Want to avoid negative emotions? Stupid move!

You must go through emotional phases, no matter how high your vibration, or how successful you are

You imagine that when you’ll have raised your vibration sufficiently, you won’t have sadness, hopelessness, despair… frustration, hate, spite, resistance, and such. Bah humbug.

  • You imagine that successful people don’t have those feelings… so you imagine that if you want to be successful you need to get rid of the bad feelings.
  • You don’t even care about vibration and success, you just don’t want to feel those bad feelings.

But you are building castles in the sky… because those bad feelings are normal, necessary, and you can’t and should not get rid of them.

Even if you suppress them, and consciously don’t feel anything… I can tell you that they are there… because as an empath I feel them in you.

So the fact that you have deadened yourself, that you have given up all feelings so you don’t have to feel a few bad ones, did not assure you that they are dead…. you are.

They aren’t dead: you are!

Why do you have all those bad feelings?

I think that feelings are useful. But they need you to be able to roll with the punches.

Feelings are like certain weather phenomenon, that makes the ants come out of their homes, makes antelopes move, etc.

cover_health_signs-647x246Bad feelings are early warning signals.

Your body is a lot more intelligent than you are.

Why? Because the body is tens of thousands of years smart, and your mind is just a few thousand years.

Early-Warning-Signals1So you turn off the fire alarm, because you don’t like the sound of it. Smart? Don’t think so.

A few months ago I ran a class for the Detached capacity.

I found out that people didn’t want to be detached, they wanted to be numb.

warningThere is no capacity that would make you numb, because capacities are to make you more alive, not dead.

Now, you may be a sissy… can’t even imagine pain, inside or outside, to be tolerable. Chicken Little? You are probably also an addict… food, alcohol, drugs, sex… anything that takes the edge off.

If that’s you: you are not ready. (read the this article…)

You may be just intolerant, headstrong, and want things to go your way.

And then there are the ones who can take it, roll with the punches, and land on their feet. Who don’t make every wind blowing mean the end of the world.

And that is the important thing: things happen, and then other things happen, and this feeling and that feeling: life is happening.

You are not stuck with the bad, if you don’t try to perpetuate the good: you roll with the punches.

Maybe You don’t pay much attention, but you are not numbing yourself.

You either already have the capacity to allow, or you are ready to have it turned on.

Remember the phases: not ready, getting ready, ready…

Unless you are ready, paying for a capacity to be turned on is a mistake. It’s not just the money, it is your faith in yourself. You lose it. Hard to recover from it.

There is nothing wrong with not being ready. Really.

And here is a warning: if you are not ready, you are not ready… you can’t force getting ready. Remember, it is a lot like reproduction: you can’t safely rush birth…

OK, with that, I’d like to offer to those of you that are ready, the capacity bundle of

CrystalBallThe capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions and the capacity of allowing (letting go of control).

You see, if the emotions you have been denying or resisting are early warning signals, or signals of some sort, you want to be able to benefit from having them.

So in order to benefit,

  • you’ll need to release control, i.e. stop resisting and allow them to say what they need to say.
  • And the second step is to allow consciousness to look what the meaning is, what the communication is.

If you do the looking with the mind, you’ll see one thing: more of the same… meaning about you, that has been a lie… ever.

If you do the looking with consciousness, you’ll be able to see what the warning is about.

  • Too early,
  • too weak action,
  • too much competition,
  • many loose ends…

each of them is a piece of information, that without this capacity you’d discover after the mistake…

So this capacity bundle makes it possible to get ‘road signs’ for your journey, so you make less mistakes, and therefore have less suffering, less regrets, less grief.

Now, please be forewarned: having a capacity doesn’t mean that it is used automatically. You have the capacity to get up when the alarm goes off… you do. But if you choose to press the snooze button…

You have the capacity to stop watching TV… and yet…

You get the drift… So the capacities will only serve you when you choose to use them.

With that, I recommend the capacity bundle that allows you to use the emotions as guidance… for health, wealth, and happiness.

Please turn on The Sight capacity for me
drain doomPS: Depending on your constitution, one of the ’emotions’ that you’ll experience is hopelessness and despair.

You can’t avoid it. Why? Because the inner ‘machinery’ of a human is to work most feverishly, not on what they really want, but what they want to avoid.

The two anchor-like energetic leashes are the dominant belief’s therefore, and the anchor to doom.

The hopelessness and despair signal the pull of the doom.

Doom is like a black hole. The drain of a sink… pulls you never to be seen again… Death, indignity, shame, being laughed at, being left/abandoned… many flavors to the doom…

Unless your anchor is pulled, the pull is too strong for you to do anything meaningful, or to roll with the punches.

I can pull them… so you can finally stop circling the drain and start moving in a relatively straight line…

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