Why removing money blocks, negative beliefs and other stuff won’t help you

ineffective method: release money blocksWhy removing money blocks, negative beliefs and other stuff won’t help you

I get a lot of “hits” from people looking for Christie Marie Sheldon, or Natalie Ledwell… but they are not the only gurus who fatten themselves from your cluelessness.

Removing money blocks, negative beliefs and other stuff won’t help you, neither will fanning your desire… On the contrary.

I’ll explain: I will start with examples from my work.

Please know that the Universe is holographic, and principles are principles, because they works across seemingly disparate, different domains.

  1. Example one: I offer a service to remove energetic attachments.

    I won’t talk about my newfound genetic based explanation of what energetic attachments are… It’s enough to know for the purposes of this article, that energetic attachments are influencers: energies that influence you to do things, feel things, and those things don’t come from you, they come from an outside source.

    They limit you, enslave you, chain you.

    My experience of having an attachment is feeling suppressed, dark inside, headaches, and an intense desire to just hide or do nothing.

    After I pull the attachment, there is a jump in people’s vibration, but there is nothing more.

    They got freed from jail, but they do nothing with it.

  2. Example two: I offer a service to turn on intangible, spiritual capacities.

    There are 160 capacities. They range from being able to foresee the consequences of your action, to be humble and allow guidance, to trusting yourself.

    My general experience has been, with rare exceptions, that people were expecting those capacities to work without their involvement.

    The few people that took good advantage of the new capacities are people who were working on a project where they needed those to win.

So you see, neither removing something, like a blockage, nor adding a capacity won’t do much for you… unless


Garden variety shyster teachers talk about the importance of desire, but desire without the ability to create its fulfillment is a sure way to drive yourself deeper into misery.

The same teachers, energy healers, and such, are doing you a disservice.

Until you have something that you are working on, something that has a structure, a strategy, and a leg to stand on in reality, all your efforts of removing whatever you think you need to remove, or adding whatever you feel you need to add, are a waste of your resources, and a waste of your life.

It’a like having a tennis ball… you can’t play tennis without a partner. And a game. Having a tennis ball won’t get you a winning game.

Only setting up the “tennis court” or joining a game already in progress is your job.

You can’t continue sitting on your arse, or doing what you are doing, expecting different results.

You remind me of the guy in the joke: There was a big flood. One guy prays to god and asks to be saved.

A boat comes and offers to take him to safety. He refuses, saying that god will save him, he didn’t need the boat.

This happens three times… and then he drowns.

In heaven, or wherever this god lives, he complains: You didn’t come to save me.
And the god says: I sent you three boats to save you…

You want what you want without you having to do things differently. See you in heaven… Oh, you are in hell? Sorry… wrong number.

So for any energetic interference to work, you have to have a game, a strategy, the talent, the knowledge, the will, the intestinal fortitude… or it is wasted on you.

Don’t buy anything until you start creating a project… like I describe it in my last post

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