Your life is a mess… can you clean it up with consciousness?

challengedI was talking about the wrong turns one makes in life; you make them several times a day…

To the mind, choosing between two options, and getting yourself into a horrible dead end is no big deal. Easy as pie…

Getting your out of it: for the mind it is impossible.

Let me say that again: for the mind, getting itself out of the mess it got you into, is impossible. Not hard… impossible.

So I have been testing Consciousness in the same arena.

I am using Freecell, but I have done other tests as well, with the mites, with food, with business decisions, with relationships… quite a few, actually.

Maze-2-1024x717All those areas tend to get messy, and get stuck… worse with each try. Oscillating structures… me making wild turns because I am locked into the decisions the mind can make.

In the area of food: my choices are eat something or not eat something. Organic or not organic. Take this supplement or that supplement.

All mind choices, all choices asking the wrong questions. Result: shortened life span, pain, difficulties, suffering.

Same in every area: all mind choices are wrong. Always.

I won’t answer the why question now, I’ll answer a different question: the how to get out of the mess… question.

I know, inquiring minds want to know, as if knowledge had any value.

NO knowledge, that is in your head, has any value.

If you are on my site to gather knowledge: please know that I apologize for your shitty life: it is partially my fault. I have failed to move you from mind curiosity to a place where you desire more than just that: misery with lots of knowledge.

My apologies, dear. I didn’t write this article for you… I meant it for someone who cares about the quality of their life.

You have now two valid choices:

  1. leave. NOW. I don’t want to contribute to more knowledgeable morons in the world. There are enough…
  2. contact me to find out what you could do to start creating a life that is worth living… I don’t guarantee you that I can help, by the way. If your vibration is too low… I can’t help you.

I know, this is a public site, and I should not send people away. But I haven’t figured out, yet, how to reach the one percent of the one percent who will do something with what I give them.

So until then I must throw my pear in front of swine…

And if you are wondering, I mean to insult.

You are insulted? Good… Now leave!

Left? good… let me continue.


Seven_Circles_Maze_bwOK, I have tested in all those areas if what is absolutely hopelessly messed up for the mind to suggest a course correction, if that same situation is “no big deal” for consciousness,

I am finding out, that mind’s suggestions for course correction are wrong 100% of the time, while at the same disaster point, Consciousness had an escape route 79% of the time.

The trick, the hard part, is allow Consciousness time to see the situation fully, and to allow it to call the shot.

The only way Consciousness can see the situation fully, if you assist it in that. Showing, evaluating facts, looking widely, looking at the whole picture and what you actually intended to accomplish.

Takes time, takes practice: you probably have no idea how to do it.

Why? because you yourself are not looking.

People, in my experience, belong to one of the two categories:

  1. acts fast without looking
  2. acts fast after waiting for a long-long time

Both actions are blind… you have no idea what you are doing.

It is even made worse because 99% of people don’t have a plan, and aren’t even clear what they want to accomplish with each action. I am often guilty of this too.

Depression is looking at the mess that you have created by your choices, and trying to see your way through to a better place.

You cannot solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that you created the problem with!

Using the mind and the hasty habits to fix your errors? Not going to work, you’ll just dig yourself deeper.

Consciousness to the rescue.

But, alas, it’s not automatic.

You have to have humility, and you have to be able to physically see the big picture… otherwise consciousness will not be able to take over.

Oh, and you have to ask consciousness to help you out.

Talk about the need for humility… lol.

Now, if despite my request that you leave, you are still reading: now you see why I asked you to leave.

This process is not for the mind-knowledge-lover, like you.

This is a job for an adult who knows that their mind is a slave, dumb as slaves are… and their EGO is 10 thousand generations old… not wanting them to change.

This job: turning “getting out of messes” over to consciousness is a one percent of the one percent job.

Are you up for that?

I can take three more people in the experimental phase of this new discovery…

Go back and read the previous two articles. Don’t make decisions from this one, please.

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