You get back what you put in

sow-reapDid you notice that I said what, and not how much?

Did you also notice, that you heard: how much?

Do you notice that people seem to say the things you already know?

But you never noticed that they say what they say, but you hear what you have already heard!

When I said: you get back what you put in, I meant: you plant a corn seed, you get a corn plant.

The things you plant are mostly your attitudes. The attitudes that hide just under your conscious level, the attitudes that you lie to yourself and anyone who questions you.

You hope they stay hidden… but they come out in the result.

The results that nearly never match what others seem to get, what the seller promised you, what you should get.

And often you work hard… so you put in a lot of energy and work… except, what you get is coming from the attitude, not from the work.

reap_sow_headerYour attitude is the seed that you plant. Your children know it. Your dog and cat know it. How come? It takes empathy for others to know your attitude. Children still have it, your dog and cat will never lose it.

I know it, because I am an empath.

You know your attitude… you just lie about it.

And you don’t know others’ attitude.

When you try to emulate someone whose results you covet… you don’t see their attitude, and their attitude produced that result. Of course there is work, behavior, time… but they don’t define the “what”…

A good coach attempts to change your attitude. Beware of coaches that deal with doing, time management, and such trifles.

Or gurus that teach you how to breathe… on the top of the attitude that keeps you unquiet, and unhappy.

They say: if you want to be happy at work, bring your happiness to work… but they never explain that what you saw is what you reap.

Also, the manifestation, law of attraction teachers and groupies talk a good talk, but do a shoddy job.


smNotTheDayButTheHarvestWhy? Because distinguishing the hidden attitude is not pleasant. Because revealing your pretenses will make you leave and find another teacher who will tell you that you are already god… yaay… no work to do.

People try to talk to the subconscious, but they are still operating on the top of the iceberg… because diving down to the depth where your results are determined is hard.

And, to boot, your “teachers” have no empathy… I mean the capacity to see clearly what is the attitude over where you are.

Empathy is one of the most useful capacities to have, because without empathy you are blind, deaf, and whoever is leading you is going to lead you astray.

I now have a few people with the soul correctionRemoving Hatred” in my circles.

They can’t decide who to trust, what to trust, so they oscillate between utter no trust and rose colored glasses “trust”… but all in all, they insist on doing things the same way, because they are afraid to be taken to the woods…

If they had the capacity for empathy, they would be able to see… they would no longer be blind and deaf.

Silent Partner, the soul correction is very similar, but their behavior is very different: they resist.

Forget Thyself has to see it for himself, and unless they do, they won’t do anything… and unless they are smart enough, they won’t see much. And they won’t do what it takes to grow either.

These are just three soul correction types, three out of 42, and you see that we have a challenge.

You live according to some evolutionary stable strategy. It is stable because you procreate and you survive.

But the replicators, your genes, don’t care if you are happy, fulfilled, or not.

You get no support from them.

When you start this work, when I offer to activate a capacity for you, you’ll need to summon all you got to counter the resistance of your genes. Your genes are threatened by this energetic change.

Your genes are happiest if nothing ever changes.

But you are more than just your genes… you are you, a person, with consciousness.

Which will result in unhappiness, forever, or you using your consciousness, to change into someone who brings their happiness to work… or to your relationship… or to growth.

Because you really reap what you sow.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “You get back what you put in”

  1. Regardless the challenge anyone faces in becoming complete, whole and happy, you are an amazing catalyst for change, and if we can’t get it with your guidance, we are likely lost. Why is there only one of you?

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