Should you strive for leaving a legacy?

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This is continuing the theme I started in my last post, looking at your life and priorities. This is a politically incorrect article… The footnotes are really important in this article, don’t miss them.

Let’s take a near posthumous look at your life… so you can see what was important, and do it while you still have time.

If you are afraid of death: this is especially for you. 1

Someone who lives fully and does what is important to them, isn’t afraid of death. They weren’t afraid of life, they aren’t afraid of death. That doesn’t mean they want to die… they are just not driven to panic by the sight of an life that never happened.

Yesterday I spoke about wanting to get my work out… but upon further examination, I realized that I fell for the cultural, societal mumbo jumbo, that is designed to have you be unfulfilled, and lose your self interest.

What am I talking about?

About legacy… What is your legacy? Can you feel the cold hands of dread squeezing your heart?

As if you should leave a legacy… Bah humbug.

Unless it can be attained by all… Legacy is a cultural demand, and designed to make you miserable. 2

Legacy… dirty word.

But, Sophie, isn’t it good to strive for something to leave behind?

Maybe. But are you striving? No… you live your daily life ashamed that you are not for some legacy that causes you no pleasure, no self expression, no joy. That society says you should leave, that you should live for others. 3

If striving were so good for you, then you would be striving.

But you aren’t. You just want to live.

But what about those of you that have something to express?

My favorite examples are Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. 4

Van Gogh wanted to paint the sky… much like I want to obey what the spirit wants: flying.

He never sold a picture, he never got a nod from his contemporaries. He preferred to not eat, but paint what he had to paint. When he succeeded at it, he was ready to go… and he went. No fear, no regret.

Da Vinci? His real love was inventing. How do I know? He didn’t do it to sell it.

Painting? Eh, he was good at it, but his real love was the unsellable, the creative, the adventure.

Michelangelo was all about selling… no drive other than money. I am ok with that. His life… who am I to judge?

If I take an honest look at myself, I just need the freedom to be away from other people’s misery, have a few students, so I can do the work. The work of the spirit: flying.

Fame, fortune, marketing… eh, only distraction.

Society wants me to look at you and poopoo you, your ambitions, your aspirations, your life. As if you were supposed to have big ambitions, big aspirations. Every coach thinks that their job is to up your striving… but all they do is make you miserable, greedy, and thus they are the puppet of the culture.

The surest path to feeling inadequate, to feeling less than you should be. Very bad feeling. I know.

So what are you supposed to do? What should your life be about?

No set thing… You choose. Listen in…

But, but, but… you have no way to know where to look, how to look.

This is why courses that promise to hand you a path are so popular. And books. And horoscopes. And psychics. 5

After all, in the big noise and hubbub of the world, having a family and trying to make a living, trying to stay healthy: how are you supposed to hear the soul’s whisper?

What are you hearing? something really heroic: Your destiny is to save the rain forests, the little kittens, the little children…? You may hear that… but… it is NOT the soul speaking, it is society.

Cheap closure now…

Don’t listen to that broadcast!

Instead, I suggest, start reconnecting to yourself. What does that mean? No words for it really in the English language. I say: it is uniting the two selves, that have been and are separated by the disapproval your parents, your peers, your teachers, society showered on you. 6

As long as your two selves don’t hug: you’ll have no peace.
As long as your two selves don’t agree: there will be inner argument.

Noise outside, noise inside. And confusion.

You need quiet. Inside and outside.

And no activity. No goals, no plans, no shoulds… So you can hear “emerging”.

Hearing emerging is like hearing the grass grow. Or the chick break the shell to come out. Or an idea being born.

Something from seemingly nothing.

I spent the first 60 years working on finding me. Distinct from the work I did, distinct from the company I kept, distinct from others feelings that I have to feel as a true empath.

I had to do that for 60 years to get to the stage where I can do the Spirit’s work, flying.

You may be able to do it faster… find the you.

But before you can do that, you MUST make peace between the two selves, or you can’t.

I have already taught you the night time regimen of hugging yourself in bed. I do it 3-4 times a week. It’s always beautiful.

If it isn’t beautiful… then you may need energetic support.

Energetic support, like The Unconditional Love Activator is super, but it needs to be done consciously and ongoingly, until you won’t need it any more. 7

It is like the walking stick you take on a walk or not. Or worse: you don’t even go for a walk, lol.

