Your weakness is the fulcrum around which your life can turn around

turn disadvantage into an advantage

Turning disadvantage into an advantage…

Another book written by Malcolm Gladwell deals with the deficit, the weakness of a person, that becomes the catalyst for them to become the best.

Of course, this is not automatic.

99% of dyslexics can’t read or write well, and are left behind in society.

But a disproportionately large percentage of exceptionally successful people are dyslexic.

99% of dyslexics are kinesthetic learners, perceive the world kinestheticly. It is another hindrance, being kinesthetic: relating to the world, information, through the body.

4937_intelligences_socialKinesthetic people can see, can hear, but the information LANDS as bodily information: movement, energy, sensation.

You may be a visual artist, but you enjoy the feeling in your arm, in your hand, in your torso of creation.

The Universe talks to you through goodness.

The rest of the people, the people who fit in with the current culture best, are Truth and Beauty people… both mind based.

Kinesthetic people are not considered smart… because people mean mind-smart… unless they create something that shocks them.

Einstein was kinesthetic, and until he said mc square… the world thought him imbecile, a retard.

Surprisingly Stephen Hawking is kinesthetic, in spite of the fact that he can’t move… but he can feel.

Dr. Joel Wallach is kinesthetic… and his discoveries about health, if they were not fought by the establishment, would be the biggest step towards health… ever.

The body is intimately connected to the Universe, the mind is connected through a lot of filters.


It is easier to know, and know accurately, if you are kinesthetic.

I am kinesthetic. I am socially awkward, politically incorrect, but have penetrated the secrets of human nature and human evolution more than anyone I can think of… by far.

My students start doing well when they discover their kinesthetic side… and start trusting it. 1

Some go back and forth… When the mind dictates: they do poorly.

Another segment want to be smart… mind-smart, and don’t use their body as the main source of their wisdom. The more disadvantaged you feel by birth: wrong side of the track, wrong color… the more you belong to this segment… losing out on the amazing advantage being kinesthetic gives you.

I have created an epigenetic shift… and now I am almost 100% kinesthetic… this is what serves the science of taking humans to the next level… best.

I don’t intend to say anything to your mind… but if that is all you got, sorry, you’ll be left out.



You cannot alter your beingness through the mind.

And I cannot cause you to step out of your mind, and believe me I have tried.

The only thing I can suggest is that you start cultivating your kinesthetic side… and bring it up to a level where you “get” what I am saying with that side of you, not the mind.

If you pay attention, every single one of the capacities I have tested, turned on, helped others to keep on, are 100% kinesthetic.

Do not work unless you move something in an unusual way.

Your eye muscles, your spine, your whole self, your attention, your will.

All of those are kinesthetic, energetic, and body.

Your body is the gateway through which you can increase your awareness, you can raise your level of consciousness, through which you can access the paradigm of being.

You cannot do the same with the mind…

All the people that try to change their minds, or try to use their subconscious minds, are off, and off by a lot.

I was hypnotized a few times, but only the first session was successful, because it connected to my body, and to the energy movement of “I can do it”.

For the mind it was a failure… I remember being sure it didn’t work… But when I was in the exact situation it was suggesting that I can do: I did it. I remember the mind was dumbfounded.

I have put the audiobook of David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell on the subscribers only site. I myself will get the kindle version: my comprehension is much stronger when I don’t have an interpretation in between… audiobooks are interpreted by the voice artist, and they are 99% of the time are completely off, and not kinesthetic either.

But you may enjoy listening to audiobooks, so please allow me to serve you.

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  1. A baby is born auditory/visual/kinesthetic perception ability in equal proportions. Then life happens, and the baby turns off the ways to perceive the world that is unpleasant. Depending on the level of lies and pretense in your environment, you turn of your seeing or hearing… so you can feel the truth, or conversely, you turn off feeling so you don’t have to know.

    Also, if your soul correction is one of those nasty ones, hatred, dark side, etc… you’ll refuse to feel, so you retreat into the mind, into the world of delusion.

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