Food Allergy versus food intolerance

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contact dermatitisI have been suffering from intense acid reflux for the past three weeks.

My chiropractor “adjusted” the esophageal sphincter now twice, but no improvement.

Then I recalled the Billionaire video by Joel Wallach… and my blood went cold.

What if it is “contact dermatitis” in my esophagus?

Dr. Wallach talks about the difference between food allergies and food intolerance.

I have distinguished that I have a food intolerance to sugar, especially fructose.
I have also read, in the blood type diet that I should not eat peanuts and chicken… but I never understood why.

I muscle tested and I have a food intolerance to peanuts and chicken.

Exactly three weeks ago I bought two big bags of frozen chicken parts, and have been baking a piece a day. And two weeks ago I bought a jar of peanut butter.


contactDermatitisPediatric_16988_lgWhat if this is really a contact dermatitis type of intolerance, and the food I am eating is creating skin upset inside my stomach and esophagus…

One of my worst fears is dermatitis becoming cancerous, which it often does.

I am giving away the chicken and throwing away the peanut butter… even though I don’t have anything else to eat instead: I am better of not eating than killing myself. For sure.

I don’t have pictures what it must look on the inside, but you can imagine… sickening.

What if all the blood type diet lists is what are the foods that cause contact dermatitis… inside?

What an idea?

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