There are 40 energies in the Unconditional Love Activator. Each is an energy that targets a certain type of disapproval or belittling, or disparaging attitude towards yourself.

Unless you become conscious of those, as disapproval, belittling or disparaging attitudes, you won’t change them, and you’ll still have big arguments inside…

How free are you to hear and follow the Spirit’s calling for you? Not very… right?

So even if you have been using the remedy, you should come to a live activation, and hear the attitudes you thought were useful, being zapped.

It’s a 40-60 minute event, depending on the resistance of the participants.

The spirit’s calling sets the context of your life.

Context is like a room. A room in an apartment, a room in a house, a room in a castle.

All good. Really.

What does the context do? It sets the mood… it sets what kind of furniture fits the room… what you do in the room, how you talk in the room, even how you eat in the room.

The room is your life.

Imagine setting a bunch of used furniture in a castle room… looks out of place, right?

But so does putting castle furniture in an apartment room… ridiculous.

Once you have inside peace, you’ll hear what the Spirit wants your context to be.

For some of us: cooking great meals. For some of us: creating art, craft, clever. For some of us: singing your own songs in front of a small audience. For some of us overcoming our fear and making a movie.

So you can finally live knowing who you are and loving yourself.


I want everyone who wants to come be able to come, no matter where they live. Because this is so important.

Saturday 11 am seems to be the best time.

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  1. Fear of death is a foolproof way to see a life not well lived.
  2. Joy is politically incorrect… Joyful people don’t need a corrupt government, a corrupt police force, corrupt prisons, and corrupt banking, corrupt religion. Joyful people don’t need to spend all their money and work pay their debts. They don’t need any of what society has to offer, because they are joyful.
  3. This raises the question: what is the purpose of life. But life does not have a purpose. It can, if you give it purpose, but it is not innate to life. Life is empty and meaningless… unless YOU fill it with something. Life? joy? whatever you want to fill it with.

    Don’t be ashamed, it is YOUR life. Be Self-ish. But society doesn’t want you to be happy… society doesn’t want you to be an individual, doesn’t want you to have a Self… so it is touting this idea of living meaningfully, leaving a legacy. It is interested in you listening to what others want, and lose yourself and the connection to yourself. 100% certain to be miserable.

  4. My least favorite is Osho. Osho spent his last years worrying about his legacy… about his students creating a religion… and they did. But all that worrying made his miserable, and useless… low vibration. Concern will do that to you: lower your vibration.
  5. And, to some degree, what you think I do, offering a path to higher vibration.
  6. The one-ness misinterpreted, that society has used to enslave you, to suggest it means “one-with-others”.
  7. I am not there yet!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Should you strive for leaving a legacy?”

  1. I love stories of a life well-lived: a person who was accomplished, generous, wise, loving, providing for their family and contributing to their community. But why does it feel so stifling to try to follow such an example?

    These kinds of lives are necessary and valuable, but they also seem to serve the continuity of the status quo: nice neighborhoods, solid families, civic order. They forward a received agenda. They do it well, but it serves to keep the game going as it is going.

    I’m the dutiful type by nature. One high school teacher described me as, “The perfect model of docility.” My only rebellion is to quietly try to figure things out for myself. And hopefully now more by doing and experiencing than by thinking about it. My legacy: The Misfit Uncle.

  2. You’re right. This is from “Gerontologist and author Ken Dychtwald reached a similar conclusion in a recent survey focusing on elder generations and their baby boomer children. He and colleagues at his company, Age Wave, discovered four “pillars of legacy”: values and life lessons, instructions and wishes to be fulfilled, possessions of emotional value, and property and money. When asked which pillar meant the most to them, both groups answered resoundingly: values and life lessons.”

    You are going to have a legacy. Maybe it won’t be a path, but it will be a method, like the scientific method. Not a doctrine, but an approach. Aspects of it are: 1. Connecting to Source. 2. Using energies to raise your vibration. 3. Learning to think for yourself 4. Allowing; and seeing things as they really are. 5. Distinguishing Tree of Life from Tree of Knowledge. 6. Distinguishing what it means to be an expanding human being.

    If you’re not going to worry about it, I don’t want to be the one to introduce that worry. Nothing wrong, the methodologies might be lost only to be discovered by the next person as remarkable as you. But you are creating an opening. Maybe, we, your students, can help to keep it open, after first having walked through it ourselves.

    Thank you, Sophie, for your immense integrity and humility, and for not becoming a guru.

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