Destinations and directions… or ‘cheap closure now’

Easy as apple pie…

But that gives rise to the ‘this isn’t it‘ and ‘somewhere else is better than here‘ way of living.

It also gives rise to another detrimental cultural phenomenon: cheap closure now.

I am from Hungary. Famous for its bakery, pastries…

Let us look at a problem that needs fixing: fruit pie filling.

Fruits are juicy. When you want to make dessert with them, they will soak the cake or the dough, or will be thin: not tasty enough.

Two approaches I have seen: one is inedible to me: the cheap closure now approach, and the second is: looking at the purpose, the direction with a more wholesome, more desirable outcome.

dreamstime_m_24341337-apple-pie2In most of the world, but definitely in some Western countries, the solution is to add a thickening agent, and then some citric acid, and some more sugar.

The taste of the fruit is diluted, all desserts taste the same, syrupy, bland, unappetizing… what happened to the taste of the fruit… I cry.

  • Pectin, gelatin…
  • nutritional value added: none.
  • Enjoyment value added: none.
  • Health benefits: none.

People get hooked on sugar, not fruits, not nutrition.

almas-piteIn Hungary, the same problem is solved simply: you add ground walnuts. It soaks up the juices and makes the end product a lot tastier, and better for you. Nutritionally dense, satisfying without whipped cream, without ice cream… food, not candy. 2

The same general principle plays out in growing fruits, vegetables, grains… largely in the same countries.

The destination: sell the stuff… ‘make it look good so people will buy it’ decides the solutions to the problems.

Cheap closure now. Devastation later. Incurable diseases later. Profit, taste, haste now…

It is true that plants only need three nutrients to survive… but you, who consumes it: you need 90 nutrients. The 90 essentials I measure…

Stupid as the stupid does.

You learn the cultural essence of the society you live in by looking at the food.

If you live in the United States, you learn to go for cheap closure now… every time, unconsciously, unaware that you could even have a different approach. It’s part of the culture…

It doesn’t even occur to you that a country that spends so much on health care is around 50 in its inhabitants’ health in the world…

But you should wake up and ask intelligent questions: Will swimming with the tide make me live shorter, more pain, more anxiety, more misery? Maybe I should swim against the tide, or get out of the game altogether.

A cheap closure ‘solution’ is not a good solution for anyone other than one who benefits from the solution that creates the next problem…

In the case of food: the food industry benefits from your sugar craving: a sure sign of nutritional deficiency, and the medical monopoly, that will ‘treat’ you your illnesses… never ever suggesting that 90% of illnesses are caused by nutritional deficiencies, poorly digested foods, eating foods that are inedible for you.

Destination vs Direction

Cheap closure now, driven by some agenda, that is most likely not yours… or if it is, it is misdirected.

Directions, on the other hand work like a compass… as long as you are heading in the right direction you are good, you are on the right track.

  • With your health: providing your body with all 90 essential nutrients… it’s a direction.
  • In transformation: steadily growing in the direction of becoming an expanding human being.
  • In communication: becoming better and better and having flow and intimacy, understanding and cooperation

And you can continue this list in the same vein, but instead of creating a laundry list of destination points that will make you feel like you are never going to get there…

I understand, you actually need to know more of the world and yourself to set directions to different areas of your life.

The best method is to set a direction to your whole life… and consider all the areas of life as your team that supports you in going in that direction.

Example: I want my life to go in the direction of full self-expression and self-love

health, money, education, family, love, adventure will either support your direction or not.

A life well lived makes all areas align in journeying towards the direction.

Most people you know, most teachers, authors, leaders you know, or know of, will be doing the destination life… not the direction life… Result: utter misery.

I have been watching some marketers and gurus obviously having some destination in mind… I hear with my empath ears: ‘the more people you can dupe the better…’

This includes, of course, all your favorite politicians as well.

And even though everyone wants the good life, every ‘cheap closure now’ solution to reach a destination is the source of anguish, misery, because they cannot fool your internal compass…

And it will make them suffer. Guaranteed.

You want to step out of the game, and step out of misery. That is what I teach. That is what raises your vibration.

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  1. As I was looking for pictures, I found out that Hungary joined the West... and now is interested in cheap closure now type of cooking. What I am saying was true in my family... hm... interesting.
  2. As I was looking for pictures, I found out that Hungary joined the West… and now is interested in cheap closure now type of cooking. What I am saying was true in my family… hm… interesting.

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