The secret sauce that makes you start having joy in your life

fox_and_hare, dinner or life?The fox and the hare tale: Why does a rabbit run faster than a fox?  Because while the fox is running for his dinner, the rabbit is running for his life.  All of life works the same way…

Keep this tale in mind as you read this article: are you running for your dinner, or are you running for your life?

I have noticed that take-away, as a manipulation technique, works exceptionally well on me.

Here is how the technique works: you show something, and you state that it is only available at this price or any price for a limited amount of time.

I find myself scrambling to get it…

Obviously I was taken in, because once I have it, I don’t want it. I was put in a hypnotic trance, and I acted under that influence.

I am fairly certain that nearly all humans are sensitive to scarcity or takeaway: the pain of loss is bigger than the joy of having something. Or better said: the genes are…

One area you may notice it (the fact that you don’t notice it, doesn’t mean it’s not there!) is how you value your life. Or a relationship.

When it’s there, in no danger of disappearing, of leaving you, you take it for granted, and you have little regard for it.

But the moment it seems that it’s in danger of leaving… you are like a mother hen…

When you choose what books to read, one I have read many times is Cialdini’s book: Influence. Disturbing and enlightening… like so many things in my programs, or in the 67 steps

I have been noticing that gradually, every morning, I am getting up happier to be alive, than the morning before.

I think it is because of doing the 67 steps program, I am taking my eyes out of my butt, and look at what the step asks me to look at.

And although it is always disturbing, and always enlightening, it also allows me to be filled with wonder, with wanderlust, with excitement. I even noticed that I am now walking: listening to the step while I am walking is double the pleasure.

I didn’t expect this result.

In the last session of the Detached workshop, several of my students, and myself set that up as “what they would like to have”, to live life with a kind of joy… joy of living?

I didn’t know I could have it. Everything was looking hopeless, my work, my health. And I didn’t know that I was living in a tunnel with no light at the end of it.

I didn’t know.

And you don’t know either.

fox_and_hare_by_tachy_on are you the fox or are you the hare?I think it is a normal result of living life, nose to the grindstone. Living life with a goal in mind… even if it is the goal of having joy to live.

One of the capacities that is the difference between a person who lives for a goal and a person who lives fully, is the capacity of opening up, at will, your cone of vision.

I didn’t realize that most people don’t have that capacity, until I successfully helped a student keep it on, after I turned it on for him.

The other thing I hadn’t realized is that the “Big picture” capacity and the “humility” capacity are intimately connected.

The opposite of both will make it easier to see what happens when you don’t have those capacities open.

Arrogance, the opposite of humility, insists that you already know it, be it, and don’t need it. No looking, no inquiry.

So we could safely say, that arrogance is a very narrow cone of vision of reality and self, that blocks out any need to change, to learn, to look.

Now, you see why the big picture capacity is needed to turn humility on.

The opposite of the big picture is a very narrow cone of vision of reality and self, that blocks out any need to change, to learn, to look, because you already know how the world is, how you are, how it is… and it’s not pretty.

To my surprise, both capacities stayed on without involving the mind, the intellect, or any other part but the physical eye.

You flash out the cone of vision a few times a day, and see what you see… It doesn’t even have to get conscious.

Many of the capacities are physical, like the big picture capacity.

I was born with it, but at some point I obviously turned it off. It is easier to read if you can narrow your cone of vision to very narrow. I still read with only one eye… Incidentally, the left eye. The one that is directly connected to the right side of the brain…

But what is easier for reading is not necessarily good for other life situations.

So, with big picture capacity turned off, I gradually became agoraphobic. Agoraphobia is a condition when everything that is outside of your narrow cone of vision, but is still visible, has no color. It is in black and white, regardless of the color of the things there.

Things that lose their color look frightening… and that is what they were for me… people, clothes racks in stores, trees, cars, drawing boards in the office.

I was living in hell.

I lived like that for almost 20 years… until I got lucky. A potential client turned the tables on me during a sales call, and instead of me selling him, he started to sell me on getting help.

I don’t know how he knew it, but he knew that I had a problem with how I used my eyes.

He sent me to this eye specialist in New Jersey, who “cured me” in six months, at great monetary expense to me.

He taught me to flash out my cone of vision…

It was easy for me, I had the capacity open once.

You may have that capacity completely turned off, because in no one in your recent ancestry had turned it on. It is a capacity in the genes: humanity would not have survived, as a species, without that capacity, but for most people, living in society, it became not as important as it is for someone living in nature.

But then again, if you don’t have it, your life is hellish. And joyless.

I would like to do an experiment with your help.

I’d like to test if turning on the capacity to see the big picture will automatically activate humility.

So, if you get the big picture capacity now and commit to practice the capacity (you’ll get the instructions once you pay),

  1. I will also turn on Humility for you
  2. I will get you on a webinar to answer all your questions for no charge.
  3. Moreover, I’ll activate both capacities again for you after four days, if for some reason you failed to activate it the first time around.

This is a very limited offer… I will withdraw it as soon as I have enough people to do the testing. Don’t miss out.

Here is the link to pay:

Get the Big Picture and the Humility capacities turned on

PS: I just had a 90-minute conversation where I completely explain how this works. That conversation goes way beyond what I say in this article… and has major insights I have never shared.

I am willing to give you access to this audio for a modest fee of $15… until I change my mind and remove it.



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