Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…

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This article is from 2012… but it connects to self-image, so it is evergreen and timely.

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing as many articles as before.

Have I dried up? I don’t think so.

So why have I been so quiet?

You deserve to know.

In the beginning of May (2012) I asked for and was given the tool to give people a tool to energize their water.

When you drink water that energizes your body, when you drink water that returns, each time you drink it, some of your cells to their normal state, your life becomes more consistent with life than with death.

The Dark Forces, whoever they are, ‘got wind of it’ fast, and they started to pummel me with all kinds of destructive energies.

I am not quite sure what it is about water that pisses them off so much, but it does.

My sites got shot down, my servers got attacked, my webinars were attacked, my person was attacked.

Then they went straight for my water.

I can take it, but it’s a lot of storm to weather, lots of time to repair the damage, no matter how well I am.

And when a week or so ago I started to work with my students on the distinction of love and what an activator must have to make it available for the first time for humanity, all hell broke loose.

The Art of Soaring, The Renaming Course The enemy, the antithesis of love is self-concern.

So the Dark Forces, smart people as they are, did the unthinkable: they started to broadcast worry, grief, anxiety, sadness, and fear, to me and to my students.

As far as I can tell, their aim is precise. I don’t see or hear it effecting the general population the same way as it’s been effecting us, the handful of brave pathfinders.

The main suggestion of these feelings is to just quit. Quit trying, quit living. Just hide…

I can’t seem to find in History incidents like this before, but I am sure there have been. Where despair, sadness, a general sense of doom and worry squash even hopes.

All these feelings counter love, counter joy, counter genuine happiness.

There is no expanding human being, the Original Design type of man with these feelings dominating.

These feelings are like the poison that stunts growth. They rain on your parade. The gloom and doom the Dark Forces have crated to enslave all of humanity.

So, while this is happening and I need to take care of myself and my students, so we can be well, regardless, I have been reading feverishly on what we can do to not just recover but to triumph over or maybe even use the dark energies to grow.

The technique we are experimenting is the technique of magicians.

Of course there is no magic in it, no magic, no supernatural, but it sure works as if there were.

The secret is to alter perceived reality.

Altering reality is not supernatural, because we don’t actually alter the real reality, only the perception reality.

Human beings, given that we only have a limited perception of the world around us, we live in a perception reality.

That fact is actually what causes the most trouble among people: people look at the same thing and see different things.

What we are willing and able to see is what is called our worldview. It is but a 1% of what’s there.

Having an inflexible worldview (or view of reality) is why people live in a repetitious, predictable world: their lives seem scripted, dull, and uninteresting.

Now, please observe your reaction to what I am saying here: if you think: bs, then your basic ability and willingness to grow and shift and change your worldview is missing.

You can stop reading here: you’ll hate it, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

On the other hand, if you catch yourself being interested, then you may have the willingness… because breaking up the tiny box of worldview is a confronting thing: lots of things that you did, felt, failed at, given your worldview, will come to question: most people can’t tolerate that.

But if you are willing then let me give you a brief introduction of the methods I have learned from two Russian ‘magicians’

We all have a default name for ourselves. We may not be consciously aware of it, but it slips out when we don’t pay attention.

Something like:

  • Why am I so stupid?
  • I can’t do anything right!
  • No matter how hard I try, I never succeed.
  • My mother was right, I’ll never amount to anything.
  • I am just too lazy.
  • Nobody wants me.
  • Nobody loves me.
  • I am too fat, and I am never going to have fun.
  • etc. etc. etc.

There is no escape, if you are human and have language, this is what the mind does. Gives meaning.

You are a meaning making machine. And once you know what it means, once you know who you are, your actions and your feelings are going to be consistent with who you are.

Why? Because the meaning, your thought will give you a feeling, that will make you act… and your actions will come from that gloom and doom being you call yourself.

So what can you do?

the soaring methodThe technique is ‘renaming’.

There are several ways of playing the renaming game, and I’ll share one with you.

My story: I was born unwanted. For whatever reason my mother didn’t want me. I came out early, underweight.

My mom didn’t want to touch me. I had a nanny that fed me my mother’s breast milk full of her hate for me: I threw up all the time, had horrible colic…

My default name is ‘I am the one that my mother didn’t want, and I am on borrowed time…’

I was searching my memory for something nice and warm and fuzzy with my mom, and found one incident, age around 30… my mom made black currant preserves for me. And now, as I am writing this, I recall that she brought me a dawn comforter when she came to visit in 1992.

