Learning and growing through simulation

Computer-Games-as-a-Tool-for-Language-Education2Life is a lot like a Freecell game. 1

You make lots of decisions… which card to move, which card to leave alone.

In a very short time when you find yourself with no cards to move… it is mighty hard to retrace your steps. And even if you could, undoing the steps is near impossible… too many other people are involved.

It is easier to see the value of informed decisions when you look at your life through the analogy of the Freecell game.

Life doesn’t have the “undo” button to reset the game to start over. Even the “hitting bottom” moves are not true resets: you have already spent your time, energy, and spirit on a course of life that didn’t get you what you wanted: happiness, fulfillment, and vibrant health.

wrong-turnWhen you look, life offers you tens of choices a day. And when you look: you tend to always choose the easy, the predictable, and the wrong. I have been observing this myself.

So, what else is there… Stupid as the stupid does.

It’s interesting to watch: Forrest Gump tends to choose the hard, the impossible, and takes it to its fruition.

No mind? Something makes those choices for him, clearly not his mind!

When you are Forrest Gump, weak in the mind, consciousness has an unobstructed view of reality, the options, the outcomes. And when your EGO is not overpowering, then humility allows you to listen to Consciousness and follow its guidance.

The more in tune you are with your mind and with your ego, the harder it is to choose what consciousness suggests…

But what you listen to, which advisor, will bring dramatically different results, a dramatically different life.

At this point, if you EVER wanted a different life, your CHOICE would be to put a few new tools in your tool box… a few new capacities and habits.

Working with only what you already have: the outcome is already decided. Downhill spiral.

The tools I am offering are really capacities and habits. Nothing to learn, really… but new habits. With capacities that make it possible.

If I gave you access to all the teaching of how to move your eyes so that Consciousness gets access to everything it can see in a situation… and if you did it… and even if you did it correctly (not one person did it correctly at the time I checked) the capacity to see, and the capacity to allow consciousness unobstructed access to what you see… would not happen without those capacities.

Unless, of course, you are a retard, like Forrest Gump.

Why? Because your mind and your ego effectively block any benefit you would get from moving your eyes the right way.

And even if you bought the activation of those capacities: is your life giving you enough opportunities for consciousness to be able to see a lot of the world?

If your life is anything like the lives I observe, the answer is no.




Your current life does not give you enough opportunities for consciousness to start to see the world.

This is, by the way, why normal coaching doesn’t work.

Let’s see an example: you have a basketball coach. You are playing on a high school basketball team. You get exposed to players just like you: your are not stimulated to grow: you have no idea what it’s like to play with someone really good. And neither does your coach…

So, consciousness can only help you navigate the backwaters of your current life… but can’t help you in starting to play in the bigger league, play a bigger game.

The example I am giving, playing on a small local team, is not far fetched. All the people I have an opportunity to observe, choose their circle of friends from a pool of “who is stupider than them”…

The main question seems to be on people minds: How can I find enough people who look up to me for wisdom?

And of course, in that environment you won’t grow. No need. No opportunities.

Also no happiness. No way you can be happy knowing and maybe even loving someone who you don’t respect!

Respect is looking up… but you choose your people so you can look down!

So, I assert, living your normal life, you will not benefit from having these new capacities, and the habit of the eye movement.

You need something more stimulating. But not disruptive…

Astronauts, pilots are trained in simulators. They climb in, and the world is like as if they were really in a plane or a spaceship.

And then the real life situations are simulated. Read Stanislaw Lem Pirx series… priceless training. (I read those books in Hungarian, some 45 years ago. They are still vivid in my memory.)

The closest we can come to this, mere mortals, is going on retreats, and trainings, and join the military… but I said… the method has to be non-disruptive.

So we do it all mentally… through the coaching program I have, that uses a different video each day that forces you to look at some aspect of life, and asks you to answer some questions. Then I go and ask you to see the big picture…

Why do you still need me to tell you to look at the big picture?

Because, unfortunately, even after having the capacities activated, you’ll look through the mind, the narrow beam of the mind-flashlight, look at what you have always looked… That is what the mind does.

So my questions are designed to dislodge you from the mind… so you can allow consciousness to see stuff your mind isn’t interested in seeing.

We do this for months. Without forcing any choices, without forcing any action. I actually discourage actions.

You are better off waiting until you see more… through consciousness.

And then, at some point, the tiny actions you may take, through insight, start to converge your life on a path that is like a river… it goes, effortlessly to the ocean.

That is the methodology, that is the process, that is the goal.

A life of flow. Happiness, fulfillment, and health are just the byproducts.


  • You need to learn the eye movement
  • You need to have the capacities activated
  • You need to enroll in the coaching program with the one-a-day video.
  • You need to watch the video of the day and answer the questions in writing.
  • I redirect your attentions, in writing, and then you allow the redirection, and answer in writing.
  • Then, next day, you watch the video of that day…
  • You do this until you decide that ordinary life is what you want… and quit.
    of you do this until you are in the flow… 2

Your choice.
You or I can cancel any time.

Contact me for an evaluation if you are able to be accepted. Please don’t buy the capacities unless you are also willing to enroll in the coaching program.

If you are already in the coaching program, you can bypass the contact… and just get the activators.


  1. In an upcoming article I’ll share what it cost me to learn through life, instead of simulation. Quite an educational story… sad though… :-(
  2. total cost: about $600 a year until flow. Compare that to my hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent… to get to the same place… ugh.

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