Why do I recommend Tai Lopez 67-step program? isn’t it all about money?

match-inside-outsideThe 67-step program isn’t about money. It’s about living the good life. Whatever that means to you.

If it is being financially free, rich, beautiful, famous, happy, fulfilled… whatever you are willing to work for, that you have a natural inclination, i.e. talent for, you can become.

I did another teacher’s, T. Harv Eker’s course, The Millionaire Mind Intensive twice.

For me the course had one sentence that was instructive: “It is not making the millions of dollars, it who you need to become to earn and have millions of dollars that matters.” 1

Harv subsequently effectively sold me courses, courses that cost me over 30 grands… courses that gave me nothing in addition to that one sentence.

This is important, because this is what I have in mind when I think about today’s spiritual teachers: they teach that doing will create beingness. Or speaking… or thinking…

What do I mean, and what don’t I mean?

I will use architecture… because I am an architect. It is easy to follow… easy to get.

If you considered building a building (a life), the first and most important part of building a building is the foundation (the beingness).

The foundation will give rise to the building. You can’t have a foundation for a factory and build a church, or you can’t have a foundation for a dog house and build a palace.

The foundation for the good life, whatever your concept of the good life is, is very specific. You can’t build a good life on a foundation of greed, envy, laziness, and unforgiveness. These are just examples of ways of being that won’t work.

You can fail yourself a thousand different way, but there is only one way to succeed: to build on a foundation (beingness) that is a good match to that success.

Just like T. Harv Eker said in the Millionaire Mind Intensive: having earned a million dollars is proof that it was built on the beingness of someone who can earn and have a million dollars.

Now, comes the most important of all: taking action steps won’t change the foundation. Same with having: having something won’t change the foundation.

So teachings, coachings, courses, gurus, that base their teaching on actions, or even having, will be unsuccessful, ineffective, they won’t help you build a life worth living..

Those courses, etc. won’t create a foundation for a good life.

And here is the second most important of all: It takes a long long time to build a foundation that will be suitable to build a good life on.

The first step is to get clear about, to really see what is there… already.

I am an architect, and I know that many buildings fail at this step: the developer skimps on survey, and the building won’t last.

Knowing what is there, and replacing it with a solid foundation is mandatory for a healthy building.

Never-Look-BackFor example: some of my students are unwilling to forgive their parents for the things the parents did when the students were little.

If you look at this as foundation: this, the festering anger, the desire to punish the parent, will make the foundation crumble, if you don’t remove it before you build the foundation.

For most people 67 days and 67 steps will be sufficient to clear the terrain. Get the survey ready, deep and wide, and thorough. No lies, no pretenses, just see what’s there.

The 67 steps were designed to be repeated every 67 days, for a total of 18 months.

Every time you get to the same step, you are a different person… and you’ll see different things to do, all in the process of building a life worth living, becoming the person who can have that life.

With that said: you can consider the 67 step program a life-building process, especially a beingness-building process.

Now, I must admit, that most people, without proper guidance will turn that program into an overwhelming process of doingness… and will never build a foundation.

And without the foundation the building will be based on what was already there: victim mentality, wishful thinking, laziness, and greed.

It’s really up to you to decide what you want to build.

But I can tell you that lives built on any of those mentalities will be the homes for misery… No ifs and buts about it.


PS: If you think that Tai Lopez is high vibration, I need to clear up that issue: it is not. His vibration is 170. It is lower than the minimum level for integrity or responsibility.

His knowledge is more suited for Trivial Pursuit than for life… but I don’t recommend him for HIS knowledge. I don’t even recommend his program for his mentors’ knowledge. I recommend his program because you can do it several times, and while you are doing it, you’ll be FORCED to visit areas of life you have been avoiding. It’s not what he teaches, it is what you see that will change your life.

Truth value of his teaching, including what he learned from his mentors: 30%

But the topics are good, the journeys are interesting, and people actually grow, with rare exceptions.


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  1. We could also say: It is not having a nice family, a nice house, a good job, a good education that matters… it is who you need to become to have that… Same about a business, about being an artist who makes money with their art, being a teacher who makes money with their teaching, a coach who akes money with their coaching, etc. etc. etc.

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