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prioritiesI just had a flash… A big bang.

We all have projects, and we all give it lip service, but don’t really do it… don’t really pursue our projects.

So, when a student of mine said: she needed to set priorities, I sent her this

I like the sound of setting priorities, but what is the principle of choosing priorities… what is the goal, the context of your life, that if you don’t achieve it, you’ll have regrets when you die?

Then it hit me: unless you have the context of your entire life and what you would regret, right before you die, that you didn’t do, didn’t accomplish, I saw, that most of what we say is important: isn’t… or not for the reason we say it is.

I have been looking at not marketing

I even wrote myself a note: You are a marketer! Now do the work!

And yet… no work is getting done.

But when I look at it from my deathbed, what I see, is that I did all this work, that will die with me. That unless I get it out to people, I lived, worked in vain.

And that would be a huge regret for me…

Now, with that in mind, what are the priorities of your life?

I can see that health has one reason and justificatin only: so I have the energy and the years to do the getting the work out bit.

Health not for its own sake.

And money? I can see that as long as I can pay for my living and for a little bit of marketing, I don’t need more money… so I am not marketing to make money, but I am marketing to get the word out.

If you do this work of seeing what is important and what is secondary… you’ll notice life to begin to feel different.

I am experiencing terror right now… for the first time in a long time.

Wow, interesting.

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