How to detect lies… even your own…

lying spot a liarOne of the things I am starting to check if the person who wants to work with me, closely, is in the habit of lying or not.

So yesterday I told an applicant that she was a liar.

I muscle tested it, and muscle test said she was a liar…

Turns out she wasn’t lying in that moment, yet she was a liar.

I muscle tested it because I felt it. It felt like a disgust or stomach ache…

She considered the incident an invalidation of anything and everything I do, and left.

I am OK with that. It is still “cheaper” to have someone quit than have to do the uphill struggle to try to cause transformation to someone who is a liar. Even if the lies are not conscious. Mostly they aren’t.

This video, I found this morning, looks at detecting lies… very interesting. You may first want to look at your own language… by the way. Ugh… right?

And here is another one

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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