So I made up the name: I am the one for whom my mother makes (PRESENT TENSE!) black currant preserves.

or alternately: I am the one for whom my mother brought a dawn comforter all the way from Hungary.

I still sleep with that comforter, every night, and often thank my mother for her gift.

OK, it’s fine and dandy, but what’s the use?

Well, what happened when I renamed myself? When something happens (as it always does) it happens to my new self.

So what happened is I bit into a fruit and broke my tooth. Smack in the front of my mouth.

I don’t have a car, I don’t have much money… could be a tragedy.

Instead I laughed. I called my old dentist for a referral for someone who is close to me. I got a dentist where I can walk if I want to. He called me and picked me up today, took me to the office. I will have a temporary solution by Monday. He also said not to worry about the price: we’ll work it out.

Now, how is that for a change? I have never heard of a dentist who gives rides to their patients, have you? Or a dentist, who, without being prompted, promises to work out the payments with you….

So, instead of being all miffed, and be down in the dumps, I am well, I am excited, and all is well.

This is just one of the techniques of several. The other ones are a lot more fun… lol.

I am teaching this to my class, and when the recordings are ready, I will offer them for sale so you can learn it.

It’s wonderful. And although it is written in a book, The Art of Soaring, the authors there don’t explain the technique, instead just bring examples… but I explained them to the class… so you won’t have to guess.

And with regards to writing more blog posts? I have started to sing Pete Seeger’s song: ‘We shall overcome today.

The Dark Forces can’t squash freedom and the human spirit!

So help me god!

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…”

  1. I don’t know about the rest of the students, but I haven’t felt the dark side, despair, or feelings of quitting. Quite the opposite. Yeah you beat me up on the calls and that disappoints me a bit, but I know I have more to learn and I must be patient. I also know that to grow I need to face the truth and sometimes the truth is unpleasant. You come from love and commitment so I am not offended or hurt.

    I feel like I am genuinely making progress, learning why I am stuck. That makes me happy, excited, confident. I see changes, some small, some big.

    Perhaps the dark side hasn’t found me yet. Maybe my vibration is too low. Maybe I’m insignificant to the dark side. Ok now I feel bad. ;^)

  2. Michael, the last sentence cracked me up… lol

    You are not part of the advanced group that has been with me since April and you are not part of the group that is working on developing an activator for love.

    You also haven’t ordered any of my water energizers, not even the HOE… so you have nothing to fear.

  3. I’ve felt the darkness since Saturday. I got it from my BF, my daughter, and my middle son. They all dropped bombs on me. Initially I reacted, but only slightly. Then I hibernated for three days.

    I resurfaced with boxing gloves, bring it on! I’m not going down without a fight.

    My daughter called today, wanting me to call my ex husband to fix a ticket she had just got. I said “NO”! Unheard of, I never say no to my kids. But I did, then I sang and danced, and renamed myself ” I am the one who says no.”

    I met a couple today who are looking for someone to partner with in their business. No clue how this happened.I don’t know if I will take on the challenge, but I was delighted that they even considered me, and really enjoyed talking to them.

    I’m excited too, I see the light once again. “I am the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” LOL

  4. good work, Celeste.

    I today chose to name myself: “The circus performer on the monocycle with the blue shiny enamel hat on top”

    it really altered my being, in spite of the vicious ds attacks. I enjoyed my time in the dentist’s chair, in the dentist’s car, and that surely wasn’t predictable. Oh, and they didn’t charge me for the work they did today… lol

  5. Thank you Sophie. Your name brought funny visuals, LOL

    Forgot to mention. Ten minutes after I told my daughter no, she called back and had already taken care of it herself. Funny how that worked out!

  6. yes. the moment someone stops thinking that the whole world depends on them, they give permission for the world to do its own thing so you can do YOUR thing that you never had time to do because you were doing the world’s thing it can do by itself quite well…

  7. I laughed too at the end of Michael’s post. He spoke the truth when he said you come from a place of love and commitment. I think anyone that recognizes that is filled with the same. I know I am not the only one to feel privileged to be your student and it is so much more than gratitude. You are a living role model of exceptional courage and honesty and strength and love. (And when you do discipline us it is for our own benefit, not to punish, as is so common in relationships)

  8. Hey Nancy, you have become my one-person cheering squad.

    Which is welcome… at this moment the Dark Side is pressing on my chest, so I can’t even lift my arms… And in addition to that, the Dark Side has been starting to send me hate-mailers, and other DS occupied people…

    What clean fun, right?

    Thank you for your public acknowledgment. It is hard to see unless you have shifted first.

    First you become loving and committed, and then you start to see it on others. So here it is, back at you… lol

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