How do I do the 67 steps that my life is on an upswing?

confusedI watch, or better said, listen to the next 67-step when I have time, maybe even hours, to ponder. Commuting time, making dinner, doing the laundry are perfect times for that. Instead of what other people do, listen to music or some other crap, I ponder. Seriously. I limit the input onto my life to maximum two hours a day… and the input needs to be worth its weight in gold.

When I tried to answer the questions, when I started this program, immediately after the exposure to the lesson, I was pitiful, much like you all. Pitiful, shallow, narrow… I noticed it fast, and made the necessary changes.

Nowadays, before I start listening, I put the questions into my consciousness: they will be there, like seeds, that get watered and nourished by the lesson. Before I listen…

And, just like with seeds, the answers need time to germinate.

Confusion-resized-600If the question is really puzzling, like today’s lesson about people with inaccurate, delusional view of themselves, I probably try to teach it to someone… my way of doing that is writing an article.

But if it were a “social” day for me, I’d attempt to teach someone live… I’d start it by saying: I listened to a very puzzling audio today… and I am trying to puzzle it out… can you help?

People can’t often resist being considered smart… so they’ll say yes.

decision_comic1But all I want is to talk… but sometimes other people’s input is a great thing… so I am flexible. Even if what they say is not accurate, not true, not smart… it’s still a good input.

Now, from what I see, people in the 67-step coaching, want to do it like a homework. Something you do for me, or for the class, or because you said you would.

It is not a good approach, do it for yourself. To dig deep, to turn the soil, so the fertile layers come to the top where they give you more.

comicI am not impressed, it is not in my nature. And if I am, rarely, it is an expression of me thinking: I can’t make a difference with this person… because you walled yourself from my influence.

If that is what you wanted, prove that you are good, and that you don’t need me: that is what you get. It’s stupid, but hey… you choose your world, and you’ll live in it.

Head in the sand.

Do I enjoy coaching the 67 steps? With some people it is the most fun I have had in years.

With others… oh well, you can guess.

Today’s session was, for me, about delusional people. People who think they are better than they are. And people who think they are worse than they are.

They are the worst type of client. Why? Because they keep on pushing their agenda, and are unwilling to take any coaching.

There is a joke that says that this guy is given a tour of hell. In one room there are hundreds of beautiful women. He is puzzled why that is hell, until he finds out that those women don’t have reproductive organs.

Yeah, hell is when your contribution cannot be given because there is no “organ” to receive it.

That is what the delusional people lack. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of delusion they suffer from.

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