Empaths, psychics, healers: could you become one? Can it be handed to you?

193425c787911179faa234a5ae039caaIt’s very uncomfortable being an empath who “evaluates” others.

Any psychic, or seer, or empath, or whatever… even doctor, who isn’t uncomfortable is a shyster. After all you don’t know.

Knowing anything is arrogant. You see or feel what you see or feel, and you are ready to question it.

billy crystal as miracle maxMy favorite magical healer character is the character played by Billy Crystal, the character of Miracle Max in the cult movie, Princess Bride. I have the movie in my subscribers’ area.

They bring the dead Westley to him, he makes the miracle stuff, and then sends them on their way, mumbling under his breath that hopefully the stuff will work, but he had his doubts.

That is the right attitude.

We know so little even from what is knowable, that being certain of anything is arrogant.

I used to be a student to Robert Scheinfeld who created a series of programs and books that document this principle…

The only sentence that has stood the test of times is this: “From the limited perspective of the human mind…”

Not even a sentence. An attitude.

I have taken that. It was worth all the money I paid him over the years.

When I look what half-sentence I said will stand the test of times… I hope I haven’t said it yet. lol.

I can tell you this: a lot of the blank spots on the canvas I am painting are getting filled in by having read the book “The Selfish Gene”.

Am I going to tell you how? Not until I am seeing clearer.

Every great discovery starts with a very fuzzy hunch… this hunch is about how can an evil person put an attachment on me (or you). Physics don’t explain it, until we look at phenotypes… extended phenotypes, I first read about in Dawkins book.

This may also explain how I can feel what you feel… because given everything I know, I should not. But, it seems, that I do… And if I do, and it is accurate, then there are rules and phenomena in nature, on the level of genes, that can be known, and explained.

It always entertains me to hear that people want to become empaths, and psychics, and such…

Unless your genes are built that way, you can’t, you won’t… Same about becoming a healer.

Everyone wants to heal others, no one bothers healing themselves.

Why? because it looks like an easy way to make a living… you wave your magic wand and voila, the other is healed… kaching.

People are slothful. Mentally, but in my experience, how you do anything is how you do everything.

A mentally slothful person won’t take the time to look at something he can’t see. But there are other areas… Sex. Are you slothful in sex: expecting to be given satisfaction, without your effort, or without you reciprocating it?

When you buy nuts: do you buy the nuts shelled or unshelled?

Do you prefer a snack that comes in a bag… the hard work is chewing… no work on your end?

Do you cook? from scratch?

How you do anything is how you do everything.

If you are slothful in your life, then you are slothful in your thinking: you just take what you read and consume it.

Thinking? Who has time for that?

If that is you… it is high time that you start shedding some of your slothful habits.

No one who is slothful can be happy, peaceful, fulfilled… and you said that is what you wanted, isn’t it?


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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