stop what you are doing and teach you a way that is going to work…

Of course I mean the third one. Intrinsically…

I don’t know you. But I know life… And I know that life is more unforgiving than I am.

Because, guess what, you have what you have deserved.

Don’t kill the messenger.

Now, if you want more, better, different than what you have, you need to deserve it. 1

The crucial elements of becoming deserving is to stop doing what renders you undeserving.

I know it hurts. You want to become deserving by just adding some nice actions… I know it’s true, because my students teach me how you think. Continue doing what you are doing by never ever ever ever talking about it.

I have had students who allowed it to slip, after months of being my student, that they drink, that they drug, that they are addicted to sex, self-indulgence, eating, hiding, lying, cheating, etc.

The first thing for me, as a coach, to do is to twist you little so the activity, thinking that renders you deserving-your-misery, comes out, becomes visible, so you can bring your conscious awareness to it.

So you can contemplate if you want to stop it.

karma-has-no-menu-you-get-served-what-you-deserveYou don’t have to. You can stay the way you are. I am ok with that. Are you?

The coaching medium I have is the Reclaim program. I am now using the 67 steps by Tai Lopez, to give structure to my coaching.

You watch a video or listen to an audio, and then you write your answers to the questions given by Tai.

Then it’s my job to catch you hiding something, catch you not going deep enough, catch you lying.

I’d prefer to be Tai… nice talk… lol.

But I am uniquely qualified to take the bad cop part and catch you in something, so you can deserve more.

Nothing nasty about me: I am like a surgeon who has to cause pain if she wants you to get well.

99% of getting well, becoming deserving, is cutting away what isn’t working. 99%.

All the things you plan to do to become deserving are rooted in what isn’t working. They will get you even less deserving.

So what are you supposed to do?

tumblr_mein0p6h5l1rmcvczo1_1280Well, instead of jumping to the fixing (all the actions you plan are fixing) hang out with the looking.

Even if you can’t see anything, keep on looking, like I do when I play freecell… waiting for the picture to emerge.

If you have ever been in a darkroom and have ever seen a photo develop in the developer solution… like that. Even polaroid is a good example… I hope you are not too young to know what I am talking about.

Nothing, to fuzzy, to sharp.

Without looking it will never happen.

Look. Get curious. Intensely curious… if you are willing.

My strength in life is that I am intensely curious. And if it comes coupled with scared: so be it.

Delusions are designed to be torn down, not protected.

Your life, as it is, is built on 99% delusion, lies, and untruth… even unreality.

You will not get much out of decorating it.

What you are hiding will depend, a lot, on your soul correction. Why? I have no idea. It is a practical tool developed over time by observing people. Just like horoscopes. Numerology.

Could be b.s. but it’s eerily accurate.

What is your soul correction? Want to know? I need your date of birth and a donation of five bucks or more…

let me measure your vibration

Oh, one more thing:

If you write well, if the words come easily to you, they it is going to take you longer to get accustomed to looking, instead of writing what you see that is easy to see, easy to say.

I manage to do that by not looking from the mind, not looking from the ego, but looking from the Observer position… It has taken me years to pull this off… it’s a long learning curve. It starts with learning centering…


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  1. What? The title says I am deserving!? Intrinsically, yes, but extrinsically, world value?

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