How can I tell when you are stuck in your mind… where you have no power?

hugs_428_ndogThe mind was born when language was born. New… compared to the body and its intelligence.

When you live in the mind, you are cut off from the source of your intelligence, and from consciousness.

This means different things to different people… visual, auditory, or the most cut off… the abstract thinker.

When you are kinesthetic… you experience life, the world, through your body, direction means something different to you than others…

Activist and author Naomi Klein tells a story about the time she traveled to Australia at the request of Aboriginal elders. They wanted her to know about their struggle to prevent white people from dumping radioactive wastes on their land.

Her hosts brought her to their beloved wilderness, where they camped under the stars. They showed her “secret sources of fresh water, plants used for bush medicines, hidden eucalyptus-lined rivers where the kangaroos come to drink.” After three days, Klein grew restless. When were they going to get down to business?

“Before you can fight,” she was told, “you have to know what you are fighting for.”

Vague longings, vague hatings won’t give you that. If you are kinesthetic, you have to set direction with your whole being… so it can pull you towards it. Not your eyes, not words… feeling. And it will be definite…

Without a definite direction you are just floating, rudderlessly.

ballet dancer in the flying dressNow, I know that setting a direction is risky. That setting a direction feels restrictive.

These are the rules of the game of life, the game of growth: if there are no rules, if what constitutes winning isn’t set, you will be aimless, bored, and not happy.

Especially if you are a kinesthetic person… the person who

  1. experiences life through their body
  2. has the easiest task to raise their vibration, to connect to what’s beyond the limited perspective of the human mind.

Society, “culture” prefers visual (mind) and abstract people, because if you are kinesthetic, the mind tricks don’t work on you… unless…

I have students who think that being a visual/mind person is going to make them fit in with the world better.

Hell yeah… you’ll fit in, but will feel out of place, and you are trying to use your weakest tool in your tool box to open the oyster: the riches the world offers you.

I have never seen a kinesthetic person win with their minds.

president-bill-clinton-right-hand-wavingI have seen plenty of kinesthetic people winning with being guided by their bodily intelligence.

If you watched Charlie Chaplin receive the Oscar in yesterday’s post, you’ll understand what I mean.

He is not in his mind. He is in his body experiencing the storm of feelings of relief, release of the anguish of being cut from the creative medium of cinema, the triumph of being back for a brief moment, the victory.

No mind… all body. Just like his famous character, the tramp.

Famous film makers, even cameramen: they experience what they see, what they hear with their kinesthetic faculty, the proportions, the drama… not with their eyes-mind connection.

You cannot create anything worth creating with the mind.

GrievingChildYou need to re-teach your eye-body, body-body, ears-body connection.

You need to re-experience yourself and the world through your kinesthetic faculty.

When kinesthetic people limit their physical interaction with life, they start concentrating on their fear…

One of my 67-step students wrote: “I am skipping towards this activity”

I perked up. I got excited. Good sign…

I wrote back:

Good work… I especially like the last sentence “I am skipping towards this activity” 1

Now, that also tells me that you are a kinesthetic person: you experience your life through the body, and it is an important knowledge, because it is, in my opinion, the tool of winning.

So, as a side project, start exploring the world through your physical senses, taste, chewing, biting, grabbing, touching, caressing, snuggling up against, kicking… etc.

Diligently, and with all your senses open. It will strengthen your sense who you are, how it feels… ok? please.

Take on activities that help make this a habit, rather than an event you do once.

Dance Into Your PowerYou want to be returned to your power.

When you want to compete with the mind, you are like the hare that wants to ace climbing a tree…

Come from your strength and fear will not be there unless it’s needed.

You won’t limit your experience of your body to fear and pain… You’ll experience life and its beauty through it.

PS: If you are my student, you can be near 100% sure that you are kinesthetic. The visual and mind people are standing on the sidelines… intrigued, but stuck in the mind. And stuck in fancying themselves high vibration, while their vibration is really low.

Request: if you can think of any other ways to practice getting back into experiencing life, the world, through your body, please make a comment. Thank you.

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  1. Skipping is a kinesthetic word, that’s why I got excited. Finally the language that is consistent with your inner strength.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “How can I tell when you are stuck in your mind… where you have no power?”

  1. A sense that I do not use is smell. I just say to people that I don’t have a sense of smell. My son’s dog doesn’t use that sense either. If you throw a treat away from him he can’t find it. I am in the doctor’s office and after reading the article it occurred to me that I wasn’t breathing deeply and I didn’t smell anything. I smell dust and now I see it.

  2. I get great satisfaction from weeding, trimming shrubs, pushing the mower, raking the leaves and cleaning the shed then standing back and looking at how great it looks. Once I start on the yard I can work all day until dusk or after. There is always more to do. Very rewarding.

  3. Although all of those verbs are doing verbs, I am not getting that they are kinesthetic… Something is missing… maybe in your experience. Maybe you are involving the mind in the feelings…

    Great question.

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