Warning: this is a rant… don’t read it if you want to keep on dreaming

not a path to becoming a millionaireWarning: this is a rant… don’t read it if you want to remain hopeful

I had a few insights today, one of them suddenly answers a question I didn’t ask before.

The question I didn’t ask was: how come the people with nothing of real value to say occupy the top 1% of the internet?

This is what happened? I saw an email that offered a list of 241 top influencers on the internet. I looked at the list, and there was not one person who had anything to say that could make the world a better place for humanity.

Instead, the top 241 influencers are marketers.

Marketing is like being a politician. You peddle yourself and you peddle it through taking power over people.

To be a politician, you only have to be good at playing the politician game.

And honest work, honest knowledge has no room there, no effect there, no relevance in that game.

The other day I asked my consciousness if I should become a marketer… but, of course, I was just curious.

You cannot multitask. You are either good at one thing or another.

If you are good at marketing, you don’t have time, energy, brain cells to become good at anything else.

I use 100% of my energy and brain cells to forward the science and practice of causing the evolution of humanity to the next level.

I have about 20 students. The site is visited by four thousand people a month. 89% of them are coming to read about “gurus” I have written a short vibrational review about.

11% may or may not be interested in something other than finding out what I say about other people…

This is the direct result of me not being a marketer.

I have looked at partnering up with a marketer, but, of course, marketers are only interested in money, and honest products are inexpensive.

So, no marketer is interested in the peanut sized potential payoff…

One benefit is that I am free to do what is next in going deeper into what humanity needs to go to the next evolutionary level, to become a culture of human beings.

the-lure-of-politicsNo chance for human beingness in a culture of politicians… by the way.

The culture is, currently, a dog eat dog culture, a zero sum game, where if you win, someone must lose.

And, because people are ignorant, unable to think for themselves, this game is going rampant.

I have recently spent four month to observe a “money making website.”

I knew, almost right away, that it’s a Ponzi scheme, but to fully get what a ponzi scheme is, or anything else, I have to immerse myself…

The wise learns from other people’s mistakes, but a scientist, me, needs to learn from their own mistakes.

I immersed myself, observed people, and at the expense of a few hundred bucks, I could completely see how people are mislead, how people are given hope, given platitudes, how political minded people deceive other people.

It was worth every penny.

I have seen how the mind won’t even look at obvious signs. I have seen how people who are so easily deceived won’t ever be doing any work, meaningful or meaningless… because they live in a fantasy world that no reality can penetrate.

It allowed my consciousness to see a lot more than I have bargained for… I also saw that many things are not visible from the outside… you need to get up close and personal… for consciousness to actually see what is really going in, inside and outside.

It showed to me and my consciousness that as long as people insist on living in fantasy land, none of my activators, none of my teaching will work “on” them, or for them.

The benefit I see from being in the 67 step coaching is this:

  1. It is an immersion technique.
  2. It is a “sculpture” type of development method: it is shaving and chipping away the unreality, the ignorance, the wishful thinking, the bad habits.
  3. It brings into focus the inner values, the real values for the person, while also helping them to navigate the world of politicians.

What it isn’t is what most people have bought it for: to become a millionaire.

Why? Because if someone does the 67 program well, they will connect to their inner value.

I do not see that anything of value can be sold to a tune of millions of dollars, in today’s world.

Why? Because people don’t want real value. They want fake, because they are political minded themselves.. And only the political minded, selling fake, illusion, will be able to cater successfully to the political minded 99%.

But people, the minority, who successfully connect to their inner values, to their consciousness, who elevate themselves to human beings, are happy, fulfilled, and healthy… while the 99% continues to be miserable, unfulfilled, and sick.

I won’t get rich. I have already got that.

The question on my mind: will I be able to make enough money to pay for my food and lodging and my supplements?

I could ask you if you know anyone who is interested in inner values… but I am not optimistic.

I don’t know anyone outside of my students. Do you?

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