Learning and growing through simulation, like doctors

We all live in a little box, and it seems that we are stuck here forever.

Life would work best if it were like a Freecell game: you lost the game? so what?! Or if it were like a University: learning to become a surgeon or a nurse.

Future surgeons don’t learn, don’t practice on live patients… they practice on dummies or on cadavers… They would certainly cause some damage while they learn otherwise.

But in ‘normal life’ the opportunities to practice without risk are few… so you are stuck in your little box. And if you make bold steps you can lose your whole life… the risk is overwhelmingly big.

In an upcoming article I’ll share what it cost me to learn through life, instead of simulation. Quite an educational story… sad though… 🙁

In Freecell you make lots of decisions…

which card to move, which card to leave alone. In what order to do things.

Both in Freecell and in real life, in a very short time when you find yourself with no cards to move… But in real life it is mighty hard to retrace your steps, and likely there is no ‘undo button’. Undoing the steps is near impossible…

It is easier to see the value of informed decisions when you look at your life through the analogy of the Freecell game.

Life doesn’t have the ‘undo’ button to reset the game to start over. Even the ‘hitting bottom’ moves are not true resets: you have already spent your time, energy, and spirit on a course of life that didn’t get you what you wanted: happiness, fulfillment, and vibrant health.

wrong-turnWhen you look, life offers you tens of choices a day.

And when you look: you tend to always choose

  • the easy,
  • the predictable,
  • and the wrong.

I have been observing this myself.

So, what else is new!? Stupid as the stupid does.

It’s interesting to watch: Forrest Gump tends to choose

  • the hard,
  • the impossible,

and takes what he chose to its fruition.

No mind? Something makes those choices for him, clearly not his mind!

When you are Forrest Gump, weak in the mind, consciousness has an unobstructed view of reality, the options, the outcomes.

And when your mind is not overpowering, then humility allows you to listen to Consciousness and follow its guidance.

The more you choose with your mind, the harder it is to choose what consciousness suggests…

But what you listen to, which advisor: the mind or consciousness, will bring dramatically different results, a dramatically different life.

At this point, if you wanted a different life, your CHOICE may be to put a few new tools in your tool box… that tips the balance towards consciousness: a few new capacities and habits.

Working with only what you already have: the outcome is pretty much already decided. You are on a downhill spiral. We all are… Me too.

The tools I am suggesting that you get are really capacities.

edu_simulation-centerCapacities allow you, help you learn and establish new habits. Without the capacities it is possible but much harder. With capacities it is still hard, but much more possible.

If a capacity gave you access to all the teaching of how to move your eyes so that Consciousness gets access to everything that it can see in a situation… and if you did it… then the chances that you surrender to the choice that Consciousness makes, instead of doing what you’ve always done: choose what the mind suggests.

It is still up to you: humanity’s design gives ‘right of way’ to free will.

Now, what if you could move your eyes, etc. correctly (not one person did it correctly at the time I checked), sadly without the Sight capacity to allow consciousness to access to what you see… and without the ‘allowing’ capacity you would not be able to side with consciousness: the mind would win.

Unless, of course, you don’t have a mind, like Forrest Gump.

Why? Because your mind would effectively block any benefit you would get from moving your eyes the right way. Even though you would allow Consciousness to see, you would still make your decisions with the mind.

So what is the mind really?

One analogy for the mind is a storage room with random stuff… all interpretations of something from the past. Yours or others’.

When there is a need to make a decision, choose a direction, the mind gives you something from the past, a story from the past, and then that’s it: you’ll do what you did or the opposite of what you did then.

Another analogy is the backdrop. The backdrop has only words… written with small or big letters. It is easier to see than the storage room that the words written with big bold letters, the big decisions you’d made about yourself and about the world make decisions most of the time.

So let’s look at you… (case study)

If you decided that the way to get ahead in life is to dream big. choose big things. buy things that you don’t know what to do with, and then abandon them. so everybody knows that you really really want the results, but you can’t. then everybody will feel sorry for you and help you out.

And then you’ll keep doing that, even though your Consciousness saw that you shouldn’t, that you should buy something that you can do, so you can be a person…

transform-your-training-with-simulations-january-2014-11-638And continuing with the ‘case-study’

Even if you bought the activation of some capacities: is your life as it is going to give you enough opportunities so 1. you can keep the capacity on, 2. that consciousness will be able to see a lot of choices?

If your life is anything like the lives I observe, like in the case-study: the answer is no.

If your life is the same old same old, no challenges, no ambition, no desire, no adventure, then no matter what Consciousness would see, YOU won’t do anything different, anything new, because your Free Will will block what consciousness suggests.

So unless you set yourself up for some challenge, where what consciousness sees is going to be important, then you 1. won’t keep the capacity active, 2. you’ll continue choosing with the mind.

Your current life, as it is, does not give you enough opportunities for consciousness to start to see the world and offer you good choices.

money-simulationThis is, by the way, why normal coaching doesn’t work.

Let’s see another example: You play on a high school basketball team. You get exposed to players just like you: your are not stimulated to grow: you have no idea what it’s like to play with someone really good. And neither does your coach…

So, consciousness can only help you navigate the backwaters-like life you have… but can’t help you in starting to play in the bigger league, play a bigger game.

The example I am giving, playing on a small local team, is not far fetched. All the people I have an opportunity to observe, choose their circle of friends from a pool of ‘who are worse than themselves’. Or criminals.

The main question seems to be on people minds: How can I find enough people who look up to me for wisdom?

And of course, in that environment you won’t grow. No need. No opportunities.

Also no happiness. No way you can be happy knowing and maybe even loving someone who you don’t respect!

