Do you have an integrated life or a bunch of things you do?

integrated-lifeOne step in the 67 step program is to look what area of life isn’t integrated into your life… At first I could not think of anything, but then I had an insight: I started to look at what doesn’t get done… and I saw that anything that is not integrated into my life… doesn’t get done… or if it is, it’s a chore, drudgery.

cleaning, throwing stuff away, etc.

Why? Because your life has a purpose, probably hidden from your view. And that is your life, the life you want. The life you consider life, living… And everything else is death…

So before you integrate anything into your life, you need to be clear what your life is about.

If it is about doing what you want when you want it, then you’ll end up with a few minutes a day, at best, or life, and everything else is drudgery.

If your life is about pleasure: maybe a few more minutes, but the rest of it is drudgery, death.

My life is about causing humanity’s evolution to human being level: my work. My life, luckily, includes sleep as well. And brushing my teeth. And buying grocery, eating, reading, going to the chiropractor.




It, at this point, doesn’t include house work, cleaning, laundry, the dishes, or any exercise. These show up as death, and I am not taking care of those… they have no appeal to me.

My job is to invent a way to integrate into my life, the life I choose to live, causing humanity’s evolution to human being level, integrate the parts that are now not integrated.

As I was pondering this, an old Werner Erhard story pushed itself into my consciousness.

Werner Erhard, the founder of the est training, the original source of Landmark Education’s teaching, lived on a house boat in Sausalito, California. He had a live-in butler who took care of this living.

At some point the butler got really upset because Werner, consistently, failed to replace the toothpaste cap on the tube. He yelled and carried on.

Werner asked if they could talk… OK, answered the butler grudgingly. After all what could a conversation resolve!?

So, Werner asked the butler: what are you building with putting the cap back on the tube for me?
I am not building anything! I am just cleaning up after you!
OK, said Werner. What are you building with that?
Oh, I guess, a clean bathroom… said the butler.
And what are you building with that? asked Werner
What am I building with that? hm… I guess a clean house… that is what I am building with that. answered the butler.
And what are you building with that? asked Werner
Well… I am doing it so you can come home to a clean house… said the butler.
And what are you building with that? asked Werner.
I am building that you can rest and keep your attention on your work.
And what are you building with that? asked Werner.
I am… I am building what you are building, I guess… I am building a world that works for everyone, with no one left out, said the butler and wept.

That is the ultimate integration process.

You know what you are building with your life, and then build it with every activity you do. Voila, an integrated life.

But be careful, that you build something worth building… OK?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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