Respect is looking up… but you choose your people so you can look down!

So, I assert, living your normal life, you will not benefit from having these new capacities, and the habit of the eye movement.

You need to set up something… like a game, like a new habit…

First you may need to be forceful.

Here are two examples of how I do it.

  1. I decided that I want to start stretching every morning. I kept on forgetting. I also didn’t feel like it. So I set up a condition: I won’t have my morning tea until I did my stretching.

It has taken me 40 days to establish the habit… so now I can drink even two cups of tea, and yet I don’t forget to stretch. Consciousness won’t forget to remind me.

2. I need to take a supplement hourly to battle a nasty problem. But left to my own devices (the mind) I forget. Same with drinking water, or going to the bathroom… I tend to forget those too. So allowing consciousness to inform me about those is wonderful too.

So I bought a timer that allows me to set an hour in three clicks. I have the timer in my pocket. When it goes off I just take my supplement and reset the timer.

This morning I noticed that I got up and go to the kitchen for my supplement just before the timer goes off… Consciousness learned that that is what I want to do.

It’s taken me also about 40 days…

These examples show how I make sure that my consciusness has a chance to run the ‘show’… not the mind.

I am working, so far unsuccessfully on a third challenge: offering stuff for sale on ebay… I am planning on moving soon, and I can’t take any stuff with me.

So I am going to set two alarms on my computer: one in the evening and one in the morning: at night to choose the next item and set it out, and in the morning to take pictures and post it on ebay, or if it is local, on craigslist.

I HAAAAATE doing it. The mind hates it. Puny stuff. I have to interact with stupid ebay and stupid people… But consciousness knows better: I’ll feel better when I unload the good stuff so it can have a life, instead of being thrown out when my landlord cleans my apartment after I move.

You also need things more stimulating than your current life gives you. More stimulating yet not disruptive…

Astronauts, pilots are trained in simulators. They climb in, and the world feels like as if they were really in a plane or a spaceship.

And then the real life situations are simulated. Read Stanislaw Lem Pirx series… priceless training. (I read those books in Hungarian, some 50 years ago. They are still vivid in my memory. They still inform my consciousness.)

The closest we can come to this, mere mortals, is going on retreats, and trainings, and join the military… but that is DISRUPTIVE. I’ve said… the method you choose has to be non-disruptive.

So some of this, the enlarging our world, we do mentally… through the 67 step coaching program I have. In that we use a different audio every day. The audios force you to look at some aspect of life that are not likely present in your current life… I know they weren’t when I did exactly this, every day, for two years. Food for consciousness.
Not surprisingly, without the Sight capacity, every single person thought that the audios are teaching audios, and they fed them into their minds… where it cannot make any, I repeat ANY difference.

When you want your consciousness to get the view… you need to relate to everything as a shower.

You just step into the shower, turn on the faucet, and get wet. No effort. No need to remember. There is no need to get clever. No need to learn anything. Just GET WET.
This is how consciousness works… all the efforts, all the learning push consciousness out of the way and puts the mind as the only important thing… to you.
Now, what if you don’t have time to listen to the audios? If you have no interest? But you have one or more of my programs, or maybe you are already in another program of mine?

Easy peasy… You start reviewing my programs as if they were designed for you to get wet.

This way what I teach doesn’t interface with the mind, doesn’t feed into the clutter of the mind, it goes directly to consciousness.
Can you do it? Yes you can. Especially if you have the Sight capacity turned on.
What if you had it turned on years ago? If it stayed on because you were using it at the time, then you have it. I have exactly one person who still has it… because she used it, for months, intensely, by doing collages.
And next to nothing in between… and yet it is still on…
But other than her: you will need to have the Sight capacity activated… again.
But make sure you have something to use it for. I have given you two ways above. The third is that student’s way: doing collages, elaborate collages on different themes… daily.
Either way, you need to give it at least an hour a day to show that you mean it. That you INTEND for it to stay on.
If you are in my ‘Find your Self’ or whatever I call the new program now, you get a 50% discount: email me for the coupon.

Why do you still need me to remind you to look at the big picture?

Because, unfortunately, even after having the capacities activated, you’ll look through the mind, the narrow beam of the mind-flashlight, look at what you have always seen, the backdrop… That is what the mind does.

So my questions are designed to dislodge you from the mind… so you can allow consciousness to see stuff your mind isn’t interested in seeing.

You do this for months. Without forcing any choices, without forcing any action. I will actually discourage actions that come from the mind.

You are better off waiting until you see more… through consciousness, and can trust that consciousness is telling you what to do.

And then, at some point, the tiny actions you may take, through insight, start to converge your life on a path that is like a river… it goes, effortlessly to the ocean.

That is the methodology, that is the process, that is the goal.

A life of flow. Happiness, fulfillment, and health are just the byproducts.


  • Learn to activate and keep intention on
  • have the Sight capacity activated
  • Enroll in the coaching program with the one-a-day audio.
  • Listen to the audio of the day and allow consciousness to ponder it. Share what you saw with me
  • I redirect your attention, in writing, and then you allow the redirection, and answer in writing.
  • Next day, you listen to the audio of that day…
  • You do this until you decide that ordinary life is what you want… and quit.
    or you do this until you are in the flow…
  • Total cost: about $500 a year, paid weekly, until flow. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent… to get to the same place… ugh.

Your choice.
You or I can cancel any time.

Contact me for an evaluation if you are able to be accepted. Please don’t buy the capacities unless you are also willing to enroll in the coaching program.

If you are already in a coaching program, email me for a 50% off coupon.

Get the capacity that allows consciousness to guide you

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